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Van Traa Advocaten

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Managing Partner: Vincent Pool
Number of partners: 11
Number of lawyers: 32
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1898, the firm has grown into a law firm with a wide international scope. Even so, the people at Van Traa have both feet firmly on the ground and take the time build a good personal relationship with their clients. Van Traa is specialised in international trade, transport and logistics and insurance and liability. All these areas of activity often involve complicated legal cases. Van Traa strives to get to the essence of the problem quickly and to create clarity. Its objective being to make matters clear. There are over 30 lawyers in the firm — a size that allows them to deal with larger cases that require a specialised team. On the other hand it is small enough for everyone to know each other well and to share know-how and specialised knowledge which is passed on from one generation to another.

Main Areas of Practice:

International Trade:
Van Traa assists companies in various areas of international trade. In particular, the trade of soft and hard commodities. Besides dispute settlement (complex litigation and arbitration) and recovery actions, the firm also advises on commercial (sale and purchase) contracts and related financing aspects. Van Traa also assists in matters related to the EU common agricultural policy. In addition the firm assists institutes like banks, clients in the area of documentary credits and other payment instruments and the issuing of security related to pledges, guarantees, etc.
Contact: Marc van Maanen
Tel: +31 10 224 5518
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Steven Oude Alink

Transport & Logistics:
As a market leader in this area, Van Traa has the expertise to advise and litigate on all forms of logistic services (sea, inland shipping, road, air and railway). Furthermore it is specialised in admiralty and maritime incidents (collision, salvage, general average) and ship arrests. The firm can also be turned to for all legal queries regarding warehousing and stevedoring, forwarding, customs, yachting and the drafting of general trading conditions.
Contact: Vincent Pool (transport and logistics)
Tel: +31 10 224 5528
Email: [email protected]
Contacts: Leendert van Hee (transport and logistics), Jan Willem Bruidegom (transport and logistics), Olivier Böhmer (maritime law, casualties, yachting and shipbuilding, offshore), Jolien Kruit (admiralty and maritime incidents), Richard Latten (rail and maritime law)

Insurance & Liability:
Van Traa advises and litigates on insurance matters involving i.e. general and personal liability, personal injury, construction all risks insurance, professional liability, but also transport, hull, fire, agricultural equipment and technical insurance. In addition they advise on drafting terms and conditions for insurance policies, re-insurance, powers of attorney and supervisory regulation, and they litigate in insurance policy disputes. Besides a large number of insurers, clients also include contractors, constructors, architects, manufacturers, insurance agents, brokers, lawyers and banks. The lawyers advise and litigate on their behalf regarding all types of liability including professional liability, (company) accidents, product liability, environmental and soil pollution.
Contact: Robert Pessers
Tel: +31 10 224 5502
Email: [email protected]
Contacts: Robert de Haan, Derk-Jan van der Kolk, Marko Jongkind