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Head of Chambers: Nicholas Le Poidevin QC
Senior Clerk: Phil Reeves

THE CHAMBERS New Square Chambers is a leading set of commercial chancery barristers based in Lincoln’s Inn, London. Specialist practice areas are trusts and estates, commercial litigation, civil fraud, company, insolvency and property, as well as a number of related areas. The set has extensive experience of offshore and international work in all areas of practice. The 41 members, including five QCs, provide comprehensive expertise and experience in representing and advising clients in England, Wales and offshore.

WORK UNDERTAKEN New Square Chambers’ main fields of work are commercial litigation (including civil fraud, freezing injunctions, search and other interim orders), company and insolvency (including individual and corporate insolvency, voluntary arrangements, receiverships and administrations, claims relating to shareholders, directors and partnerships), trusts and estates (including contentious matters, offshore trusts, probate claims, commercial and pension trusts) and property law (including landlord and tenant, mortgages, enfranchisement, rights of way and real property rights).

Members also practice in public and administrative law, particularly where relating to property rights (including public enquiries, local government and planning law, judicial review and constitutional law). The set also deals with professional negligence and regulatory matters. Licensed Access work is accepted and a number of members accept Public Access instructions. New Square Chambers acts in mediations and before arbitrators. 

OFFSHORE & INTERNATIONAL Much of Chambers’ work has an international element and involves jurisdictions in which the set has had long-standing reputations, such as Anquilla, Antigua, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Singapore and the TCI. Chambers’ offshore work includes: trust and estates litigation, civil fraud, commercial litigation, insolvency, company law, and property claims.

In these and other cases the set also routinely deals with conflict of laws issues and challenges to jurisdiction. Members are used to working with lawyers in other jurisdictions either directly or through solicitors in England and Wales and in the large litigation teams that major multinational litigation often requires. They are among the first choices for the really complex cross-border cases that proceed in London or offshore or (often) both.

Much advisory work from offshore also flows through Chambers and it acts as an advocate in those jurisdictions where it has or may obtain rights of audience. 

■ Civil Fraud
■ Commercial Litigation
■ Company
■ Insolvency
■ Offshore
■ Property
■ Regulatory & Business Crime
■ Trusts & Estates

RECRUITMENT Application for pupillage to be made directly to Chambers via its website. Applications for tenancy to be made to Senior Clerk, Phil Reeves.
Email: [email protected]


Nicholas Le Poidevin QC (1975) (QC-2010) (Head of Chambers)

John Macdonald QC (1955) (QC-1976)

George Laurence QC (1972) (QC-1991)

Robin Hollington QC (1979) (QC-1999)

Michael Booth QC (1981) (QC-1999)

Rodney Stewart Smith (1964)

Lynton Tucker (1971)

Alexander Hill-Smith (1978)

Leigh Sagar (1983)

David Eaton Turner (1984)

Claire Staddon (1985)

David Fisher (1985)

Thomas Graham (1985)

Ross Crail (1986)

Raj Sahonte (1987)

Stephen Schaw Miller (1988)

Guy Adams (1989)

Gerard van Tonder (1990)

Edwin Simpson (1990)

Simon Adamyk (1991)

Mark Hubbard (1991)

Nigel Hood (1993)

Jonathan Lopian (1994)

Stuart Armstrong (1995)

Gary Pryce (1997)

Conn MacEvilly (1997)

Adrian Pay (1999)

William Hopkin (2000)

Alexander Learmonth (2000)

James Davies (2004)

Hermione Williams (2008)

Aidan Briggs (2009)

Christopher Snell (2010)

Jeff Hardman (2012)

Jessica Powers (2012)

Amit Karia (2013)

Jon Colclough (2015)

Justin Perring (2017)

James McKean (2017)

James Saunders (2017)

Michael Workman (2019)