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Sreenevasan Young

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Managing Partner: Conrad Young
Number of partners: 6
Number of Consultants: 1
Number of lawyers: 3-5
Languages:Cantonese, English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil

Firm Overview:
Sreenevasan Young was established on 1 February 2009 by Gopal Sreenevasan, Conrad Young & Mark Lau as a boutique litigation-based firm specialising in corporate, commercial and civil disputes. The exclusive nature of the firm’s litigation-only practice allows them to bring any dispute into sharp focus. They have a breadth of experience and are well-known for their versality and ability to provide strategic advice. While all partners and the consultant of the firm have developed a broad-ranging practice in corporate, commercial and civil litigation and arbitration which includes shareholders disputes, directors’ duties, contractual disputes, land, construction, banking and insurance, they each also bring valuable experience in areas of special interest to them. Robert Lazar, who joined the firm as a consultant in 2019, brings with him close to 40 years of litigation experience in a variety of civil and commercial cases in the superior courts. Robert has through the years been involved in a variety of landmark cases in Malaysia. Gopal Sreenevasan has established a reputation for being a skilled and key advocate in matters involving company law, including hostile take-overs as well as securities law, while Conrad Young takes to litigation involving information communications technology and land law naturally. Mark Lau has through the years also developed a successful practice involving insurance companies and professional claims, while Ravindran has established a practice in media law and libel. Leong Phaik Leng also has a particular interest in and has acted on corporate disputes, and Tan Shang Neng has in recent years expanded his area of interest to include commercial disputes in the construction and energy sectors. The partners and consultant have acted for a diverse portfolio of clients in a broad spectrum of areas, including foreign and local public listed companies and their subsidiaries, multi-nationals, securities firms, directors and shareholders in major corporate and shareholder disputes, and high net worth individuals. Some of the firm’s notable highlights are set out below.

Main Areas of Practice:

Administrative Law:
Gopal, Conrad and Shang acted for a corporation in the business of supplying water to Malaysian states to review the decision of authorities in respect of the grant of licences. The immediate concerns arising from the authorities’ decision was allayed with a successful interim injunction, and the matter was eventually settled out of Court. Conrad had also acted for the successful applicant in the quashing of a compulsory acquisition of land decision.

In 2017, Gopal and Shang successfully obtained a favourable out of court settlement for the family of a deceased passenger in an internationally reported aviation incident. In 2019, Gopal, Mark and Shang have been engaged to represent a leading international airline against a national airport operator in a number of ongoing high-profile suits.

Robert, Gopal and Mark were involved in a factually and legally complex litigation involving a claim by bondholders against the issuer for losses suffered and a claim of indemnity by the trustee against the issuer of the bonds, its associated companies and its alter egos for accessory liability.

Robert, Gopal and Conrad regularly act in complex disputes involving private and public listed companies, as well as their directors and shareholders. Between them, they have a wide portfolio of reported cases involving the rights and duties of corporations, shareholders and directors, liquidation of companies including the appointment of liquidators and their powers and the application of Malaysian securities law.

Conrad was engaged to act for a foreign multinational in proceedings arising from a fallout in a collaborative venture for the construction and provision of network infrastructure and facilities. Conrad has also acted for a consultant engineer against allegations of inadequate design and of breach of contractual duties and negligence, and has recently acted for a party in successfully restraining a demand on a performance bond on grounds of unconscionability. In 2018, Ravindran successfully obtained judgment for a company against a firm of architects in a professional negligence claim in respect of the design of a flyover and the granting of extension of time to the main contractor.

Information Technology & Communications:
Conrad have represented public listed software systems and solutions providers. A recent case involved a dispute with a bank over the development, customisation, installation and integration of specialised banking software systems and solutions.

Conrad has an especial interest and experience in litigation involving land. He has successfully acted for the victim of a land fraud, and is presently engaged on an appeal for a similar case. Robert is often engaged as counsel in factually and legally complex cases involving land acquisition, land fraud and the caveats. Ravindran acted for a company that successfully obtained an order for specific performance against a state government for the renewal of its lease. Mark and Ravindran also acted in a constructive trust claim in respect of lands worth RM1.2 billion.

Robert has a recognised counsel practice in this area. Recently, he successfully defended a company against a libel action for sums in excess of RM300 million brought by a newspaper for an alleged defamatory survey. Ravindran has acted in several high-profile libel matters including internet libel. He has also successfully obtained orders for the removal of fake news on various social media platforms.

Robert is often engaged as counsel in this area of law. Some notable cases involve issues in relation to a dispute over the authenticity and validity of wills. Gopal and Mark have previously assisted Robert in one of the landmark cases in this area.

Professional Negligence:
Mark is on the panel of the Malaysian advocate and solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance and regularly represents advocates and solicitors in professional negligence claims. Some of Mark’s notable cases concern complex land fraud transactions. Mark is supported by Shang in this area.

Gopal and Mark regularly represent clients against claims by regulators to recover losses arising from breaches of securities laws including insider trading, market manipulation and market rigging as well as representing clients and corporate entities in connection with contravention of the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange and/or the Securities Commission. Org