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Managing Partner: Managing Committee
Number of partners: 9
Number of other lawyers and engineers: 46
Languages:English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Olivares began in 1969 as an IP boutique. Today, the IP practice protects clients’ valuable assets across all industries. Whether navigating complex pharmaceutical patent regulations, developing trademark protection strategies, or litigating copyright disputes, Olivares gets results. With IP as a foundation, Olivares gives clients a full-service option to manage legal issues under one roof. The corporate and commercial areas help clients in transactional structuring for managing, licensing, selling, acquiring, or financing assets (including IP portfolios). Today, Olivares continues its legacy of excellence in client service and attracts clients worldwide. Olivares is the only firm in Mexico to be ranked in tier/band 1 of every ranking across all international IP publications.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Copyrights & Entertainment
-IP Litigation
-Life Sciences & Pharma
-IT & Data Protection

Patent law is one of Olivares’ core practices. Olivares has a reputation for getting complex patent applications granted quickly and effectively and is consistently named the Leading IP law firm for patent prosecution in Mexico by Managing IP magazine. Olivares specialises in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, mechanics, electronics, computer programs (software), bioinformatics and nanotechnology, among others, and works with some of the world’s largest companies to help secure patent rights in Mexico and across Latin America.
Key Contacts: Sergio L Olivares Jr, Alejandro Luna F, Daniel Sánchez

The award-winning trademark group represents clients from all industries. Services offered in Mexico and Latin America are: filing and prosecution of trademark applications, and official actions; opinions on trademark searches and registrability of famous and distinctive marks; renewals, changes of name and transfers of title; protection of trade secrets; appellations of origin; trademark portfolio valuations; domain name protection and dispute resolution. Key Contacts: Antonio Belaunzarán, Alonso Camargo, Luis Schmidt, Abraham Diaz, Sergio L Olivares Jr., Daniel Sanchez

Copyrights & Entertainment:
Olivares delivers advice on copyright and related rights and entertainment law in general, including consulting, litigation, contracts and administrative law, in a way that blends the legal aspects of rights management with the complex industry and business practices of the entertainment and culture fields. The firm not only registers and litigates, the firm counsels creators, producers and distributors in making the best deals in order that works are made, completed, and even financed. Olivares’ deep local and international experience allows the firm to offer specialist counsel in all of the difficult situations that arise on the road to completion of creative works. This includes the financing, protection and dissemination phases and the firm’s services also involve transactional services, administrative/ regulatory, and litigation and ADR.
Key Contacts: Luis Schmidt, Abraham Diaz

IP Litigation:
The litigation team specialises in contentious affairs of an administrative, civil and/or criminal nature, including actions claiming damages. This group is recognised as one of the most innovative in Mexico due to its high level of specialisation and the number and complexity of litigations it has handled, particularly in the pharmaceuticals arena.
Key Contacts: Alejandro Luna F, Daniel Sánchez, Luis Schmidt, Sergio L Olivares Jr, Antonio Belaunzarán, Alonso Camargo Daniel Sanchez

Olivares’ administrative law team help obtain required authorisations and licenses mandated by federal, state, and local government authorities. Olivares takes action against companies that infringe its clients’ rights or whose products do not meet regulatory standards. The firm’s world class administrative litigation department is comprised by trial attorneys and they regularly contest and challenge the Mexican authorities who can incorrectly apply regulations, often based human rights or claiming the unconstitutionality of the law itself. Olivares has also successfully lobbied on behalf of companies and associations resulting in the creation of important regulatory precedents in Mexico.
Key Contacts: Alejandro Luna F, Daniel Sánchez, Luis Schmidt, Armando Arenas

With dedicated resources on the ground, Olivares’ fearless team strategically evaluates the situations before them and customises effective and realistic solutions to combat the illegal making or distribution and sale of counterfeit goods or pirated works. The firm focuses its efforts on a variety of industries that are most effected, from the most harrowing among them, such as the threats posed by fakes in the pharma, petrochemical and consumer food sectors, to the industries most associated with these activities, including consumer goods, apparel, cosmetics, electronic products as well as entertainment, software and media, whether offline or online.
Key Contacts: Luis Schmidt, Abraham Diaz, Antonio Belaunzarán, Alonso Camargo, Daniel Sánchez

The corporate law group advises local and multinational clients across a myriad of different industries. Services provided include: structuring, drafting, negotiating and execution of corporate transactions, including M&A, financing, licensing and tech transfer, distribution and franchising and its related due diligence activities; corporate restructuring, reorganisation and transformation, and the relevant regulatory advice on antitrust, foreign investment and consumer protection. The group also works with national companies and local subsidiaries of major multinational companies in compliance matters, including corporate governance, FCPA and Anti-Bribery.
Key Contact: Gustavo Alcocer

Life Sciences & Pharma:
With constant research, education, and innovative strategies, Olivares’ team is dedicated to being the most knowledgeable resource for legal solutions in the life sciences in Mexico. The firm’s focus on the life sciences makes the firm the stand-out legal solution provider in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, biotechnology, diagnostic sciences, medical devices, and plant variety rights, and regulation. Olivares’ team has the in-depth and practical knowledge and expertise to handle the complex regulatory and litigation environment only faced in this landscape.
Key Contacts: Alejandro Luna F, Daniel Sánchez, Armando Arenas, Gustavo Alcocer, Sergio L Olivares Jr, Alonso Camargo

IT & Data Protection:
Data protection and privacy is key for the firm’s IT group and it has IAPP qualified attorneys leading this new and evolving area of law. Olivares offers services covering compliance, terms and conditions, policy design and updates, training, litigation and enforcement as well as reviewing risk exposure after a data breach.
Key Contacts: Luis Schmidt, Gustavo Alcocer, Daniel Sanchez, Abraham Diaz

International Work:
Olivares coordinate patent and trademark filings as well as anti-counterfeiting programs in Latin America and all over the world. The firm also manages and conducts various forms of corporate work in Latin American countries on behalf of clients less familiar with the region.

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