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Managing Partner: Alejandro Parodi
Senior Partners: Arturo Vergara, Raimundo Labarca
Lawyers: Arturo Vergara, Raimundo Labarca, José Manuel Concha, Alejandro Parodi , Camilo Naranjo, Nicolás Cubillos, Raimundo Labarca Braun, Felipe Garcés

Firm Overview:
Vergara Labarca & Cia. is a law firm focused exclusively on conflicts regarding legal-economiccommercial issues, which may derive in extrajudicial (out of court) negotiations and/or in litigation or arbitration before ordinary courts, courts of arbitration, the Antitrust Commission or before any other judicial, administrative or governmental authority. Vergara Labarca & Cia. and its attorneys have participated in the most relevant litigations and arbitrations of the past 20 years.

This is a modern and creative law firm with the style and organisation that allows intensive and personalised attention in every case it takes on. The experience and dedication of Vergara Labarca & Cia.’s attorneys in the analysis, strategy and outcome of the defences it engages, results in a high quality performance which is well recognised within the local and foreign legal market. The complex nature of today’s business conflicts represents an additional challenge for which Vergara, Labarca & Cia.’s attorneys are well prepared, facilitating an accurate diagnostic and prompt advice. By definition, this firm does not provide corporate advice on a regular basis, which guarantees total independence before clients with regard to matters undertaken.

Main Areas of Practice:
Vergara, Labarca & Cia. is an active participant in legal disputes and proceedings regarding civil and commercial matters. This includes: contractual liability, tort liability, construction, mining, shareholders disputes, environmental disputes, stock market issues, etc. Moreover the firm has great experience in the sanitary, energy, mining, construction and telecommunications sectors; being a permanent adviser of major multinational companies with investments in these areas.

Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm and its attorneys have represented the interests of major Chilean and foreign corporations in a diverse range of disputes involving the most important economic sectors and industries, litigating before State Courts of Justice, arbitrators, and other judicial or administrative authorities. In addition, the firm and its attorneys have also defended the interests of governmental institutions in major conflicts where public funds are at stake.

Antitrust & Competition:
Vergara, Labarca & Cia. constantly defends major local and foreign corporations before the Chilean antitrust agencies. Its legal advice on antitrust matters is constantly consulted by the most relevant actors of a diverse range of markets.

International Work:
The firm has broad experience litigating abroad, in international litigation and arbitration. Moreover, an important part of the firm’s clients are multinational and foreign companies with investments in a wide range of industries and business sectors, such as telecommunications, mining, sanitary, banking, electricity, construction, infrastructure and transport. In this respect, its attorneys often have to interact with inside or outside counsel abroad, and with major law firms around the world. Furthermore relationships with clients’ headquarters abroad are very fluid, due to the good level of English of its attorneys and the firm’s size.

Vergara Labarca’s client base comprises a balanced mix of domestic and multinational companies. These are commonly the most relevant companies in their respective areas. A list of the firm’s clients can be provided upon request.