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METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners

Current View:

This content is provided by METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners.

Managing Partners: Reda Zaboliene
Number of partners: 15
Number of lawyers: 11 (excluding attorneys at law)
Languages: Belarusian, Chinese, English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian

Firm Overview:
METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners is a leading European IP law firm with a highly professional international team of IP specialists offering a full range of services in the sphere of intellectual property.

Main Areas of Practice:
Trademark prosecution and litigation:

• National trademarks and designs (Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Belarusian)
• European Union trademarks
• Community Designs
• Trademark and designs renewals, recordals, searches
• National oppositions, appeals
• European Union oppositions

Patent prosecution and litigation:
• National patents (Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Belarusian)
• European patent applications
• EP validations
• Patent annuities
• Eurasian patents

Related IP services:
• Personal data protection
• Information Technology Law
• Media and Advertising Law
• E-commerce regulation

Recent Work:
Second year in a row METIDA is among TOP 10 filers of EU trademarks according to the EUIPO statistics, being the only one firm from Lithuania as well as all Baltic region. METIDA filed more than 1500 European Union Trademarks and Community Designs in the last 12 months. METIDA filed around 100 European Patent applications in the last 12 months. METIDA represented around 50 EUIPO oppositions in the last 12 months.

Key Clients:
Carlsberg Group - foreign
Acme Group - domestic
Craft Bearings - domestic
Freor - domestic
Italiana - domestic
NOVATURAS - domestic
SBA - domestic
Vox pharmaceutica - domestic
JSC „West pharma East“ - domestic
Mantinga - domestic
ACUMASS – foreign
ROSHEN – foreign

Key Contact:
Intellectual Property:
Erikas Saukalas
Tel: +37052490830
Email: [email protected]