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Crisis & Risk Management Guide 2024

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Crisis & Risk Management

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Crisis & Risk Management
Firm Overview

Quinlan Partners is a global due diligence, investigations, and business intelligence firm that helps clients identify and mitigate risk, shape strategy, and achieve success. They find and gather high-value information, intelligence, and evidence around the world for investors, attorneys, and executives.

Global problem solvers. The firm has completed investigations and business intelligence assignments in more than 125 different countries.

Diggers, not box-checkers. Quinlan Partners specializes in creative, strategic, and global public record, open source, and on-the-ground research, as well as in identifying and cultivating human sources and conducting investigative inquiries and interviews around the world.

Founded by investigative journalists, the firm takes a highly bespoke and integrated approach to investigations, cultivating and applying the best talent, techniques, data resources, and proprietary information technologies to complex and high-stakes questions to yield truth, insight and clarity.

Guided by values.

Integrity. Quinlan Partners’ processes adhere to the highest ethics, standards, and best practices of their field and the professional organizations to which they belong.

Confidentiality. Their relationships are built on mutual trust and a firm commitment to discretion and confidentiality.

Compliance. Their compliance framework, developed by our expert legal counsel, provides the highest level of legal and regulatory protection.

Judgment. They maximize value for clients through a deep understanding of their needs and focus on the underlying problems to be solved.

Independence. They are committed to truth and accuracy, regardless of whether their findings are what our clients or others want to hear.

Excellence. The organization is committed to achieving results of the highest order in every assignment they undertake.

Main Areas of Practice

Quinlan Partners’ core practice areas include:

  • Litigation Support & Corporate Disputes. The firm collaborates closely with counsel to understand their objectives, whether assessing the credibility of an opponent’s claims, vetting witnesses, identifying and tracing assets, or understanding connections among groups of actors. They develop custom investigative strategies geared toward those ends.
  • Due Diligence & Business Intelligence. Every due diligence project is different; hence they specialize in providing bespoke, situation-specific, due diligence support to their clients in high-stakes situations. Quinlan Partners’ experienced team will tailor their global, deep-dive public records research and interviewing expertise to meet the specific needs of any project.
  • Fraud, Corruption & Misconduct Investigations. On behalf of companies and organizations, Quinlan Partners investigates allegations of fraud, corruption and misconduct, ranging from embezzlement and kickbacks to workplace harassment and conflicts of interest.

Crisis and Risk Management

Quinlan Partners takes a tailored and creative approach to information- and evidence-gathering in the context of anticipated or ongoing legal or corporate disputes.

Collaborating closely with counsel to understand their objectives - whether assessing the credibility of an opponent’s claims, vetting witnesses, identifying and tracing assets, or understanding connections among groups of actors – the firm develops custom investigative strategies geared toward those ends.

Quinlan Partners brings to bear a deep understanding of the public record landscape and an expertise in conducting interviews with sensitive witnesses. This allows them to go straight to the source of the information most likely to be relevant to their clients, whether that source be a remote court archive, a disgruntled former employee, or an obscure online comment.

Whether the investigative strategy entails deep public record research, interviews with witnesses, or both, the team’s combined decades of experience in litigation support investigations and their adherence to the industry’s highest legal and ethical standards ensures the utility of the information they gather for clients, and its admissibility in court.

Quinlan Partners assists counsel by investigating allegations of commercial fraud, misconduct and corruption; tracing assets in connection with forthcoming or existing judgments; bolstering legal defense against criminal charges and regulatory investigations; and gathering facts to be used in legal complaints and rebuttals.

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Crisis & Risk Management Guide 2024
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