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Founding partners: 3
Number of partners: 12
Number of lawyers: 21
Languages:English, French, German

Firm Overview:
Spheriens has been established by a group of attorneys long specialised in the field of intellectual property. Previously known as Siblegal, the firm has recently chosen a new name and image to better communicate its vision and corporate identity. It is Spheriens’ belief that solutions must be tailor-made for each client’s needs and that various areas of expertise and a variety of approaches are key to determining the best legal strategies. For this reason, the firm specialises in all areas of intellectual property, and work with equal dedication and expertise in civil, criminal, administrative, customs, extrajudicial and contractual ambits. Spheriens’ approach to all cases is global and interdisciplinary. When called for, the firm uses unconventional and creative solutions, sometimes pursuing new avenues in intellectual property. Though it is Spheriens’ job to analyse all aspects of a case, the firm believes that its advice to clients must always be clear and to the point. Spheriens strives to work pragmatically and cost-effectively while never losing its broader vision. The firm knows that every client has unique business needs and objectives. To best serve its clients, it needs to think as they do and never stop learning from them. Understanding each client’s history, day-to-day activity and vision for the future is essential to promoting and protecting its interests and priorities. When advising its clients, Spheriens strives for simplicity and clarity. Spheriens’ reach is international to fully support its clients in meeting the challenges of the global marketplace.

Main Areas of Practice:
Unfair Competition
Privacy & Data Protection

Florence: 8 partners, 10 fee earners
Milan: 3 partner, 1 fee earners
Rome: 1 partner, 2 fee earner

The firm has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious companies in the fields of luxury goods, fashion, entertainment, information technology and pharmaceuticals.

Contact: Pier Luigi Roncaglia
Tel: +39 055 263381
Email: [email protected]