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Wittliff Cutter, PLLC

Name Partners: Reid Wittliff, Slade Cutter

Number of Partners: 4

Total Attorneys: 8

Firm Overview

Austin, Texas-based Wittliff Cutter (WC) is composed of lawyers with decades of experience resolving complicated disputes and completing large business transactions. WC represents a national client base in complex commercial and intellectual property litigation while providing practical business advice, including data security/privacy counsel and technology transactions counsel. The firm’s partners have served as first chair trial counsel in large, important trials or led multimillion-dollar commercial transactions. Half of WC’s team of partners and senior counsels have previous in-house experience as general counsels, senior litigation counsel for a Fortune 500 company, chief privacy officer, and senior commercial and IP counsel.

Main Areas of Practice

Dispute Resolution/Complex Commercial Litigation

Every WC litigation partner has more than two decades of legal experience, including serving as first chair in complex, high-stakes trials before courts or arbitral tribunals. WC litigation clients include Fortune 500 companies, large privately held companies, technology and manufacturing businesses, and high-net-worth individuals. WC represents clients in all forms of business disputes, including civil RICO and Lanham Act claims, breach of contract, fraud, other business torts, unfair competition claims, theft of trade secret claims, licensing disputes, supply chain disputes (including non-conforming/counterfeit parts) and franchisor/franchisee disputes. The firm’s litigation team includes a former Boies Schiller & Flexner litigation partner, former senior DuPont in-house litigation counsel, former state prosecutors, a Division Chief from the Texas Office of the Attorney General, a former federal prosecutor, a former equity litigation partner at a national law firm, former Big Law senior associates, a professional recording artist, a licensed pilot, and a litigator with a Ph.D. from Yale. WC’s team brings these varied experiences to resolve clients’ legal issues by preparing every case for trial while recognizing most civil lawsuits are settled before verdict. WC’s litigation team strives to put each client in the most advantaged position regardless of the circumstances.

IP Litigation

WC’s IP litigation team has tried multiple patent cases to jury verdicts in the Western and Eastern Districts of Texas. In 2021, WC IP litigation partner John Saba obtained one of the “Top 50 Jury Verdicts” in Texas. WC’s IP litigation team represents both inventors and patent owners seeking to enforce their rights against infringing parties and companies accused of infringement by competitors or non-practicing entities. WC IP attorneys’ experience includes leading all phases of patent litigation from pre-filing investigations, early motion practice (e.g. motions to dismiss, Sec. 101, etc.), through claim construction, to pretrial motions for summary judgments and expert challenges. Each member of WC’s IP litigation team has experience in the three core components of patent cases—infringement, invalidity, and damages. WC handles cases “from phone call to verdict” and serves as local counsel for national firms. WC’s IP attorneys have handled patent litigation across the United States (and before the ITC) and frequently appear in the Austin, Waco, and San Antonio Divisions of the Western District of Texas.WC also represents clients in copyright and trademark litigation.

Cyber Torts/Investigations

WC’s Cyber Torts practice is led by Reid Wittliff, the founding Division Chief of the Texas Attorney General’s cybercrime division. The firm has a wealth of experience safeguarding reputations from malicious cyber smear campaigns, protecting clients’ privacy rights, and pursuing claims based on online intrusions and unlawful digital eavesdropping. WC’s lawyers also counsel private and public companies through many different types of internal investigations, including employment matters, regulatory inquiries, and due-diligence-related investigations.

Privacy, Digital Media, and Technology

WC's Privacy, Digital Media, and Technology practice offers comprehensive legal expertise at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a seasoned team of technology lawyers, the firm navigates clients through complex privacy laws, data protection regulations, digital media rights, and the ever-changing technological challenges impacting businesses worldwide. WC's practice specializes in advising on ad-tech legal issues, GDPR compliance, CCPA readiness, digital content licensing, e-commerce, cybersecurity risk management, and emerging technologies such as AI. WC provides tailored solutions that not only safeguard intellectual property and consumer data but also foster innovation and strategic growth. WC's services empower its clients—ranging from startups to established companies—to confidently address legal challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the digital era, ensuring compliance, enhancing digital strategy, and securing competitive advantage.


510 Baylor Street

Austin, Texas 78703


512-960-4869 fax

[email protected]


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Small to mid-sized companies

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