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Noghes du Monceau Law Firm

Noghes du Monceau Law Firm

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Cabinet Noghès du Monceau is a boutique law firm with an experienced internationally minded team providing sophisticated and tailored solutions. Our core values include individualised dedication to each client, full commitment, deep understanding of each client’s ultimate goal and clear, swift, tailor-made solutions.

We go the extra mile to ensure that each client achieves their ultimate goal by offering a full range of high-standard legal services. We approach the diversity of each client’s challenges with a straightforward, clear step-by-step approach.

The diverse professional backgrounds of our team members, in particular, within large international law firms in major European cities, equips us to work in close collaboration with our international peers.

Our recognised expertise and experience in a wide range of legal practice areas and in various jurisdictions offer a one-stop service to address each client’s specific legal concernswhether they be local or involving foreign and international jurisdictions.

The practice is globally focused on business law services and particularly well-known for expertise and added value in complex, cross-border financial crime cases (money laundering, frozen assets, white-collar crimes and fraud) and international transactions.

The firm’s flexible organizational structure facilitates a 360° perspective and an integrated workflow between its practice areas, enablingthe firm to assist its clients throughout an entire project, regardless of the legal issues and processes involved.

Noghès-du Monceau brings its expertise and assists its clients in both advisory and litigation contexts in particular in the following practice areas:

1)Commercial law : our team is devoted to providing clients with bulletproof contracts,working with executives/legal departments to create the best contractual environment to protect the interests of their business. Our expertise in commercial litigation offers full support with any issues resulting from contract breaches;

2)Real estate and construction : Cabinet Noghès du Monceau has extensive experience in the exclusive real estate market of Monaco, including asset optimisation for both private and public investors, the drafting of high-quality documentation for both residential and commercial transactions, as well as the legal day-to-day property management aimed at optimising the resources of private clients, property developers, builders and intermediaries. Well-versed in all aspects of costing, budget management, regulatory issues, financing requirements and accounting law, Cabinet Noghès du Monceau is an indispensable right-hand adviser to help navigate all your real estate transactions.

3)Criminal law : the firm acts at all stages of criminal risk management (assessment of upfront criminal risk, during the proceedings, in crisis management) and assists both victims and respondents in areas such as corruption, fraud, money-laundering, financial offence, fraudulent breach of corporate law, white-collar crimes, drug trades and regularly acts in cases involving a significant international scope (extraditions, international arrest warrants, international sanctions, etc.).

4)Corporate law : our team advises local and international clients through all phases of their development and related transactions including legal structuring of transactions and related financing ; drafting and negotiating documentation, close management of transactional risk and liabilities, as well as advice on company law issues and procedures. We are also increasingly well-known and recommended in Monaco for our extensive experience in shareholder dispute resolutions.

5)Banking law and regulatory: the firm advises on financial regulatory matters and financing transactions, representing mainly borrowers and issuers. Financial, banking and insurance activities represent roughly 16% of Monaco’s GDP and this is reflected by an increasing demand for specialised competency in all aspects of banking and financial law. In response, this year, we have expanded our team to substantially improve our service to banking institutions or their clients. This includes, inter alia, counselling, drafting and support on both transactional and litigation/criminal matters.

6)Monaco residence / incorporation : the firm assists individuals and companies in all administrative procedures required to successfully set up their life and business in the Principality of Monaco. Each detail will be managed in order to facilitate this process, including any issues related to relations with governmental bodies.

7)Employment : the firm’s employment practice can represent employers or employees in all aspects of employment law in non-contentious as well as contentious matters such as, but not limited to, contract drafting, assistance during each phase of the working relationship, harassment cases, competition issues etc.

8)Private Management (prenup negotiations, estate planning, acquisition of private jets; yachts and other valuable assets).

9)Sports Law: we represent high-level sports athletes or sponsors in the negotiation of sponsorship and partnership agreements, as well as in the resolution of international disputes.

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