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Salvini e Soci - Studio Legale Tributario Fondato da F. Gallo

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Salvini e Soci - Studio Legale Tributario Fondato da F. Gallo

Salvini e Soci - Studio Legale Tributario Fondato da F. Gallo

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Provided by Salvini e Soci - Studio Legale Tributario Fondato da F. Gallo

Firm Details:


Chairman: Livia Salvini

Managing Partners: Davide De Girolamo, Chiara Todini, Giovanni Panzera da Empoli

Salary Partners: Riccardo Sartori, Carolina Lombardozzi, Angela La Rosa

Number of Partners: 8

Number of lawyers: 20

Languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:

Salvini e Soci is a law firm specialised in tax advisory and tax litigation, with offices in Rome and Milan. The Firm was founded by Livia Salvini and by barristers Davide De Girolamo, Chiara Todini and Giovanni Panzera da Empoli, in the continuity of the high tradition of prof. Franco Gallo, president emeritus of the Constitutional Court and former Minister of Finance, currently of counsel, that established the firm in 1967. Livia Salvini is a full professor of tax law at LUISS University of Rome, widely recognized expert of VAT, EU tax law and EU competition law, tax assessments, local taxes, energy and telecommunication taxation, taxation of cooperative companies, as well as advisor on high complexity tax and legal issues. Davide De Girolamo, Chiara Todini and Giovanni Panzera da Empoli, are highly experienced lawyers in the fields of tax litigation, tax settlements and advising on the most complex issues of tax law. All the partners are admitted before the Italian Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice. The firm imprints its activity to the highest quality parameters: tax issues, from the most complex to the current ones, require a targeted and non-standardised approach, in which the constant professional updating and dynamism in the relationship with the clients is based on solid foundations of knowledge and experience. There is a total of 30 lawyers and tax consultants operating in Rome and Milan offices, some of which are also professors or lecturers of tax law in Italian universities.

Main Areas of Practice:

■ Tax Trial

■ Taxation of Companies & Groups

■ Extraordinary Operations

■ Financial Markets Taxation

■ Energy Tax System

■ Telecommunications Taxation

■ Taxation of Cooperatives & of Consortia

■ Real Estate Sector Tax System

■ Taxation of Natural Persons

■ International Tax Law

■ Taxation of International Relations & Transfer Pricing

■ Criminal Tax Law

■ Value-added Tax

■ Registration Tax & Other Indirect Taxes

■ Customs & Excise Law

■ Cadastral Law & Minor Taxes

■ Taxation of Business Crises

■ Employment Tax System

■ State Aid

■ Assistance in Tax Audits & Controls

Corporate Tax, Domestic & Cross-Border Reorganisations: The firm handles all aspects of income tax for corporations, banks and insurance companies, and has advised on the fiscal aspects of a very large number of M&A and corporate reorganisations of major Italian companies. The firm assists international companies in international tax planning and crossborder transactions. The firm also has expertise in stock option plans.

VAT & Excises: The firm has VAT specialists and handles all aspects of VAT and excises concerning both national and cross-border transactions.

EU Law: The firm has assisted major banks and trade organisations in focal EU law cases concerning the compatibility of domestic regulations with EU tax law and EU competition law (with special regard to State aids regulations).

Financial Instruments: The firm is specialised in the taxation of financial instruments, and currently advises leading banks and insurance companies on such topics. The firm also offers advice on the fiscal aspects of securitisations.

Tax Litigation: The firm defends taxpayers before tax courts throughout Italy and is regarded as one of the most experienced firms for handling tax litigation before the Corte di Cassazione (Italian Supreme Court), the Corte Costituzionale (Italian Constitutional Court) and the European Court of Justice. Assistance to tax payers in the course of tax inspections and settlement proceedings with the Italian tax administrations is also one of the main fields of expertise of the firm.

Criminal Tax Law: The firm assists its clients, natural and legal persons, in the area of criminal tax law, offering advice and opinions out of court, including the assistance in the revision and updating of ‘Model 231’, as well as legal assistance in criminal proceedings for tax offenses. Moreover, with its considerable expertise in the field and the academic qualifications of its partners, the firm is often called upon to prepare technical advice in the interests of defendants and parties under investigation.

Tax Assistance (Public & Private): The firm provides permanent, wide ranging tax assistance to some of the main Italian companies operating in oil and energy sectors, telecommunications, agribusiness, building and infrastructures industries and media. The firm is the tax advisor of some of the most important associations of banks and financial intermediaries. The firm has also developed expertise in tax questions concerning public bodies, since it permanently advises public agencies and social security institutions.

Local Taxes: The firm has a wide knowledge of Italian local taxation and it has advised both taxpayers and municipalities on such topics.



Foro Buonaparte, 12

20121 Milan

[email protected]

Tel. (0039) 02 82990010


Piazza Venezia, 11

00187 Rome

[email protected]

Tel. (0039) 06 83753001

Fax (0039) 06 69380135


Giovanni Panzera da Empoli

Tel: (0039) 02 82990010

Email: [email protected]

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Provided by Salvini e Soci - Studio Legale Tributario Fondato da F. Gallo

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