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Managing Partner: Varoujan Avedikian
Number of lawyers: 17 and growing
Number of partners: 5
Languages: English, Armenian, Russian, French, German, Greek

Firm Overview:
TK & Partners is one of the leading law firms in the country and is highly regarded by clients and peers for its sophistication and drive to bring innovative solutions to the most complicated legal issues. The firm believes its strengths are:

■ Diversity in the core team
■ Deep understanding of not only legal, but also policy, regulatory and institutional issues and implications
■ Professional network of partner organisations who stand ready to serve its clients.

The firm’s partners are in the business of accounting, auditing, tax advisory, asset management, investment advisory, and corporate governance advisement. TK & Partners is proud to say that its network of partners extends not only to Armenia, but also abroad (US, EU, Middle East and EEU)

The Team:
The firm’s team is the backbone of its business and teamwork is religion. The firm invests in its team’s education and professional growth. Team members of TK & Partners hail from the best universities in the country (Yerevan State University, American University of Armenia, French University of Armenia) and abroad (Harvard University, Boston University, Tufts University, University of Leicester, University of Cambridge).

Main Areas Of Practice:

Corporate & Company:

TK & Partners has been advising a wide range of corporate clients, including large multinationals, local industry giants, as well as start-ups and grassroot organisations on a multitude of issues. The firm has helped corporations deal with governance issues, legal and regulatory compliance, transactions, structured finance, licensing procedures, dispute resolution, employment matters, and any other matter that is typical to a corporation.
Contact: Tamara Martirosyan
Email: [email protected]

TK & Partners loves Abraham Lincoln’s words, ‘Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker, the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough.’ In the firm’s everyday work, the team strive to be good men and women, by trying to create bridges between our clients and their counterparts. The team strongly abide by President Kennedy’s famous quote, ‘Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.’ The team leave fear to negotiate at the door, because the team know how to haul anyone to court and litigate with ‘tooth and nail.’
Contact: Gevorg Gyozalyan
Email: [email protected]

Banking & Financial:
The firm’s largest client base is comprised of banks and other financial institutions. All of the firm’s partners have extensive banking and finance experience and education. For over a decade, TK & Partners has been advising on a host of issues, inter alia, banking and securities market regulation, lending products, debt issuance, subordinated debt transactions, and structured financial products.
Contact: Varoujan Avedikian
Email: [email protected]

Antitrust, Competition & M&A:
The firm’s team has advised on most of the M&A transactions in Armenia. The team’s experience in this field includes M&A transactions in various industries, including telecommunication (e.g. Orange/UCOM), banking, media, plastic production, etc.
Contact: Misak Babajanyan
Email: [email protected]

IP law:
The firm’s intellectual property practice includes IP registration and dispute resolution. The bandwidth of the firm’s involvement in IP issues is quite wide. The team has both advised a large European travel and hospitality platform operator and a small local winemaker.
Contact: Martin Stepanyan
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate & Land:
Real estate has been a booming industry in Armenia. TK & Partners has been serving as counsel on large real estate developments and acquisitions for the past decade. The team is well trained in helping clients in land and other real estate acquisitions, due diligence, development and construction permits, internal and external financial transactions, and development of common usage regulations.
Contact: Misak Babajanyan
Email: [email protected]

The firm’s focus in terms of bankruptcy has been targeted towards advising multinational financiers in matters such as secured transactions, out-of-court workouts, corporate restructurings, and enforcement of security interests.
Contact: Narine Babayan
Email: [email protected]

Energy & Natural Resources:
Foreign investors usually seek advice in countries rich with natural resources such as Armenia. The firm has vast experience in providing legal advice to investors active in the energy and natural resources industries concerning asset acquisitions, licensing processes, dispute resolution, asset protection and project management.
Contact: Aleksandr Khachaturyan
Email: [email protected]

Some aspects of Armenian labour still have some archaic regulations reminiscing of its past. This is due to the fact that Armenia was one of the former Soviet republics. In the current regulatory framework, companies need modern approaches for building relations with their employees. The firm has managed to give modern solutions to the toughest employment law issues under Armenian law.
Contact: Monika Pirinyan
Email: [email protected]

Tax & Customs:
Tax and customs is one of the ever-evolving fields of law. When advising on a transaction, the team always ensures that the client knows the tax consequences and deals accordingly. The team also has vast experience in securing tax benefits under Armenian law for clients when making investments in Armenia.
Contact: Varoujan Avedikian
Email: [email protected]

Currently, the firm has clients from almost all walks of business. The firm’s clients form a diverse group (which TK & Partners absolutely love). Namely, they are banks and other financial institutions, international financial institutions, investment funds, philanthropy and other non-profit organisations, start-ups, travel and hospitality service providers, manufacturing, trading and IT companies, renewable energy companies, telecommunication operators, business and advisory service providers. Notable clients:
■ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
■ Ardshinbank (largest Eurobond issuer in Armenia)
■ Contour Global Hydro Cascade (largest foreign investor in Armenia)
■ Armholding (one of the largest multi-profile corporations in Armenia)
■ AM Rare (largest exporter of freshwater in Armenia)