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Current View:

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Number of partners: 62
Number of lawyers: 200+
Languages: Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean, German

Firm Overview:
Based in China, Zhonghao Law Firm continues to expand business inside and outside China. After over 20 years’ development, Zhonghao has become a leading comprehensive law firm in China.

Zhonghao takes the lead in corporatizing its operations referring to international law firms among Chinese counterparts, integrating management and professional services that complies with the international standards. Zhonghao is dedicated to both domestic and overseas expansion. Its offices are all located in the city’s CBD in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Hong Kong and New York, which enable us to provide full services in these major cities.

There are more than 60 partners and over 200 lawyers and professional staffs in Zhonghao. The firm regularly communicates and cooperates with major law firms in Europe and the United States, enabling it to further expand its service areas.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Real Estate & Construction
■ Foreign Direct Investment, M&A & Overseas Investment
■ Corporate Financing & Capital Markets& Overseas Listing
■ M&A, Restructuring, Bankruptcy & Liquidation
■ Finance & Insurance
■ Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
■ Admiralty & Maritime Law
■ Anti-dumping & Anti-subsidy & Antitrust

Awards and Recognition:
Zhonghao shows excellence in many fields, having repeatedly received honorable awards including Civilized Law Firm at Ministerial Level (Ministry of Justice of P.R.C.), National Excellent Law Firm (All China Lawyers Association), Top 30 Potential Law Firms in Asia (ALB), Top 100 Law Firms in Asia-Pacific and China Elite Top 30 (The Lawyer), China Business Law Awards (China Business Law Journal) etc. 

International Offices

New York:
21/F, IBM Tower,
590 Madison Ave, Manhattan, 10022
Tel: +1 212 521 4198
Fax: +1 212 521 4099
Email: [email protected]