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Chairman of the Board: Fritz Esterer
Chief Executive Officer: Wim Wuyts
Number of countries covered worldwide: 100+
Year of Foundation: 2003
Founded by: WTS Germany
Corporate Seat: Rotterdam

Network Overview:
With representation in over 100 countries, WTS Global has already grown to a leadership position as a global tax practice offering the full range of tax services and aspires to become the preeminent non-audit tax practice worldwide. WTS Global deliberately refrains from conducting annual audits in order to avoid any conflicts of interest and to be the long-term trusted advisor for its international clients. Clients of WTS Global include multinational companies, international midsize companies as well as private clients and family offices. The member firms of WTS Global are carefully selected through stringent quality reviews. They are strong local players in their home market who are united by the ambition of building a truly global practice that develops the tax leaders of the future and anticipates the new digital tax world. WTS Global effectively combines senior tax expertise from different cultures and backgrounds and offers world-class skills in advisory, in-house, regulatory and digital, coupled with the ability to think like experienced business people in a constantly changing world.
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Main Areas of Practice:
Tax is becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered. The continuous globalisation and permanent new regulations hold tremendous challenges from a tax perspective. Thus, specialist consulting is becoming indispensable. Tax consulting is the core competence of WTS. The broad spectrum of tax services combined with a no audit policy enables them to provide integrated tax advice rather than insular solutions. All member firms are bound to render the full set of global services as a minimum catalogue on a national level. Their teams consist of top specialists with many years of experience in international consulting companies as well as in industry and the tax administration sector. Thus, they ensure a practice-oriented approach which enables them to provide high quality and tailor-made services in the field of tax law. As an added advantage, their comprehensive and international global network gives them the requisite extensive experience necessary in steering significant multinational projects.

WTS offers a full range of services in the areas of asset management and financial services. They are experienced in the field of regulated and unregulated investment funds and offer their clients a comprehensive level of support for their projects: national and international fund initiators, investors and financial intermediaries trust their legal and tax advice as well as their outstanding market knowledge. WTS legal consultants not only have excellent legal expertise in their respective areas but also an outstanding knowledge with regard to the economic issues clients have to face in their day-today business. By combining legal and tax expertise, and with the network’s broad knowledge of the investment market, their legal consultants understand their clients’ individual needs and therefore are able to develop tailor-made solutions. Further legal consulting services, where necessary, are performed in close cooperation with renowned law firms.

Every day, managers have to make decisions that might have a significant impact on the business success. This is not always easy – nowadays, companies are exposed to dynamically changing markets, increasing competition and rapid technological changes more than ever. Thus, the general conditions for a decision can change very rapidly. WTS supports in decision making as well as in developing and implementing solutions, enabling their clients to successfully compete in the market and further promote their company. The WTS consulting approach puts a clear focus on the financial sector in the environment of classic CFO functions and all connected tasks. The network’s service portfolio includes project consulting as well as co-sourcing of commercial functions. Their team consists of experienced practitioners and specialists with sound economic expertise. In 2017 WTS Germany has taken over the financial consulting firm, FAS AG, which is particularly well placed in IFRS, Transaction Services, IPO Consulting, Financial Due Diligence and Valuation

Services in Detail:
■Tax Planning (Cross Border and Domestic)
■M&A Tax Consultancy
■VAT/GST Consultancy
■Transfer Pricing Consultancy incl. Documentation
■Financial Advisory Services Tax Consultancy
■Tax Compliance (incl. Support in Audits Executed by the Tax Authorities)
■Tax Accounting
■Expatriate/High Net Worth Individuals/Personal Income Tax services
■Legal Representation towards Tax Authorities and Tax Courts

Key Contacts:
Wim Wuyts
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Karsten Gnuschke
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