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Zulmar Neves Advocacia

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Managing Partners: Zulmar Neves, João Carlos Franzoi Basso
Senior Partners: Fábio Dal Pont Branchi, Fernando Corsetti Manozzo, Janes Terezinha Orsi, Sillas Battastini Neves and Vinícius Lunardi Nader
Number of partners: 7
Number of other lawyers: 10

João Carlos Franzoi Basso
Corporate: Sillas Battastini Neves
Civil & Commercial: Fábio Dal Pont Branchi
Real Estate: Fernando Corsetti Manozzo
Family & Succession: Fernando Corsetti Manozzo
Labour: Janes Terezinha Orsi

Firm Overview:
Originating from a firm founded in 1983, Zulmar Neves Advocacia - ZNA is recognised as one of the most widely renowned law and consulting firms in the corporate field in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, providing services to companies of various sizes and lines of business all over Brazil.
The ZNA firm’s major practice areas are tax and tax planning, corporate law, with vast experience in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, legal suits, reorganisation and dissolution of companies, as well as restructuring family companies. It also does business in civil and commercial law, preparing and/or revising agreements, such as international sale and technology transfer, trademarks and patents. It also deals in labour law, real estate law and family and estate planning, specialising in the organisation and reorganisation of family companies, including all its succession processes, especially the preparation of member/shareholder agreements, internal management rules and code of ethics among members/ shareholders and managers.

Main Areas of Practice:


Assistance and counselling on the interpretation and application of federal, state and local tax laws; preparation and filing of lawsuits for the purpose of challenging the imposition of taxes on business transactions.

Full assistance in mergers and acquisitions through the preparation of various agreements and the applicable tax planning and performance of due diligence; preparation and implementation of corporate restructuring transactions; assistance in the organisation of companies, including joint ventures, through the preparation of articles of incorporation, articles of organisation, minutes and organisation of corporate books and documents; assistance for the organisation of companies by foreigners or persons residing in foreign countries; assistance and representation of clients to defend their rights in ordinary meetings, extraordinary meetings and meetings of the board of directors and fiscal committee; preparation of shareholders’ and/or members’ agreements; restructuring of family companies, succession planning and property protection.

Civil & Commercial:
Preparation and revision of agreements for technology transfer, right for use of brands, development of products and researches, product distribution, transportation, raw material supply, manufacturing to order, commercial representation, professional consulting services and general services; assistant in the drafting of warranty and confidentiality clauses in agreements and subsequent enforcement thereof; assistance in the termination of contractual obligations by means of alternatives seeking the performance of the agreement, settlement and renegotiation between the parties, assignment of rights, novation and/or mutual rescission; action in domestic and international arbitral tribunals in the defence of the company’s interests and those of its shareholders and members; assistance to companies in financial difficulty by restructuring debts with financial institutions and suppliers as a whole.

Real Estate:
Assistance in the structuring of purchase and sale transactions, exchange, rental, partnership, lease and public deed for ownership transfer and preparation of the applicable documents; structuring of real estate developments, including development, land division, residential, commercial and industrial condominiums, organisation of specific purpose entities (SPE) and special partnerships.

Family & Succession:
Specialised action in the scope of estate planning for family companies by means of tools and rules agreed upon by the shareholders and members. Succession planning through the preparation of wills, donations, prenuptial agreements and non-ceremonial marriage agreements.

Assistance and representation of company in labour lawsuits and administrative lawsuits; assistance with emphasis in preventive law, in order to help clarifying work routines, as well as to prepare documents related to labour; preparation of legal opinion.

English, Portuguese.