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Provided by Reichard & Escalera LLC
Managing Partner: Rafael Escalera-Rodríguez
Number of capital partners: 4
Number of lawyers: 22
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:

Reichard & Escalera LLC is a 36year old full-service law firm of 26 lawyers and professionals, with a state, national and international law practice. The firm concentrates on the representation of business interests in all areas of commercial law, traditionally emphasising dispute resolution and prevention and encompassing a profound experience in corporate and taxation matters. Reichard & Escalera LLC has developed a powerful and wide network of related law firms with which it has worked to structure complex international transactions including securing international financial arrangements. In addition to its main areas of practice, the firm’s labour and employment, environmental and intellectual property practices have been instrumental in assisting clients with the organisation and furtherance of their business interests. Reichard & Escalera LLC also has a strong base and comprehensive experience in the media and advertising fields. As an additional service to its clients, the firm assists in government affairs work, representing them before the executive and legislative branches of government as well as municipalities.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Dispute Resolution
■ Corporate
■ Real Estate
■ Financing
■ Taxation
■ Labour & Employment
■ Environmental
■ Intellectual Property
■ Media & Advertising

Dispute Resolution:

The firm’s practice covers products liability, business torts, bankruptcy, environmental, discrimination and employment related issues, antitrust, regulated markets, constitutional law, RICO, an extensive practice in the area of special litigation and arbitration emerging from the Puerto Rico distribution and sales representation laws (laws 75 and 21) and complex general litigation and local and international arbitration. The firm has developed a niche practice in the area of local and federal appeals.

Corporate, Real Estate & Financing:
The firm’s corporate and M&A professionals have advised on billion-dollar transactions. Real estate experience and market expertise is key in assisting clients in purchasing, selling, developing, financing and restructuring real estate deals. The firm’s regulatory practice offers comprehensive advice in regulatory, enforcement and compliance matters to companies in the financial and insurance services industries. The firm is well regarded for its expertise in the field of development, financing, construction and operation of energy projects.

This covers all aspects of business organisation, especially for foreign investors, maximising the advantages offered by the Puerto Rico Industrial Incentives Act, the Green Energy Incentives Act, the Tourism Development Act, the Film Incentives Act, Export Services Act, Individual Investors Act and other statutes that offer unique tax and investment advantages for certain industries in Puerto Rico. With these practices firm has amassed a significant portfolio of pharmaceutical, medical device, renewable energy, telecommunication and retail clients.

The firm’s client base includes major international and US corporations or their affiliates, including manufacturing conglomerates of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, financial institutions construction companies, communications companies and major retailers, as well as local companies in the manufacturing, distribution, advertising and services sectors.

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Provided by Reichard & Escalera LLC

Puerto Rico - Head office

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Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution
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Rafael Escalera
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