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Managing Partners: Bogusław Leśnodorski, Maciej Ślusarek, Marta Marzec-Robak
Partners: Władysław Bieńkowski, Maciej Kubiak, Krzysztof Laskowski, Marcin Melzacki, Artur Zawadowski
Number of partners: 8
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 43
Languages: English, German, Polish, Russian

Firm Overview:
LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners has been advising Polish and international corporations and social organizations since 1998. The firm focuses on long-standing client relationships, built on trust and anchored in the highest quality of its service. LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners is recognised in Poland and abroad for its stand-out expertise in the Technology, Media and Entertainment sectors. The business of its clients is the firm’s business. Thanks to working with such demanding and creative sector it made a huge impact into the firm’s corporate culture. LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners provides pro-active, innovative legal advice in modern way. However, its knowledge and experience spread far wider than that. Team of 43 LSW lawyers in Warsaw and Katowice not onlyadvises in matters regarding safeguarding of intellectual property and new technologies as well as represent clients in court cases, but also ensure the legal security of business enterprises, structure effective legal solutions for M&A transactions, From 2019 LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners has been developing a restructuring and financing practice. LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners is the only Polish law firm affiliated with the World Link for Law, a network of international law firms. LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek and Partners are business advisors with legal skills.

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Main Areas of Practice:
Number of partners: 2
■ Innovative e-commerce project for Philips Polska | LSW assisted a client in the pioneer project on the Polish market aiming at increasing awareness of polluted air in Poland and an easy to reach solution of the problem for mass consumers. The project included implementation of an innovative e-commerce distribution model – being the online rental of Philips Air purifiers. The scope of the project included drafting of the regulations, legal assessment of communication with the customers and end users and legal analysis with regard to consumer law, tax law and statutory warranty rules
■ GDPR implementation at WWF | WWF is one of the most well-known environmental NGO’s in the world. LSW’s project for its Polish branch included advising on the status and obligations of WWF Poland in connection with the transfer of personal data of its employees and volunteers abroad. Personal data was transferred to WWF offices in other countries and to EU institutions providing WWF grants for the European environmental projects
■ ‘Dolce Fina Giornata’ | LSW advised in the film project of ‘Sweet End of the Day’– a Polish-Italian co-production directed by Jacek Borcuch, produced by No Sugar Film and co-produced by LSW’s client – Tank Production. The film was awarded at the 12th International Festival of Independent Cinema – Mastercard Off Camera in Cracow. Also, the actress playing the main role, a Polish movie icon, Krystyna Janda, received a special prize at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year

Intellectual Property:
Number of partners: 2
■ ‘1983’ TV series | LSW advised a prominent Polish production company in the process of creation of the first Polish Netflix series. LSW’s client was the sole executive producer of the series and conducted all material activities in the process. The firm provided legal support both during negotiations of all contracts (incl. the key ones – with Netflix, the directors, screenwriters, executive producers, actors, composers) then assisted the producer in all legal aspects of the process, such as clearance of screenplays, addressing the current challenges of the production and verification and clearance of final episodes. 1983’ is a first Polish production in cooperation with Netflix
■ Comprehensive legal assistance to a major Polish TV production company | LSW provides Rochstar with comprehensive and day-to-day legal assistance concerning acquiring rights, development, production and exploitation of numerous prime-time TV shows. In 2018 and 2019 LSW assisted Rochstar in the production of TV programs including: The Voice Of Poland (series 9 and 10), Voice of Kids 2 and 3, Voice of Senior 1, Dance Dance Dance, A Year to Remember, World of Dance, Dancing with the Stars. In the above-mentioned projects LSW was primarily involved in negotiating TV format agreements and option agreements with foreign partners, drafting and negotiating production agreements with TV stations, agreements with subcontractors i.e. VR technology and creative, drafting and negotiating agreements with celebrities, hosts and participants of the shows and preparing rules for contestants
■ Trademark strategy – Loving Vincent | The matter concerns providing ongoing legal services connected with the film title – brand protection in EU and worldwide. LSW has provided for a strategic advice re: IP protection, coordinated worldwide protection and registration. Within the scope of our works, there was also the registration of two trademarks, the word trademark ‘Loving Vincent’ and the figurative trademark ‘Loving Vincent’ - in the European Union, against which oppositions were filed and LSW represents the client in opposition proceedings before EUIPO from the beginning. ‘Loving Vincent’ is the title of an animated film that is a Polish-British production about Vincent Van Gogh which became famous for his innovative technique - painting frames in the style of the Dutch master’s paintings. The film has also been successful at recognised film festivals - for example, it was nominated for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards – Oscar for best animated film in 2018 and won the European Film Award in 2018 for best animated film

Restructuring & Insolvency:
Number of partners: 2
■ Pol-Mot Auto SA has been the largest independent retailer and the wholesaler of Skoda cars in Poland. In 2018 it encountered short-term financial tensions owing to negative trends on new car market and its internal problem resulting mostly from suboptimal mix of assets and the dealerships to service activities and inefficient dealership agreements with PSE (Peugot cars), GM (Opel cars) and Nissan (Infinity cars). LSW advised Pol-Mot Auto SA during the whole period of its operational, commercial and of the financial restructuring, which in its final step has led to submitting of a motion for the opening of rehabilitation proceedings (a form of court restructuring).Pol-Mot Holding SA has its restructuring proceedings open in May 2019
■ PBG SA | In 2016 the company concluded a creditors arrangement involving reduction of 80% of its accumulated debts and conversion of some portion of debt into equity and the issue of restructuring notes. The company is 75 percent owned by its creditors and continues to be listed on the WSE. From the third quarter of 2016 the company has begun disinvestment program with a view of satisfying its restructured debt obligations from the sales proceeds. LSW provides continuous advice and represents the client in connection with all activities undertaken in connection with and the intention to satisfy the restructuring creditors. LSW advises, among the others, in connection with transfers of secured assets and releases of security interest in connection with divestment program (involving assets in Poland, Ukraine and Cyprus) and periodical disbursements and cash distributions to the creditors, it assists in renegotiations of the terms of the restructuring bonds, and recently – in connection with rescheduling of the outstanding payment obligations under the restructuring bonds, sales of the major financial and tangible assets including the sale of Skalar building in Poznan which is undergoing (over 30 mln PLN). In cooperation with counsels of the creditors we issue opinions to the bondholders’ trustee, the creditors and the debtor on various legal matters pertaining to performance of the restructuring plan and of the plan of arrangement