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Managing Partners: Alfonso López-Ibor and Claudi Garcés
Number of partners worldwide: 18
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 45

Firm Overview:
Ventura Garcés López-Ibor is a law firm with specialist experience in providing advice for businesses. With a markedly international approach, the firm covers all areas of business law in its mission to provide clients with personalised, practical and effective legal solutions.
Over its long history as a leading firm in the area of business law, the firm has positioned itself as a reliable partner for leading Spanish and foreign companies, which trust the firm to provide high-quality, swift and comprehensive legal services with broad international coverage.
As part of a wide-ranging collaborative network, the firm works with law firms from the world’s most important cities, and it is recognised year after year in some of the most prestigious international legal directories.

Main Areas of Practice:
Corporate & Commerical:

The corporate and commericial practice team provides wide ranging advice on incorporations, increases and reductions of capital, mergers, demergers, spin-offs, restructurings, joint ventures, opening of branches, and shareholders agreements. The team has broad experience in M&A in Spain and abroad, private equity operations, MBOs and transfers of business divisions. Legal advice has been provided to multinational businesses on setting up in Spain or the acquisition of existing companies and to Spanish companies on expanding abroad.
In the family business sector, the firm offers advice on the establishment and implementation of a structure best suited to that business. Franchising and distribution contracts is also an outstanding field of activity for the firm.

The firm has an extensive practice in this field and clients include airlines, leasing companies, banks, airport authorities and aircraft manufacturers. The team deals with the purchase, sale and financing of aircrafts, aircraft lease and maintenance agreements, mortgages and other charges, aircraft registration, recovery of leased aircrafts, permits and licences for operating in the air transport sector, including environmental issues and related judicial and arbitration proceedings. The firm is recognised as one of the leading Spanish practitioners in aviation law.

Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm has long experience in representing clients in civil, commercial and administrative courts and is also experienced in handling judicial proceedings with a foreign element, such as the enforcement in Spain of foreign judgments or litigation between parties in different countries. The litigation team has acted in numerous arbitration proceedings, both as arbitrators and as counsel.

The skilful and experienced insolvency practice team offers advice to firms in financial difficulties, prepares and follows up insolvency proceedings, represents creditors in insolvency proceedings, advises on national and international company restructurings and other related corporate, finance, insolvency and distressed debt issues, advises on the purchase and sale of distressed corporate/commercial and deals with the sale and acquisition of non-performing loans. Partners of the firm also act as receivers of large Spanish insolvencies.

Banking & Finance:
The firm has advised international banks on loans, guarantees, syndicated operations and project finance. Banks frequently turn to the firm for advice relating to loans to government bodies and the firm also undertakes a significant amount of insolvency and restructuring-related banking and finance work often in conjunction with correspondent firms abroad.

Luxury & Food Industry:
The firm has an extensive experience in the luxury industry and offers a comprehensive legal advice to the world’s most prestigious luxury brands (leather goods, fashion, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, etc.), in matters such as selective distribution agreements, franchise agreements, real estate, IP, ecommerce and consumer law. In the food industry, the firm represents some multinational companies operating in Spain and has participated in many joint-ventures and acquisitions in this sector.

Real Estate:
The real estate team handles all aspects of real estate development including the acquisition, sale and financing of office blocks, retail centres, and tourist and residential complexes. In the construction field they deal with building contracts and subcontracting issues and the development of rural land. The team also handles leases including the leasing of office, industrial and retail premises, sale and leaseback operations and marketing agreements for retail and leisure centres and office blocks.

The IP practice area focuses on protecting exclusive intellectual property rights and embraces trademark licence agreements, publishing contracts, agreements on the adaptation of existing works and for the reproduction and distribution of recordings, films and music, etc. The team has extensive experience in protecting clients’ interests in lawsuits relating to their exclusive rights and in representing some of the world’s leading brand names in civil and criminal proceedings.

EU & Competition:
The firm mainly deals in the filing and follow up with the competition authorities of notices of business concentrations (acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, etc.). The firm also advises on adapting corporate agreements and operations, including vertical and horizontal agreements, to comply with competition law and with regulations governing abuse of dominant position and restrictive practices.

The firm advises regularly on insurance and reinsurance-related matters, and on all aspects of life, health and property-casualty insurance issues. In that context, they draw upon the full range of the experience they have developed in their many practice areas, including insurance, regulatory, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and tax, in addition to the capabilities of their strong litigation and corporate practices.

The firm is focused on the various taxes affecting businesses: corporate taxation, income tax VAT, and documentary taxes interalia in Spain and abroad, issues legal opinions, supervises the completion of tax returns, represents clients in investigations and claims by the tax authorities and in the courts. This practice area’s specialists assess the most beneficial tax strategy for commercial and corporate operations in order to minimise their fiscal cost. The practice also advises on international tax for Spanish companies expanding abroad and for foreign companies setting up in Spain. Family businesses have particular characteristics and the tax team has the in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements for securing the available tax benefits.

The lawyers in the firm’s employment practice advise on hiring, remuneration and incentive policies, collective negotiations, redundancies, dismissals and disciplinary proceedings. They also counsel on all aspects of senior management contracts and other matters relating to senior executives, such as confidentiality obligations and non-competition agreements. The employment team has extensive experience in handling legal proceedings involving disputes between employers and employees.

New Technologies/Data Protection:
The firm offers advice on all matters relating to electronic trading, on-line contracting, the protection of website rights, domain name and trademark disputes, the regulations governing the electronic processing of personal data, FinTech: legal advice to assist the development, strengthening and protection of clients’ digital infrastructure, the enhancement of their operations and the establishment of effective systems for regulatory compliance. The regulations covering the protection of personal data require a continuous review of all the requirements to be met by individual businesses. The firm prepares the declarations required in order to create personal data files and submit them to the Spanish Data Protection Agency. The firm also draws up the necessary security documents, based on the individual requirements of each client, along with the agreements required for data to be processed.

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