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Managing Partners: J. Najeeb Hassan, Delayne Sartison Q.C., Gavin Marshall
Number of partners: 19
Number of lawyers: 35
Languages: English, French

Firm Overview:
Roper Greyell LLP is one of the most well-respected and widely recognised workplace law practices in Western Canada. The firm’s depth of experience and client focused approach have earned them the reputation of being a trusted resource for employers operating in British Columbia and across Canada. Clients of the firm benefit from a diverse and talented group of lawyers who are nationally and internationally recognised in the field of workplace law. As a highly specialised, independent law firm, Roper Greyell combines the latest information with a deep historical knowledge of the law to act quickly, insightfully, and effectively to meet the goals of each client.

Main Areas of Practice:


The firm’s lawyers provide practical and relevant advice based on knowledge of their clients’ businesses, keeping in mind both their day-to-day operations and long-term strategic business goals.
■ Wrongful dismissal advice and litigation
■ Judicial review of statutory tribunal decisions
■ Workplace bullying and harassment claims
■ Policy development and implementation
■ Employment class action litigation
■ Employment standards issues
■ Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
■ Employee and manager training
■ Compensation issues
■ Performance management, discipline, and discharge
■ Professional discipline
■ Employment issues in mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring
■ Employment non-solicitation and non-competition issues
■ Workplace investigations
■ Attendance management
■ Employment contracts, including executive contracts
■ Protection of employer’s confidential information
■ Federal unjust dismissal claims

The firm regularly represents employers before arbitration boards and labour relations boards, including the BC Labour Relations Board and the Canada Industrial Relations Board.
■ Unionisation/certification drives
■ Union avoidance
■ Unfair labour practice complaints
■ Collective bargaining and strategy
■ Labour dispute contingency planning and strike/lock-out preparation
■ Essential services planning
■ Collective agreement administration and interpretation
■ Performance management, discipline, and discharge issues
■ Grievance arbitration
■ Provincial and federal labour relations board applications
■ Strike and picketing injunctions
■ Labour issues in mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring
■ Successorship and common employer issues
■ Statutory reviews and appeals of arbitration decisions
■ Judicial review of statutory tribunal decisions
■ Management training seminars
■ Absenteeism issues and attendance management
■ Workplace investigations
■ Workplace bullying and harassment claims
■ Policy development and implementation

Human Rights:
As a highly specialised, boutique law firm, the firm’s independent structure allows them to remain agile and flexible, offering creative solutions to difficult issues.
■ Strategic advice on all aspects of human right legislation
■ Investigation of employee conduct
■ Accommodation issues
■ Employee medical information and dealing with doctors
■ Absenteeism and attendance management
■ Representation before the federal and provincial human rights tribunals and commissions
■ Workplace bullying and harassment claims
■ Policy development and implementation
■ Dispute mediation
■ Employment discrimination claims
■ Grievance arbitrations
■ Judicial review of statutory tribunal decisions
■ Claims of discrimination in services or tenancy
■ Employment and pay equity issues
■ Charter discrimination claims
■ Development of special programs under the Human Rights Code

Privacy & Freedom of Information:
With a deep bench of lawyers who are knowledgeable in provincial and federal privacy and access to information law, the firm helps public and private sector clients meet and exceed industry standards.
■ Advise on privacy and access obligations, including mandatory breach notification
■ Assist with responses to access requests
■ Represent public and private sector organisations in complaints, audits, investigations, and inquiries before federal and provincial privacy commissioners
■ Represent employers in privacy litigation
■ Draft or modify consent, notification, and other forms and agreements
■ Develop and review privacy-related policies and procedures
■ Train employees and management on privacy compliance
■ Identify potential liability issues
■ Advise on document retention policies

The firm’s lawyers have appeared at all levels of provincial and federal courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.
■ Partnership disputes
■ Commercial arbitrations
■ Defamation actions
■ Contract and tort claims
■ Jurisdictional disputes
■ Post-employment competition or solicitation disputes
■ Judicial reviews and appeals of tribunal decisions
■ Appeals of Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions
■ Constitutional and Charter cases
■ Disability plan administration disputes and subrogation claims
■ Injunctions
■ Contempt applications

Workplace Health & Safety:
The firm’s in-depth knowledge of federal and provincial legislation helps clients maintain a safe workplace and prevent dangerous or costly mistakes.
■ Employer classification for assessment purposes and experience rating
■ Strategies to reduce insurance assessments
■ Employer notification obligations regarding workplace injuries and occupational disease claims
■ Workers’ compensation claims adjudication and appeals
■ Workplace audits
■ Workers’ compensation wage loss and permanent disability pension benefits
■ Applications for workers’ compensation claims cost relief
■ General duties of employers, workers, supervisors, owners, officers, and directors, as well as prime contractors at multiple employer workplaces
■ Requirement for, and roles and responsibilities of, joint occupational health and safety committee
■ Application of general, specific, and industry-based regulatory requirements
■ Development of policies on workplace health and safety
■ Accident investigation and reporting including WorkSafeBC serious injury and fatality investigations
■ Appealing inspection orders issued by health and safety officers
■ Discriminatory action/retaliation complaints by workers
■ Workplace bullying and harassment claims
■ Review Division and WCAT matters

The firm works with some of the largest and most sophisticated public and private sector employers in British Columbia and across Canada, delivering solutions to regulatory issues.
■ Professional regulation and discipline
■ Representation before statutory tribunals
■ Statutory appeals
■ Judicial reviews
■ Public inquiries and coroner’s inquests
■ Legislation and by-law interpretation
■ School law issues
■ Mediation and alternative dispute resolution
■ Constitutional and Charter claims

Workplace Investigations:
As experienced legal counsel with knowledge of the applicable areas of law, the firm has the ability to conduct privileged and confidential investigations that are thoughtful and thorough, to help clients mitigate risk and avoid potentially costly outcomes. The firm conducts investigations into a variety of allegations of workplace misconduct, including:
■ Human Rights Code based discrimination or harassment
■ Bullying and harassment, including under the Workers’ Compensation Act
■ Employer code of conduct and policy breaches
■ WorkSafeBC serious injury and fatality investigations
■ Other inappropriate conduct/behaviour