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Van Cutsem – AB Legal
Tel: +32 2 543 02 00
Fax: +32 538 13 78

Number of Partners: 18
Total Number of Lawyers: 43
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Van Cutsem – AB Legal was set up in 1977 as a Belgian independent law firm with a wide domestic and international expertise in most fields of business law.

The firm works to the highest professional standards and is dedicated to achieving its client’s goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The firm’s lawyers are all legal advisors and litigators and are thus able to take over all the legal tasks relating to a specific matter. Some have extensive experience regarding the representation of clients before national and international arbitration courts.

While each client works closely with a specifically assigned contact lawyer, the latter will draw upon the specific expertise and knowledge of the other lawyers active in the firm. This way of working enables the firm to deal with complex matters and transactions.

The firm’s clients are both Belgian and foreign companies in addition to international groups active in various economic sectors, like banking and insurance companies, industrial and commercial companies, investments and private equity funds, agricultural and mining companies, international financial payment messaging and national and international public funding institutions.

In order to meet the needs of its clients, over the past 40 years the firm has developed a strong network of independent foreign law firms among the best in their jurisdictions who share the firm's values. This “best friends” network enables the firm to support its clients in cross-border activities and disputes with high-level international teams. The “best friends” relationships are non-exclusive. Thus, the firm’s lawyers remain free to work with the clients usual legal advisers in any country whenever the clients wish us to do so.

Among others, the firm works internationally within renowned networks like Mackrell International, which comprises about 100 independent law firms in more than 60 countries around the world.

Moreover, the firm has developed a strong Africa practice covering numerous sub-Saharan countries, notably the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon where it works closely with its associated offices.

Several partners are active in more than one department.

Commercial and Contract Law
Number of Partners:

The firm’s services in this field of law include proactive advice on the structuring of the client’s activity, drafting, negotiation of agreements and litigation management, most notably in the field of distribution.

Corporate Law
Number of Partners: 5

The firm’s services include the incorporation of new companies and the setting up of branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies, the drafting of shareholders agreements, the mergers and splitting of existing companies, the winding-up of companies and corporate housekeeping.

Mergers & Acquisition/Private Equity
Number of Partners: 3

The firm’s M&A lawyers have extensive experience advising buyers and sellers, investors and financial institutions on a broad range of M&A transactions including share and asset deals, leveraged and management buy outs, equity investments, joint-ventures and reorganisations.

Insurance and Liability Law
Number of Partners:

The firm notably assists insurance companies in the drafting of all kinds of insurance contracts and broker or agent agreements. It advises its clients and represents them in court regarding any issue relating to insurance coverage. Over the years, it has developed extensive expertise regarding tort and liability and compensation and damage assessment.

Banking and Financial Law
Number of Partners:

The firm advises banking companies on any issue linked to financial products and securities. It also conducts lawsuits for banking companies and private clients.

Estate and Inheritance Law
Number of Partners: 1

The firm advises clients, both in Belgium and internationally, on structuring and planning their estate optimally in line with their aspirations and goals.

Real estate and Construction Law
Number of Partners: 3

The firm assists its clients in negotiating and finalising any real estate transactions, structuring of co-ownership agreements and temporary associations and tendering for public procurement contracts.

Tax Law
Number of Partners: 1

The firm handles dealings with the tax authorities, including optimised resolution of disputes arising from taks audits. It has a wide expertise regarding tax issues related to the restructuring of enterprises and investment strategy

Employment and Social Security
Number of Partners:

The firm’s lawyers provide assistance in drafting employment and management agreements, work regulations and policies, non-competition, confidentiality and exclusivity clauses, alternative forms of remuneration, etc.

It negotiates amicable settlements and represents clients in court in any dispute linked to employment relationships.

Africa Business Law
Number of Partners: 1

The firm has a strong team of Africa specialised lawyers who provide comprehensive legal services to investors and operators doing business in sub-Saharan countries.

It assists its clients in the commercial, corporate, financial, banking, telecoms, energy, real estate, transport, agriculture and natural resources sectors.

Its geographical coverage notably includes the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon where it has exclusive associated offices (Lubala & Associés in Kinshasa, DRC) (T-Lex in Yaoundé, Cameroon). The Belgian and local lawyers work in close synergy and as one sole team.

The team’s lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of OHADA law that allows them to efficiently provide direct legal assistance in other African countries like Senegal, Ivory Coast, Benin, Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali, Niger, Guinea, Congo-Brazzaville, Central African Republic, Chad, Gabon.

It has corresponding offices in almost all these countries.