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Riley Warnock & Jacobson, PLC

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Managing Partner: Trey McGee
Number of attorneys: 18

Firm Overview:
Riley Warnock & Jacobson, PLC was founded more than 20 years ago when its founding members left one of Tennessee’s largest full-service law firms to concentrate on litigation. The firm’s goal is to provide the highest quality legal services in the most responsive and cost-effective manner available. The firm focuses its practice on litigation but defines ‘litigation’ broadly to encompass dispute resolution in all forums, including state and federal courts, appellate courts, arbitration and mediation. Equally as important, the firm works to advise clients and to resolve disputes before initiating formal legal proceedings. The firm’s lawyers have extensive litigation experience in jury and non-jury trials in state and federal court as well as in arbitration and other forms of alternate dispute resolution. The firm employs attorneys who are licensed in multiple states, including Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York and Tennessee, to ensure proper representation of its clients no matter the location of the dispute. The firm’s commitment is to design and execute an appropriate strategy to accomplish each client’s goals.

Main Areas of Practice:

Commercial & Business Litigation:
The firm’s lawyers have in-depth experience resolving a wide array of complex business and commercial disputes, including matters involving antitrust, healthcare, securities, mergers and acquisitions, financial accounting, business torts, unfair competition, trade secrets, contract, employment law, insurance, bankruptcy, banking, product liability, construction and real estate, among others. The firm has extensive experience in class action litigation, both in state and federal court. Many of the nations’ major industries have a presence in Tennessee. In Nashville, these include major financial, healthcare and entertainment entities, and the firm has particular experience in these areas.

Securities & Corporate Governance:
The firm has extensive experience in defending securities class actions, derivative litigation, and the lawsuits that typically follow the announcement of public company mergers and going private transactions. The firm’s clients have included Fortune 500 companies involved in ‘stock drop’ securities class action lawsuits and related derivative cases; both acquirers and acquirees in merger and acquisition-related litigation; accounting firms large and small in complex matters of tax and financial accounting; and numerous financial institutions. The firm represents large public corporations, as well as privately held entities and closely-held corporations. The firm regularly engages in extensive and fast-paced discovery, preliminary injunction proceedings and dispositive motion practice in many of these cases.

Members of the firm also have a great deal of experience representing clients in connection with SEC enforcement actions, CFTC and other governmental agency investigations, and FINRA and NFA arbitrations, which include broker recruiting cases and retail brokerage sales practice defense actions.

The firm combines its litigation expertise with an extensive knowledge of the ever-growing healthcare industry to represent and advise numerous healthcare companies, hospitals, facilities and professionals in resolving complex problems and disputes. The firm’s understanding of the regulatory and business climate in which its healthcare clients operate allows attorneys to provide counsel in governmental and managed care issues, qui tam actions, certificate-of-need applications, healthcare fraud matters, physician recruitment and general business and commercial issues.

Intellectual Property & Entertainment:
The firm represents and advises a variety of businesses, including music, healthcare, media, technology and book-publishing clients, with respect to copyright, trademark, trade dress, domain name and other intellectual property issues. The firm’s intellectual property clients include artists, book publishers, healthcare providers, film companies, major and independent record labels, music publishers, musical instrument manufacturers, computer software and hardware manufactures and a variety of other technology firms, artist and business managers, booking agencies and other entities and individuals with intellectual property needs at the heart of their businesses.