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Naveira, Truffat, Martínez, Anido, Lorente & López Abogados

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This content is provided by Naveira, Truffat, Martínez, Anido, Lorente & López Abogados.

Managing Partners: Oscar Martínez and Jorge López
Senior Partners:
Gustavo Naveira, Daniel Truffat, Oscar Martínez, Claudio Anido, Javier Lorente and Jorge López
Number of partners: 8
Numbers of other lawyers: 17

Insolvency, Debt Restructuring & Dispute Resolution 60%
Corporate & M&A 35%
Tax 5%

THE FIRM: Naveira, Truffat, Martínez, Anido, Lorente y López Abogados was born in January 2006 from the merger of Naveira, Truffat & Asociados with Jorge López. The firm is among the best law firms in Argentina, specialised in debt restructuring and litigation. Each of the partners of the firm has strong credentials relating to court proceedings and were all brought together to build the new firm, which after a few years has organised excellent corporate and tax departments. Being a medium size law firm, it provides a personal attention to clients, with great involvement from all the partners in the cases handled.

Insolvency, Debt Restructuring & Dispute Resolution: Oscar Martinez, Daniel Truffat, Claudio Anido, Jorge Lopez
Corporate M&A: Javier Lorente, Diego Lopez Ugolini
Tax: Jorge Lopez


Insolvency, Debt Restructuring & Dispute Resolution: The firm has handled some of the most important bankruptcy and debt restructuring cases in Argentina (ie. Sociedad Comercial del Plata S.A., Supercanal Holding S.A., Multicanal, Correo Argentino, Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A., Autopistas del Sol S.A. Industrias Metalùrgicas Pescarmona SA and Grupo Rhuo). It has represented both debtors and local and foreign creditors in these procedures. The firm, led by Oscar Martìnez, Daniel Truffat, Jorge Lopez and Javier Lorente, has also been involved in bondholders’ debt restructurings being the pioneers in this kind of insolvency procedures. On occasions, the firm has represented the insolvency trustee appointed in all kinds of insolvency proceedings. Each of the partners contributes to the firm with their speciality. Former commercial judge Gustavo Naveira brings his skills as an outstanding litigator which combined with Oscar Martinez skills in negotiations creates an excellent team in all kind of dispute resolutions. In this area the law firm has provided counsel to Siderar and Grupo Clarin (Papel Prensa S.A.) in their dispute against the national government.

Corporate & M&A: The firm handles the day to day of several companies listed and not listed. It provides full counselling in the creation, development and liquidation of companies in Argentina finding the best alternative to the clients’ needs. It prepares international structures to comply with local regulations. The firm has participated in numerous M&A involving private acquisitions and listed companies.

Tax: The firm gives counsel to clients on the best alternative to perform investments in Argentina providing the tax planning and legal structure necessary considering double tax treaty mechanism and other local and international regulations. It has handled several litigations against the Argentinean Tax Authority working together with different accounting firms.

Labour: In order to provide a ‘full’ service to our clients we have created the labour department with 5 lawyers that give counsiel to our clients in labour matters.

INTERNATIONAL WORK: Partners Jorge Lopez and Javier Lorente have participated in several cases as expert witness in cross-border insolvency cases under the US Bankruptcy Code. The firm participated in several cross border M&A representing buyers and sellers (ie USA, Spain, Poland, and Italy). It has also participated in international loan agreements, distribution agreements and franchising agreements, among others.

LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, French.

Sociedad Comercial del Plata S.A., Cladd Industria Textil S.A., Muresco S.A., Supercanal Holding S.A., Yara Argentina S.A., Piedra Purpura S.A., Akiabara, Karatex S.A., Calimboy S.A., Arisco, Constructora Sudamericana S.A., Fideicomiso Villa Maria, Cristamine S.A., Harrods Buenos Aires, Impresora Internacional de Valores S.A., LALOR S.A., Credit Agricole S.A., Ferrum S.A., Bodegas y Viñedos Orfila S.A., Transportadora de Gas del Norte S.A., Autopistas del Sol S.A., Siderar, Grupo Clarin, Compañía General de Combustíbles S.A., Rosa Negra, Grupo Newsan, Italcred, Noble Seguros, Prevencion Art (Grupo Sancor), Instituto de Seguros S.A., Unilever, Vitopel, Grupo Rhuo, Grupo MAS ENERGIA, Taranto SA, Industrias Metalùrgicas Pescarmona SA, Amarilla Gas SA.