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Managing Partner: Darshan Upadhyay

Partners: Bhavin Gada & Shyam Pandya

Associate Partner: 1

Number of Lawyers: 20

Firm Overview 

Stratage Law Partners was incorporated in mid-August 2020. The firm is a specialized, solution- oriented, and value- driven law firm.

Stratage – a portamenteau of Strategy and vanTage – embodies the attributes that these two expressions stand for and which clients consistently find in its approach. Clients rely upon the firm's experience and understanding of the contemporary and intricate regulatory and legal framework, helping them in implementing their end objectives.

Each of the partners has over 15 years of individual experience, leading an experienced team with sector expertise, pro-activeness, and pragmatism.

Main Areas of Practice 


■ Fund Formations

■ Venture Capital

■ Growth Capital

■ Late-Stage Investments

■ Pre-IPO Investments

■ Private Investment in Public Entity

The ever-changing regulatory landscape of the country requires the firm to be on top of its understanding of the regulatory scenario market and condition. The firm's strength lies in the trust reposed by the clientele that includes investors, founders and promoters. The investment process is driven by a set of detailed industry-focused diligence issues, customary market positions for each type of investment and the ability to approach the entire process effectively as a ‘project management’ that helps in the timely closure of every transaction.

The team is viewed as nuanced yet flexible advisors with clear and concise advice with a partnership-driven approach.

Contact: Darshan Upadhyay, Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya


■ Acquisitions

■ Merger, Amalgamation & Restructuring

■ Takeovers (Listed & Unlisted)

■ Joint Ventures

■ Leveraged Buy-Outs

Every M&A transaction requires not only structuring, keeping in mind the commercial and legal requirements, but also needs an approach that comprehends potential risks during the implementation of a transaction. Given its in-depth understanding of the subject matter, the team can pre-empt the threats, assess the legal viability, commercial acceptance, run thorough due diligence, and advise clients with customized solutions. These solutions are drawn out explicitly, keeping in mind the nuances of every deal.

The team of skilled lawyers, solicitors, company secretaries comprehends the business side and walks the extra mile with the client to bring the deal to its closure.

Contact: Darshan Upadhyay, Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya


■ Investigation & Forensics

■ Commercial Contracts

■ Corporate Governance


Contact: Darshan Upadhyay, Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya


■ Shareholder & Investment - Related Disputes

■ Oppression & Mis-Management

■ Class Action

■ Shareholder Activism

■ Regulatory Proceedings

Commercial and Transactions Litigation space has become increasingly complex space in the Indian legal industry due to the added complexities of surrounding ever evolving policies.

The team has unique expertise in strategizing the shareholders’ dispute, commercial & transaction disputes and regulatory representation.

The Firm is known for its seamless execution of legal services across all industries and having set its priority in pre-litigation strategy and advice with an aim to mitigate the potential long drawn tussle and find a workable solution. The firm also focuses on investor-promoter disputes, investor rights, corporate governance and actions taken by regulators including SEBI, RBI, ED and other similar enforcement agencies providing end to end support to the clients. The Firm’s ability to offer practical advice to resolve difficult or complex problems, the client-customized approach to litigation, the extensive trial experience, and the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and results-oriented approach allows the team to provide the best-in-class services to the client.

Contact: Darshan Upadhyay, Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya


■ Title Verification

■ Lease, License & Tenancy

■ Conveyance

■ Mortgage

■ Redevelopment

■ FDI & Investments

Contact: Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya


■ Estate & Succession Planning

■ Wills & Codicils Including Probate & Executorship Services

■ Private Family Trust

■ Establishment of Family Offices & Other Investment/Holding Structures

■ Family Settlements, Gifts of Property & Governance

Contact: Darshan Upadhyay, Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya


■ Borrowings

■ Structured Investments

■ Insolvency & Bankruptcy

■ Acquisition Financing

Contact: Bhavin Gada, Shyam Pandya

Address: 156 ABC, Maker Chambers III, Nariman Point, Mumbai, 400 001

Email Id: [email protected]

Contact Number: +91 22 6904 8000

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