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Macauley, Bangura & Co

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Firm Overview:
MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co. prides itself on its competitive edge. The firm is committed to first class service delivery and is research-oriented with young, fast paced and client focused lawyers. The firm holds the view that the client must be able to do business on his or her own terms albeit within the ambit of the law and yet still, never be disadvantaged. The driving force that continues to be the bulwark of MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co.’s success is the pleasure and satisfaction derived from delivering on the firm’s promises to the client. The firm also maintains an excellent relationship with corresponding law firms around the world. MACAULEY, BANGURA & Co.’s peculiar style of practice and delivery of its legal, professional and other services is as a result of experience garnered over the years by the partners who previously worked in both the public and private sectors in the legal profession before setting up the firm of MACAULEY, BANGURA & CO. This is also complimented by the firm’s in-depth knowledge of the law and practice in Sierra Leone. The firm promotes the commercial interest of clients through the provision of quality service and an enviable turnaround time in the delivery of services. The firm’s knowledge of industry and experience in the field ensures that the legal advice and strategy prescribed in what is sometimes a challenging environment to attend to the needs of the client is formulated with an understanding of the relevant commercial context, technical expertise, excellence and a commercial approach.

Main Areas of Practice:
■ Corporate, Commercial, Financial Services & Practice
■ Debt Recoveries, Collections and Liquidation
■ Information Technology and Telecommunication & Practice
■ Immigration, Migration, Labour and Employment & Practice
■ Banks, Banking & Practice
■ Intellectual & Industrial Property & Practice
■ Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas and Natural Resources & Practice
■ Divorce, Family, Adoption Proceedings and Procedures, Probate and Testamentary & Practice
■ Shipping, Admiralty and Maritime & Practice
■ Real Estate, Property and Conveyance & Practice
■ Litigation