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Nextlaw Referral Network
Tel: +1 213 623 9300
Fax: +1 213 623 9924

CEO: Jeff Modisett (Los Angeles, CA)
Number of lawyers: 35,000+
Languages: Most


As of January 2020, Nextlaw Referral Network (NRN) has over 710 member firms located in 292 jurisdictions around the world.

Europe:                                 186
USA:                                     146
Africa:                                    77
Asia:                                      64
Southeast Asia:                     49
South America:                     42
British Isles:                          46
Russia & CIS:                        42
Caribbean:                            35
Canada:                                21
Middle East:                          23
Australia & Pacific Islands:      18
Mexico and Central America:  12 *
*Total is greater than our current membership due to firms being present in more than one region

While not segregated by region, NRN has members in almost every country in the world, except for U.S.-sanctioned countries, small island countries, and countries devastated by war. A listing of member firms, including the 627 cities in which our members have offices, can be found at Number of member firms: 710

Nextlaw Referral Network (NRN) has taken industry conventional wisdom and turned it inside out. Rather than creating a network limited to the largest firms in the world and granting them exclusivity, NRN is the champion of the world’s highest quality small to medium sized firms. It doesn't charge fees or offer geographical monopolies. Its guiding principle is finding the best lawyer for a matter, in any region, practice and sector. It is the largest legal referral network in the world, with over 700 members spanning 195 countries.

NRN is a strategic platform delivering the world’s most sophisticated thought-leadership, technology and consulting services both to help members be more competitive, but to also in time provide new products and services members can offer their clients.

NRN believes in helping members understand the benefits of complex and disruptive technologies -- including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and the threat nature of the Big 4 -- as well as providing sophisticated client engagement and deep listening programs working with the world's foremost experts.

NRN is supported by a proprietary technology platform that allows members to easily connect and track referrals. Because it uses an algorithm that promotes reciprocal repeat referrals, members are more likely to receive referrals from NRN than from any other network. On average, each of the top 50 firms in NRN has referred work on 300 occasions over the past year, equating to over 15,000 client matters.

Members are vetted by a panel consisting of eminent lawyers, who evaluate each applicant based on client feedback, independent quality rankings, awards and accolades, and unique practice and/or sector expertise.

NRN is one of the only referral networks that offers inter-disciplinary functionality. In today’s complex global environment clients often need access to professionals who understand the regulatory, business and economic cultures everywhere they do business, which means integrating legal and public affairs representation. Nextlaw Public Affairs Network (NPAN) was launched in September 2017, and enables members of NRN to access companies and organisations that help clients shape government policy or public opinion through lobbying, public relations, advertising and survey research.

Members have access to technologies, products and services that will drive quality and provide them with unique competitive advantages. Working with Dentons' technology accelerator Nextlaw Labs, partnering with other outside independent technology and services organisations, and sharing some of the innovations and developments designed within Dentons itself, it is identifying and curating innovative new legal technologies, products and services and providing them to NRN members for free or at a substantial discount to market.

NRN deploys cutting-edge technology and has put into production:

• Member Profile Ratings, assisting members in improving firm profiles
• Encryption Keys Rotation
• Referral Recording and Recipient Tracking
• Easy-to-search and read Data Dashboard
• Nextlaw Community Platform, allowing in-platform messaging

NRN’s vision is to build the world's first strategic legal platform, defined as follows:

• Providing law firms with the world's first integrated, cross-functional solutions oriented offering. The law firm of the future will not solve legal problems, but business problems. It is a digitised, fully integrated platform that enables any member to tap into the power of hundreds of law firms as well as public affairs firms, lobbying firms and regulatory expertise.
• A technology and consulting services distribution channel and shared community. It curates the top legal tech companies and provides that technology to members at a discount, offering the same tech and process advantages the largest law firms capture to small to medium-sized law firms.
• Providing consulting expertise through the platform, in terms of innovation, improved processes and other ways members can compete more effectively against a changing competitive set that can now often include the Big 4 accountancy firms and others. This not only benefits members, but also provides programmes that member firms can offer their clients.

New initiatives in diversity, training and professional development:

• Added search functionality for women and minority owned firms.
• Conducted a recruiting outreach to minority firms via NAMWOLF - the National Assn. of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms.
• Held numerous training sessions on the platform for all new members, including NAMWOLF firms, and regular applicants. Each member received a new Onboarding Guide and regular training updates.

Aboriginal law (Canada)
Animal/pet law
Banking and Finance
Capital Markets
Civil rights law
Competition and Antitrust
Construction law
Consumer law
Corporate Governance
Criminal law
Debtor and creditor
Education law
Elder law
Election law
Employment and Labor
Entertainment & Sports law
Family law
Franchising and Distribution
Government Contracts
Home law
Hotels and Leisure
Inquests and public inquiries
Land expropriation by government (eminent domain)
Mergers and Acquisitions
Military Law and Veteran's Benefits
Native American Law and Policy (United States)
Notary Services
Pensions, Benefits and Executive Compensation
Personal injury
Police law
Privacy and Cybersecurity
Private Equity
Project Development
Public International law
Public law
Public Policy and Regulation
Public Procurement
Real Estate
Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy
Securities and Corporate Finance
Trade, WTO & Customs
Trusts, Estates and Wealth Preservation
UK POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture
US First Amendment Litigation
US Social Security Law and Disability
Venture Technology and Emerging Growth Companies
White Collar and Government

Nextlaw Referral Network is a polycentric online network.

Contact information:

Nextlaw Referral Network
c/o Jeff Modisett (CEO)
601 S. Figueroa St.
Suite 2500
Los Angeles, CA 90017
P +1 213-623 9300
F +1 213-623-9924

Nextlaw Referral Network
c/o Aleksandra Pimenides (Director of Member Services)
1221 McKinney Street
LyondellBasell Tower, Suite 1900
Houston, TX 77010
P +1 713 658 4600
F +1 713 739 0834