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Provided by Macauley, Bangura & Co

Firm Overview:
MACAULEY, BANGURA & CO. prides itself on its competitive edge. The firm is a leading corporate and commercial law firm committed to first class service delivery with research-oriented, fast paced and client focused lawyers. It is a full-service law firm vertically integrated with barristers-at-law, solicitors and consultants in a number of areas.

The firm has been regularly recognised by a plethora of independent bodies, ranking agencies and organisations for its especial brand of service delivery, its integrated services and the seamless manner in which innovative solutions are delivered. The firm holds the view that the client must be able to do business on his or her own terms albeit within the ambit of the law and yet still, never be disadvantaged.

The driving force that continues to be the bulwark of the firm’s success is the pleasure and satisfaction it derives from delivering on promises to the client. It also maintains an excellent relationship with corresponding law firms within and out of the continent and has with the benefit of this network, collaborated on several cross-border transactions.

MACAULEY, BANGURA & CO.’s particular style of practice and delivery of services is also grounded in time tested experience garnered over the years by the partners who previously worked in both the public and private sectors in the legal profession before setting up the firm of MACAULEY, BANGURA & CO. This is also complimented by in-depth knowledge of the law and legal practice in Sierra Leone generally. Promoting the commercial interest of clients through the provision of quality service and an enviable turnaround time continues to guide and advise the firm’s approach and ethos.

The firm’s knowledge of industry and experience in the field ensures that the legal advice and solutions it gives in what is sometimes a challenging environment is formulated with an understanding of the relevant commercial context, the ever changing dynamics in commercial practice, technical expertise, an in-depth experience, excellence and a commercial approach. This has allowed for optimisation in the very sense of the word itself in the firm’s services and solutions.

Main Areas of Practice:

Key Transactional Practice:

■ Mergers and Acquisitions
■ Public Private Partnership/Private Finance Initiative
■ Restructuring and Insolvency
■ Financial Restructuring
■ Tax
■ Asset-Backed Security/Collateralised Debt Obligation/Collateralised Loan Obligation
■ Asset Finance
■ Project Finance
■ Trade Finance
■ Project Development
■ Banking
■ Competition
■ Real Estate Finance and Fund

Sector Expertise:
■ Agriculture
■ Banks and Banking
■ Construction and Engineering
■ Aviation
■ Energy
■ Mining
■ Oil & Gas
■ Natural Resources
■ Tourism and Hospitality
■ Information Technology, Tech and Telecoms
■ Media
■ Insurance
■ Real Estate, Property and Conveyancing
■ Consumer Goods and Services
■ Shipping and Admiralty
■ Intellectual and Industrial Property
■ Corporate Investigations, Due Diligence, Debt Recoveries, Collections
■ Immigration, Migration, Labour and Employment
■ Tax
■ Joint ventures
■ Fisheries

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Provided by Macauley, Bangura & Co

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