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Founding Partner: Mahmood Hussain
Managing Partners: Hafidh Thani
Number of partners: 5
Number of lawyers: 14
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Tagalog, Urdu

Firm Overview:
Mahmood Hussain Advocates and Legal Consultancy (MHLF) was founded in September 2012 by Mr. Mahmood Hussain. With its office located in Dubai, the firm has grown to be one of UAE’s leading legal service provider, an active boutique firm with international exposure and expertise that focuses on select clients and quality mandates. The firm expertise includes dispute resolution, arbitration, employment, corporate and commercial such as M&A and hospitality.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Litigation
■ Arbitration
■ Corporate Commercial Law
■ Construction and Engineering
■ Franchise and Company Set Up
■ Family and Personal Status
■ Employment and Labor Law
■ Intellectual Property
■ Banking and Finance
■ Insurance

Litigation: Dispute Resolution, Domestic
2 partners; 7 fee earners based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
■ Representation of three (3) real estate cases against a major property developer based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with the following claim amount. More than AED 24M More than AED 14M More than AED 12M Dubai court issued its judgement in the firm’s favor.
■ Representation of a commercial dispute case against three (3) individuals who are in agreement with our client to set up a business in Dubai. The court of Dubai issued its judgement in the firm’s favor with a claim amount of more than AED 8M.
■ Representation of a commercial dispute case against a broker with a claim amount of more than AED 4M. Dubai court issued its judgement in the firm’s favor.
■ Representation of a commercial dispute case with our client based in Bahrain, against a broker based in Dubai. The court of Dubai issued its judgment in the firm’s favor with a claim amount of BHD 116,811.00.
■ Representation of a civil dispute case to defend our client against a case filed by the claimant. Claimed amount of AED 115M filed against our client was dismissed by Dubai court.
Contact: Mahmood Hussain
Tel: +55 508 0908
Email: [email protected]

Corporate: TMT
1 partner; 5 fee earners based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
■ MHLF acted as lead counsel for Genomedia Studios, in relation to their production of a 14-episode series, “Kingdoms of Fire”, with a budget of approximately USD 40 million. This included advising and negotiating on pre-production contracts (such as, contracts with the cast and crew of the series including the director, wardrobe designer, music composer, actors, writer etc., rental agreements for production studios, agreements with vendors for graphic design, VFX and other special effects, etc.) and licensing agreements with famous broadcasters such as MBC and ARY Digital.
■ MHLF have also advised its Client, CBC Broadcasting Center, a renowned and largest broadcasting company in Egypt for restructuring of the television stations in Egypt and CBC Network. Our partners, Mr. Mahmood Hussain and Mr. Hafidh Thani are also advisory to the board of directors of CBC Broadcasting Center.
■ MHLF Team have assisted a reputed and upcoming fintech company involved in providing digital wallet, cashless payment services with re-organisation of the corporate structure in order to achieve the business objective. MHLF team advised the client in relation to the ownership of the intellectual property rights, licensing of such intellectual property rights and structure suited for managing the intellectual property right. MHLF team have further reviewed the website and mobile application policies of the client including but not limited to the privacy policy, data protection policy, acceptable use policy, cookie policy, general terms and policy in light of the applicable laws in United Arab Emirates and Dubai International Finance Centre.

Corporate: Mergers & Acquisition
■ MHLF Team had advised, our client, in sale of 49% shares in Maxsteel Industry LLC and Maxsteel Trading LLC to Tebarak Commercial Investment LLC, a private equity firm based in UAE. MHLF Team was involved in negotiation and finalisation of the transaction documents including the share purchase agreement. ■ MHLF Team advised and assisted, our client, OBS Group in acquisition of 67% shareholding in Evolve LLC, which is runs fitness outlets throughout UAE. MHLF Team was involved in the structuring of the transaction, drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents for the transaction.
■ MHLF Team have assisted our client, Z7 Investments Limited in relation to subscription of shares in the affiliate UAE company of US based tech company, Socio Ladder, involved in providing crowdfunding platform. As part of the transaction, MHLF was involved in conducting the due diligence exercise on the target companies, drafting and negotiating on the key transaction agreement including but not limited to letter of intent, share subscription agreements. Further, we have advised the client and the target company to conduct restructuring of their license arrangements for better promotion of the business interests.

Corporate: Real Estate
■ MHLF Team have advised our client, who is a developer of an ongoing project, in relation to settlement of a dispute between the client and the financier (counterparty) of a project. The dispute pertained to and originated from an investment agreement entered into between the parties. MHLF negotiated a settlement between the parties, which rendered the investment agreement and the old security package given pursuant to the same to be null and void. It was further negotiated that the ongoing disputes by both parties be withdrawn and the parties restructure their deal to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for both parties.

Corporate: F & B Sector
• MHLF have advised world famous F&B brands like Tashas and Bulldozer Group in relation to reviewing, negotiating and drafting of the relevant documents e.g. franchise agreements, distributorship agreements, management and operations agreements, agency agreements, supply agreements, diverse types of Memorandum of Understandings, legal notices etc. We have also advised on the appropriate structure for the transaction, including a through due diligence and initial risk (legal) assessment and identification of key elements that will result in uninterrupted and lawful business operation of our client.
Contact: Hafidh Thani
Tel: +50 559 4419
Email: [email protected]

1 partner; 3 fee earners based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
• The dispute surrounded the executed Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPAs)for the purchase of villas to be developed by the respondent. The Project was substantially delayed from the original Completion Date in 2017, with no signs of handover until this year. The respondent had breached various contractual provisions including unilaterally extending the completion dates without notifying the investors in addition to handing over of the Project. Our client, the claimant had paid over 70% of the Purchase Price in addition to DLD Registration Fee. Award was received on 14th May 2020 in favour of our client with full reimbursement of purchase price along with interest and damages.
Contact: Zaid Wani
Tel: +56 803 8483
Email: [email protected]