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Senior Clark Ian Burrow
Number of tenants: 70

The Chambers
One Pump Court Chambers is a dynamic and modern set. Founded in 1978. Chambers is run as a democratic collective and is committed to assisting the disadvantaged by providing expert services in advice, advocacy and dispute resolution.

The Chambers reflects its purpose by seeking equality for all and diversity amongst their barristers and staff. They maximise their impact by providing high quality, efficient services delivered in an accessible way.

One Pump Court has established a solid and growing reputation in its traditional areas of work while developing its client base through the expansion of direct access, private (both domestic and international), and regulatory work, as well as mediation. Through their fearless advocacy and their professionalism, One Pump Court’s barristers seek to provide access to justice for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and fight against poverty, abuse, neglect and discrimination.

Members of Chambers sit as part-time judges in the County Court and Tribunals (immigration, social security, property and employment). Former members have been appointed to the judiciary, including to the High Court.

Barristers at One Pump Court regularly conduct seminars for practitioners and provide tailor-made training sessions for external organisations such as ILPA, HLPA, JWCT, LAG, ATLeP, HJT and Shelter. The Chambers and individual barristers have been nominated for various professional awards.

Chambers specialises in publicly funded work and has been involved in many high profile cases. Areas include administrative and public law, crime (including white collar), immigration, family, housing and community care, property, general civil litigation, social welfare and prison law. A large percentage of members are Direct Access accredited.

Members have written and contributed to legal textbooks and other publications including but not limited to Lawyer Monthly, Butterworth’s Immigration Law Service, the Journal of Housing Law, Legal Action Blackstone’s Guide to the Domestic Violence Act, Family Law Week, Education Law and Practice, The Prisons Handbook, Human Trafficking Handbook, The Fuel Rights Handbook, The English/Japanese Legal Dictionary and Handbook and Butterworths Money Laundering Law, The Immigration Law Handbook.


Lindsay Adams (1987) T

Yinka Adedeji (1997) T A

Jonathan Adler (1999) T A

Ripon Akhter (2003) T

Mark Allison (2016) T

Jennifer Barker (2000) T

Stephen Bartlet-Jones (2004) T A

Delphine Breese-Laughran (1991) T

Allan Briddock (2000) T

Benjamin Bundock (2013) T

Alex Burrett (1999) T

Parosha Chandran (1997) T A

David Chirico (2002) T

Sarah Corbett-Batson (2017) T

Natalie Csengeri (2011) T

Chandrika Deshpande (2014) T

Zani Dingiswayo (2001) T

Annie Dixon (1991) T

Edmund Eldergill (1991) T A

Amean Elgadhy (2008) T A

Sam Elliott (2014) T

Rachel Francis (2012) T

Joshua Garwood (1992) T A

Julia Gasparro (1999) T A

Andrew Gilbert (2009) T

Eleri Griffiths (2014) T

Michelle Harris (2000) T A

Philippa Hemery (2009) T A

Martin Hodgson (1980) T A

Sharon Holloway (1994) T

Abida Huda (1989) T A

Mary Hughes (1994) T A

Timur Hussein (1993) T A

Samuel Jarman (1989) T A

Melanie Johnson (1996) T A

Manjeet K Kaler (1993) T A

Ranjiv Khubber (1994) T

Gilda Kiai (2004) T

Stephen Knight (2011) T

Raggi Kotak (2000) T

Victoria Laughton (1988) T

Rebecca Littlewood (1988) T A

Michael Marsh Hyde (2006) T A

Alan Masters (1979) (Irish Bar 1993) T A

Rebecca Martin (2002) T A

Philip McLeish (2003) T

Patrick McMorrow (1996) T

Helen Monah (1996) T

Tamara Muhammad (1998) T

Angelina Nicolaou (2015) T

Nicholas Nicol (1986) T A

Asma Nizami (2009) T

Michele O’Leary (1983) T A

Charlie Peat (2003) T A

Terry Pedro (1996) T A

Claire Physsas (2004) T

James Presland (1985) T A

Althea Radford (2009) T

Catherine Robinson (2011) T A

Eleanor Sanders (2014) T

Ruby Sayed (1999) T A

James Shaw (2018) T

Harriet Short (2007) T

Daniel Sills (2011) T A

Priya Solanki (2008) T

Simon Stafford-Michael (1982) T A

Emma Stuart King (2005) T A

Alessia Thomas (2011) T

Patricia Tueje (1999) T A

Sophie Walker (2016) T

Tayyiba Ahmad (1998)*

Francesa Del Mese (1998)*

Sally Dent (1989) *

Tom Gaisford (2013) *

Shauna Gillan (2006)*

Eleanor Hutchinson (2007)*

Ajanta Kaza (1998) *

Neville Rudston(2000) *

Caroline Sinclair (2005) *

Stuart Scott (1998)*

Lucy Taylor-Gee (2006)*

Usha Teji (1981)*

Catorina Vine(2002)*

Nicola Wacey (2004)*

Lorraine Waldron (2004)*

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* Door Tenant

++ Honorary Door Tenant

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