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Medina Garrigó Abogados (MGA) is a full service law firm in the Dominican Republic founded by Fabiola Medina Garnes in 2004, under the name Medina Garnes Asociados. Since its inception, the firm has acquired extensive experience assisting clients in handling legal matters in the areas of telecommunications, administrative law, taxation, litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution. Following a strategy of careful and steady growth in recent years, MGA has been able to expand its law practice to include new areas of the law, thus developing a broader and comprehensive practice, with emphasis in providing services with the highest standards of quality, cost-efficiency, and focused on client-based solutions. With Marielle Garrigó as a partner and head of the department of finance and business, the firm’s finance and business department has grown in market share and recognition. Ms Garrigó has more than 20 years of experience in corporate law, project financing, mergers and business acquisitions, finance projects and capital markets. MGA’s commitment to covering all its clients’ legal needs, and has established itself as the best offer in the market in terms of experience, knowledge and dedication.

MGA has the distinction of being recognised as one of the most prominent law firms in the Dominican Republic, and this merit has beget from its track record of success in handling relevant cases for clients in the private and public sector. The firm has been also distinguished by its constant and outstanding participation in recent and important legislative processes aimed towards the creation and reform of key legislative processes, which has provided its lawyers a unique perspective into the workings of the Dominican regulatory system and its effect on business activities and transactions. However, the most meaningful accolade for MGA, is the continued trust and confidence of its clients.

The firm offers a diverse array of legal teams composed of specialists in different areas of the laws. The experience earned by its lawyers allows MGA to handle complex matters through a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach that draws from all relevant sources within MGA, providing clients with efficient legal solutions that maximise the identification and management of all potential risks while minimising costs.

What sets MGA apart from other firms in the Dominican Republic, is its core philosophy: to thoroughly know the client and become part of its business in a proactive manner, always by adding value. The firm’s lawyers have learned during their many years of practice that taking the time to know, identify, and understand their clients’ needs, is the only way to add true value to their endeavors, whether in the context of a transaction, when providing constructive advice by taking preventive measures, or by simply keeping clients updated on the relevant local aspects of their industries.


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