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Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados

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Managing Partner: Rafael Pandolfo
Senior Partner: Rafael Pandolfo
Number of partners: 11 Number of other lawyers: 6

Firm Overview:
With an intense and exclusive practice in tax and corporate law, the law firm serves clients seeking distinguished services with commitment, dedication, study, quality, and especially, results as goals. Located between the extremes represented by boutique law firms and big law firms, Rafael Pandolfo Advogados Associados is a law firm seeking to embody the virtues of each one of these models, bringing together the high quality of its law practice with a solid and efficient structure that can undertake complex operations and cases. The development of such propositions allows the firm to dedicate itself intensely, in an agile and extremely efficient way, to the practical and operational aspects of each tax question posed by its clients.

Main Areas of Practice:
Tax: 90%
Corporate: 10%

With intense activity in tax law, the firm has a strong reputation for legal quality in the resolution of high complexity administrative and judicial conflicts. This derives from the principle developed by the firm that the probabilities of success in a lawsuit are maximised when its management is not limited to the performance of procedural acts (reaction), but when it also follows a previously designed strategy where an active, interventionist and intense management is essential. It assists clients who also seek an exclusive work in tax planning and tax consulting, in which the objectives are commitment, dedication, study, training, and above all, results. The use of modern technological tools has helped support service for every type of litigation or advisory matter, allowing risk assessment, damage control, and a problem-solving attitude capable of attending the client’s expectations.

The firm, used to taking part in very complex administrative and judicial debates with profound social and economic impacts (defending companies as well as business associations and federations), has developed a concept of efficiency, integrity, and in-depth expertise of procedural and substantive law.

Performance indicators measuring the success rate of lawsuits undertaken by the firm evidence the success of this framework.

English, Portuguese.

Industry sector: chemical, commercial and professional services, construction and materials, consumer product, manufacturing, education, financial services, food and drink producers, health care, media, mining and metals, private clients, individuals, retail, sports.