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Zanoide De Moraes, Peresi, Braun & Castilho Advogados Associados

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This content is provided by Zanoide De Moraes, Peresi, Braun & Castilho Advogados Associados.

Managing Partner: Maurício Zanoide de Moraes
Number of partners: 7
Number of other lawyers: 8

Firm Contact: Maurício Zanoide de Moraes

Firm Overview:
Zanoide de Moraes, Peresi, Braun & Castilho has been engaged in criminal law practice for over 18 years, notably in the field of business and corporate crimes. Guided by an unswerving sense of ethics, the firm stands out by combining a legal practice focused on the relentless defence of its clients’ interests with strategies that are in tune with the most current theories being discussed in the higher courts and in the general legal field. The firm is prepared to handle criminal cases all over the country with its highly qualified team of lawyers and also through partnerships with other law firms (from different states and/ or practice areas), in order to deliver prompt and efficient services. In recent years, the firm has expanded its activities by working alongside legal departments and foreign law firms in matters involving the relationship between criminal law and compliance rules for both national and multinational companies.

Main Areas of Practice:
Criminal law in general, including legal advice and litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, with emphasis on business, corporate and white-collar crimes. Expertise in crisis management, preventing undue distortions and detrimental exposure of individuals and legal entities. The firm has vast experience in specific sub-areas of corporate and white-collar crimes such as crimes against the financial system, crimes against the economic order, money laundering, criminal compliance, environmental crimes, crimes against the public administration, crimes in public procurement, bankruptcy crimes, crimes against consumer relations, crimes against intellectual and intangible property, swindling and other frauds, cyber-crimes, transnational crimes and extradition.

International Work:
The firm has experience in the defence of nonnationals (e.g. financial agents and representatives of multinational companies) being investigated or prosecuted in Brazil as well as legal procedures involving transnational crimes, extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Agreements.

English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.