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Managing Partners: Rubens José Novakoski Fernandes Velloza
Number of senior partners: 17
Number of partners: 17
Number of other lawyers: 61
Languages:English, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin

Firm Overview:
Velloza Advogados is a dynamic and committed law firm engaged in sophisticated national and international practice. Since 1993 the firm provides legal advisory services to the business community in a variety of law practice areas. The diverse client base includes financial institutions, vehicle manufacturers, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil industries, foodstuff retailers and wholesalers, insurance carriers, credit card operators, hotels, construction companies and corporations focused on infrastructure and technology.
With head offices in São Paulo, Velloza Advogados also has branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. Regional correspondents elsewhere ensure client coverage nationwide. Reinforcing the credibility of the firm’s name, Velloza Advogados is rated among the leading law firms in Brazil by the main world rankings, such as Chambers and Partners, Corporate INTL Magazine Legal Award, Latin Lawyer, Análise Advocacia and others.

Main Areas of Practice:

Tax & Tax Litigation:

One of the most admired firms in the tax area, Velloza Advogados has a proven and thorough capability in tax advisory and tax litigation. The firm specialises in consulting services designed to achieve tax efficiency, usually through corporate reorganisation transactions, being frequently sought to participate in sophisticated cross-border tax planning; and financial structures with tax driven features, continuously pursuing the limits of performing tax planning in Brazil due to Brazilian administrative and judicial Courts’ interpretation. Being a firm specialised in the banking sector, Velloza Advogados currently advises banks and other financial entities in relation to their own tax efficiency and with regard to the tax involved in new products and transactions. Additionally, Velloza Advogados is engaged in analysing international treaties, opinions and arrangements that involve the payment of commissions, interests, dividends, royalties and other sums to companies domiciled abroad or foreign capital companies established in Brazil, in order to avoid double taxation. Integration between the firm and foreign counsels in reconciling different tax systems is one of the firm’s many recognised strengths. The firm also deals with tax-related lawsuits and appeals at all levels of administrative and judicial jurisdiction, partaking in important leading cases in Brazilian case law.

Banking & Finance/Capital Markets:
Velloza Advogados features qualified and innovative assistance in the structuring of bank and non-bank financial transactions, in addition to the creation and regulation of investment funds of all categories. A number of the firm’s professionals have previous inhouse experience in the financial market. The banking practice is highly acknowledged for the preparation and review of contracts involving standard and customised services and products, structuring of bond and other national and foreign securities issues, equity and fixed-income financial transactions, including structured finance and derivative transactions. The firm is particularly active in advisory to the investment fund industry. The firm represents banks and other financial institutions in and out of court, including in administrative proceedings before the Brazilian Central Bank and the National Council of Appeals of the National Financial System involving the incorporation, acquisition and transfer of control and other matters.

Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A):
The firm has experience in representing Brazilian and foreign buyers and sellers from a variety of sectors of the economy in domestic the economy in domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. The firm’s team of lawyers is fully qualified to perform due diligence and engage actively in the discussion, negotiation and preparation of all documentation, whether in the context of the MoU, the offer, the share purchase transaction, the shareholder agreement or post-closing measures. Within the scope of these services, the firm also advise on choosing and implementing the appropriate structure firm client business in Brazil, as well as acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, reorganisations of companies and the setting up of joint ventures. The firm works in an interdisciplinary manner with other departments of the firm, in order to adequately assemble the transactions for clients and evaluate fundamental elements for its success, including tax and labour matters.

Succession/Wealth Planning:
Velloza Advogados has a dedicated team for family wealth succession planning, working in the pursuit of the optimal solution in Brazil or abroad for the protection and continuity of wealth in the client’s family. In this area, the firm advises the clients in connection with pacts, wills, family agreements and governance policies and also assists the incorporation of family holding companies.

With extensive agricultural land, Brazil is one of the largest food producers in the world. A well-structured transaction is the core for agribusiness, and this has driven the Velloza firm to bolster its agribusiness law team made up of attorneys with extensive experience in financial institutions, investment funds, trading companies and national and multinational companies. Velloza lawyers add innovative perspective to transactions and their security arrangements and to such related matters as recovery of agribusiness credit, agribusiness-related court and arbitration proceedings, agribusiness-related judicial reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings.

China Desk:
Given Velloza’ s diversified national and international performance, added to the Chinese foreign investment policies that lead to an increased inflow of Chinese direct investment in our country, Velloza set up a Chinese Desk to provide a specialized and customized service, with a legal team that boasts experience with the Chinese culture and language (Mandarin), thus better assisting the firm’s Chinese clients.

International Work:
The firm advises the major US, Latin American, European and Asian financial institutions, insurance companies and credit card companies that operate in Brazil, as well as prominent multinational conglomerates in a variety of sectors such as wholesale, automotive, construction, energy, hotel operation and real estate.

Banking & Finance/Capital Markets:
Rubens José Novakoski Fernandes Velloza, Cesar Amendolara, Leandro Vilarinho Borges, Felipe Marin Viera
Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions: Camilla Sisti, Cesar Amendolara
Succession & Wealth Planning: Joanna Oliveira Rezende, Natalia Zimmerman
Tax: Rubens José Novakoski Fernandes Velloza, Fernanda Junqueira Calazans, Elisa da Costa Henriques
Tax Litigation: Newton Neiva de Figueiredo Domingueti, Fabrício Parzanese dos Reis, Leonardo Augusto Andrade, Leandro Cabral e Silva