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Chairman: Mr. Fernando Zunzunegui
Number of lawyers: 5
Languages: English, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Zunzunegui Abogados is one of the most prestigious independent law firms in the Iberian market, mainly focused in financial regulation and banking law. The firm has been providing legal services on banking and financial services matters for more than 25 years, including litigation, dispute resolution, bankruptcy, and regulatory and compliance consulting. It is headed by Fernando Zunzunegui, who has more than 25 years’ experience in regulatory and financial counselling to financial institutions, government entities and investors. He has been former Chairman of the European Commission’s Expert Forum of Financial Services Users, FIN-USE (Brussels, 2006-2009) and legal advisor at IBERCLEAR, the Spanish Central Securities Depository in charge of the Register of Securities and the Clearing & Settlement of all trades (1992-1996). Mr. Zunzunegui holds a Cum Laude PhD in Banking Law (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 1981), and is currently professor of Banking and Securities Law at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (since 1992). The firm counts with a litigation area headed by Mr. Miguel Cebrián, and with a financial consulting and bankruptcy area headed by Ms Paloma Corbal.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Consulting Services

The firm is at the forefront of securities litigation, handling both individual and class action cases related to structured and derivative financial products. It represents thousands of clients before courts and has reached out-of-court settlements with different major banks. In addition, the firm has litigation experience in other regulated markets such as environment. For instance, the City Council of Madrid has been successfully represented by Zunzunegui Abogados versus the European Commission to reduce the nitrogen oxides emissions of diesel engines. Fernando Zunzunegui, who leads the department, has also experience as arbitrator. The litigation area is headed by Mr. Miguel Cebrián.
Key Clients: City Council of Madrid
Contact: Miguel Cebrián
Tel: +34 917814062
Email: [email protected]

Consulting Services:
Zunzunegui Abogados provides advisory services on financial regulation and compliance to private companies, public bodies, government agencies, financial institutions and investment firms. Fernando Zunzunegui, who leads the department, has also participated in projects for the European Parliament, the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank. He is currently specially focused on FinTech and Reg-Tech matters. The financial consulting area is headed by Ms. Paloma Corbal.
Key Clients: European Financial Planning Association
Contact: Paloma Corbal
Tel: +34 917814062
Email: [email protected]

Zunzunegui Abogados provides bankruptcy counselling to both companies and natural persons. Fernando Zunzunegui, who leads the department, is also insolvency administrator, designated in numerous proceedings. The area is headed by Ms. Paloma Corbal.
Contact: Paloma Corbal
Tel: +34 917814062
Email: [email protected]

Articles & Press Releases:

Press Releases:
■ ‘Un Juzgado condena al Santander a devolver 2,7 millones a un colegio por la venta indebida de un swap’, January 2019
■ ‘Banco Popular es condenado a pagar 10 millones por encadenar swaps con opciones sobre acciones’, February 2019
■ ‘El VIII Curso especial en Derecho del Mercado Financiero y Fintech se inaugurará el 11 de marzo en el ICAM’, March 2019
■ ‘Cajamar obligada a pagar más de 2 millones a un colegio por una cláusula suelo’, July 2019
■ ‘El Tribunal Supremo anula su Sentencia 154/2019 favorable a Banco Popular’, July 2019
■ ‘La CNMV prohíbe enmascarar juegos de azar como si fueran productos financieros’, July 2019
■ ‘Banco Santander obligado a devolver más de 2,5 millones a un colegio por la venta indebida de un Swap’, August 2019
■ ‘Bankinter, condenada a devolver más de 6 millones de euros a 81 clientes que adquirieron bonos y preferentes’, October 2019
■ ‘El Tribunal Supremo condena a Banco Santander a pagar 3.400.000 euros a un colegio por colocarle un Swap especulativo’, November 2019
■ ‘EBN condenado a devolver 2.5 millones a un colegio por la colocación indebida de un Swap’, February 2020

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■ Fernando Zunzunegui
■ Miguel Cebrián
■ Paloma Corbal
■ Mercedes Rueda
■ Ignacio Martín