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Mazara Abogados

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Managing Partner: Yurosky Mazara
Number of other lawyers: 9

Firm Overview:
Mazara Abogados is a local law firm with a global vocation. Its innovative management model is committed to a ‘One-Stop Law Firm’ service; where clients receive all the services required in one place. It has the best of both worlds: it combines the comfort and warmth of a boutique firm, but with the capacity and workforce of a large firm. Its strong focus on results and revolutionary work methodology, has allowed it to position itself as a reference firm in dispute resolution, white collar crimes, regulated markets, taxes and arbitration, among others. The experience of its partners and associates includes handling complex and very high-profile litigation cases. The firm serves a select group of clients. This allows them to work in a more efficient and productive way, dedicating all the time and resources required for the benefit of their need or business activity. The firm’s attorneys have world-class credentials and valuable professional experience. Before joining Mazara Abogados, they had an intense and successful practice in traditional firms, in the justice sector and the academy. In addition to a proven technical domain, its lawyers stand out for an accurate sectorial knowledge, added to a strategic vision that allows them to show strong results in complex matters, laborious legal operations and sophisticated transactions. Their permanent contact with business reality places them in a privileged position to offer comprehensive advice and with high added value. Mazara Abogados was established from the idea of diversity. The firm has strived to promote an inclusive and respectful environment that encourages all its members to the same ideal of advancement and maximum personal and professional development. Their leadership is linear, since they believe and defend the benefits of a strong organizational culture and discard the implementation of obsolete organization charts that complicate operations. The firm has open spaces that encourage teamwork and allow direct and permanent feedback dynamics. The firm encourages the feeling of pride and belonging of each collaborator. The client perceives that each member works with a passionate, hard-working family and that has fun doing what he loves. Under this formula, they promise a unique service experience with high added value.

Main Areas of Practice:

Mazara Abogados has remarkable experience assisting its clients in both national and international arbitration procedures. The firm’s assistance allows the clients to evaluate, in a strategic manner, the convenience of this alternative resolution method even before the conflicts arise, analysing the contracts and operations and advising on the best approach.

Administrative & Regulatory:
Mazara’s team of experts represents most of the companies involved in the distribution of petroleum liquid gas products in the country and have led successfully important procedures against the Public Administration. The firm’s practice also implies the ordinary procedures of application for permits and authorizations from the Public Administration to operate these businesses.

Corporate & Commercial:
The firm understands the ever-changing nature of commercial activity and as such responds with assertiveness and agility every requirement. The team has a firm grasp of the multiple risks a commercial operation involves and offers assistance in all legal aspects of those matters.

Litigation & Dispute Resolutions:
Mazara Abogados favors an analytical approach in every conflict to ensure the best response. The client is always informed of the best options available and of alternative dispute resolution methods at his or her disposal to guarantee an effective solution to the litigation. The team is well equipped in both technical knowledge and experience in handling litigation of any nature.

Labour & Employment:
The firm assists and represents its clients in union related matters, termination of employment contracts, social security matters, Work and Employment Ministry reclamations and inspections, workers compensation and social security matters, among others.

The firm represents the most important union association of distributor of petroleum liquid gas and its members. It has vast experience in handling affairs with the Industrial and Commerce Ministry in regards of hydrocarbons regulations, as well as handling litigation arising out of the authorizations and permits given by the public authorities and the relations between competitors.

Foreign Investments:
As a result of its geographical position and economy policies, the Dominican Republic is the best option for investment in the Caribbean. The firm gives full and personalized assistance in the introduction of foreign investments in every stage of the operation including the migratory status of investors. Real Estate: The firm gives assistance and representation in acquisitions, commercial leasing’s, property administration, registry updates and more. Likewise, the firm has vast experience in procedures of foreclosing and eviction with a very successful rate.

Sports Law:
Dominican Republic houses many important baseball and soccer clubs and place a great importance on the protection of players and maintenance of good relations between players and teams. As such, the national legislation has very strict guarantees and measures in place to enforce those protections. The firm has vast knowledge and great experience in handling disputes of this nature in both ordinary jurisdiction and arbitration.

The firm gives assistance in the fulfillment of fiscal obligations and represents its clients in conflicts resolutions against the Tax Administration Bureau. The team have great experience in handling fiscal exemptions for movies, constructions and tourism projects in compliance with local legislation. The team have also led important negotiations with the authorities pertaining accusations of tax evasion.

Languages: English, french, italian and spanish.

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