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Partners: Sergio Mannheimer, Pedro Henrique Perez, Tomaz Tavares de Lyra, Julio Rebello Horta, Karina Stern de Siqueira, Marcela Levy, Marcelo Dickstein, Fernanda Aviz Santos and Ricardo Ramalho Almeida
Number of members of the firm: 26
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra has been representing domestic and international clients in the prevention and resolution of highly complex disputes for the last 35 years, both before Brazilian courts and through arbitration. In regards to litigation, the firm’s caseload in the last twelve months is composed of matters amounting to several billion dollars. On two of these cases alone, the firm obtained important decisions for the clients involved who, as a result avoided paying more than USD 1.5 billion. As for arbitration — also in the last twelve months — the firm won four important disputes, obtaining an economic benefit of more than USD 1.4 billion. Currently, the firm is handling arbitration cases with a total combined amount of more than USD 2 billion.

Main Areas of Practice:

The law firm has vast experience in the resolution of conflicts through arbitration, both with proceedings seated in Brazil and abroad. Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra represents clients in arbitrations before several national and international institutions – ICC, AAA, UNCITRAL, FGV, FIESP, the CBMA and the Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce (CAM-CCBC), among others –, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations, frequently working alongside the most renowned law firms in the world. As an example, the lawyers of Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra acted in the notorious international arbitration dispute over the control of the largest retailer in Brazil.

Among the matters submitted to arbitration handled by the firm are civil, commercial and corporate conflicts related to areas such as infrastructure, oil and gas, energy, construction, public-private partnerships, among others, having acted in the dispute over the control of the largest retailer in the country. Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra also has ample experience with requests for the recognition of foreign court and arbitral awards before the Superior Court of Justice, as well as with proceedings in aid of arbitration, both before the constitution of the panel and incidental to the arbitral proceeding. The law firm also assists its clients in the drafting and negotiation of arbitration agreements.

Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra is involved in the most significant disputes in the country, in different strategic segments of the economy. The lawyers of Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra represented multiple institutional investors in what was considered the largest corporate dispute in Brazilian history, regaining control of private equity funds which operated important domestic companies in the areas of telecommunications, sanitation, transportation and logistics.

The partners and associates of Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra also have vast knowledge on public law, dominating complex regulatory environments. The firm has acted in disputes arising from sophisticated civil and commercial agreements, especially those involving financing, loans, leasing, sale and purchase supply, as well as commercial representation, guaranties and letters of credit and options; disputes related to the exploration, production and distribution of energy, oil and gas; disputes related to corporate restructuring and bankruptcy; disputes associated with election issues and representation of candidates and parties in court; disputes concerning family law; and, also, disputes related to inheritance and probate matters; disputes connected with intellectual rights, copyrights, patents and trademarks. The firm has been involved in a series of cross-border disputes and also cooperated on many occasions with foreign law firms in litigation and pre-litigation proceedings.

Insurance & Reinsurance:
The law firm of Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra has vast experience in assisting Brazilian and international insurers, reinsurers and insured companies in the adjustment of complex claims. The firm has worked on the adjustment of more than USD 2 billion dollars in insurance claims. It represents or has represented clients in litigation and arbitration suits seeking the recovery of more than USD 1 billion in damages and coverage.

International Work:
Mannheimer, Perez e Lyra has been engaged in several international arbitration proceedings before major organisations, under the rules of the ICC, AAA, UNCITRAL, FGV, FIESP, the Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association and the Brazil- Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC), among others. The firm has been involved in a series of cross-border disputes and also cooperated on many occasions with foreign law firms in international arbitration, litigation and pre-litigation processings.

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