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Oliveira, Amado, Deus Lima & Associados

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Provided by Oliveira, Amado, Deus Lima & Associados

Managing Partners: Adelino Amado Pereira
Number of partners: 3
Number of lawyers: 7
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
OADL & Associados - Sociedade de Advogados RL, is the result of a merger of two of São Tomé and Príncipe’s most prestigious law firms, namely Amado Pereira & Associados and ODL & Associados. An increasingly demanding and diversified clientele, a desire and need to adapt to changing times, as well as the emergence of increasingly global challenges, have provided the impulse for establishing a law firm in São Tomé and Príncipe capable of forging new paths and providing competent answers to all who seek our services. In sustained growth, there was a need to open the firm’s offices on the island of Príncipe, thus seeking to be closer to its customers.

Main Areas of Practice:

Civil Law and Criminal Law:

OADL & Associados has extensive experience in legal representation in civil and criminal law, representing its clients in a wide range of civil law fields, especially the law of obligations, family law, property rights, injunctions, claims, enforcement proceedings and contracts.
The firm also deals with all aspects of criminal law, with a special focus on general and economic criminal law, including advising and representing clients in legal proceedings:
■ Contract Law
■ Family law
■ Property rights
■ Injunctions
■ Claims
■ Enforcement proceedings
The firm is also concerned with all types of criminal matters, with a particular focus on general criminal law and business criminal law.

Labour and Social Security Law:
OADL & Associados provides legal services in all areas of Labour and Social Security, namely:
■ Drafting contracts and other legal instruments related to law and labour relations
■ Human resource management
■ Employment termination
■ Disciplinary proceedings
■ Administrative infraction proceedings
■ Labour litigation, including workplace accidents and the legalisation of foreign workers

Commercial and Corporate Law:
The firm also provides legal advice in the various areas of commercial and corporate law, including:
■ Incorporation, Mergers and Acquisitions
■ Company Transformations
■ Investment Projects
■ Transmission of Shares and Assets
■ Dissolution and Settlement
■ Drafting and support at all stages of Commercial Contracts
■ Establishment of Consortia and Strategic Alliances
■ Dispute

Taxation and Tax Law:
Because it is considered a strategic area, the provision of tax advice to companies and individuals is part of the package of services offered by OADL & Associates. The firm is qualified to respond to issues of high technical complexity in accordance with the São Toméan tax and legal system, focusing in particular on tax preparation and assistance with national and international operations, with the goal to maximise/optimise clients’ fiscal position. OADL &Associados also provides advice and representation for taxpayers with regard to tax procedures and operations, including tax collection.

Banking, Financial and Insurance Law:
OADL & Associados aims to provide a wide range of advisory services, particularly in the establishment of credit institutions, financial and insurance companies and their respective representations, as well as securities and risk capital operations. In the area of insurance, OADL & Associados offers specialised services to insurance and reinsurance clients in various fields.

OADL & Associados extends its areas of expertise to a number of different services, namely:
■ Advisory services for energy production, transportation, distribution and commercialisation
■ Financing new energy facilities
■ Acquisition and sale of energy assets
■ Advisory services related to energy market regulation
■ Drafting legal texts
In view of the increasing interest in and importance of energy, natural resources and environmental law in São Tomé and Príncipe, OADL & Associados provides advice and counsel to clients on energy resources and project developments in these sectors.

Administrative Law:
OADL & Associados provides its clients with legal advice and represents them in court with regard to administrative litigation cases in a number of areas, including public procurement, public works contracts, administrative contracts and commercial and industrial licenses.

Consumer and Advertising Law:
Areas covered by OADL & Associados include:
■ Protection and defence of consumer rights
■ Review of excessively onerous clauses and contracts
■ Civil liability actions arising from consumer products and services
■ Renegotiation of consumer debts to banks
■ Counsel on issues related to contractual consumer protection
■ Insurance, transport, banking products

Immigration and Nationality Law:
OADL & Associados provides consulting services related to the legal status of foreigners in São Tomé and Príncipe, namely with their entry and residence in the country.

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Provided by Oliveira, Amado, Deus Lima & Associados

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