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Long An Law Firm is a full service Chinese law firm with thirty offices in all major metropolis across China. Founded in 1992, when China embarked on the process of privatization and reform of its economy, our first office in Beijing was one of the earliest private law partnerships licensed by the P. R. C. authority.

More than twenty years later, as China became the second largest economy in the world, Long An grew into a national firm with expanding international service capacities.

Our international practice began with filing trademarks for foreign companies in China in the early 1990s. In the wake of China’s integration with the world trade system following accession to the WTO in 2001, we have advised many industrial, financial and technology companies in setting up sourcing, manufacturing and other operations in China. Today, we also represent many multinational consumer-oriented companies in meeting the consumption demands of the growing Chinese middle class.

Helping multinational companies navigate the challenges of a rapidly developing China, Long An lawyers take pride in providing legal advice and solutions with cultural sensitivity. We emphasize communication in plain language and make exceptional efforts to ensure our foreign clients appreciate the underlying business and social logic of relevant Chinese laws and regulations.

While many of our lawyers have overseas education or training, Long An professionals are deeply rooted in their communities in China.

At Long An you will meet lawyers who are equally confident in deal-making and in adversarial proceedings. Our expertise is not limited to legal reasoning. Instead, Long An’s prowess is reflected in our in-depth understanding of many industries and sectors, our connections with decision-makers and business leaders, and our insight into Chinese society at large. The services we can provide are often invaluable to Client’s mid and long term planning.

Located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Nantong, Zhuzhou, Dalian, Hong Kong, Taiyuan, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guiyang, Chengdu, Huzhou, Kunming, Yangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Foshan, Wuhu, Xi’an, Qingdao, Haikou, Hohhot, Shijiazhuang, Hefei, Xiamen, Datong, Tongzhou (Beijing), more than 2400 staffs including over 400 partners and 1800 attorneys stand ready to maximize the values of your business and protect your interests in China and beyond.

Awards & Rankings

·Asia Legal Business

-2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 Top 30 Largest Chinese Law Firms (Ranks No. 9 in 2016, No.11 in 2017 & 2018 & 2019, No. 12 in 2020, and No. 14 in 2021, 2022), 2014, 2015 Top 25 Largest Chinese Law Firms, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013 Top 20 Largest Chinese Law Firms

-2013~2020 Top 50 Largest Asian Law Firms (Ranks No.12 in 2020)

-2016, 2018, 2019 Fast 10 Growing Law Firms in China

-China Law Awards 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Nominations - Employment Law Firm of the Year

-China Law Awards 2019, 2020, 2021 Nominations - Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year - China Group

-China Regional Law Awards 2022:

-Three Nominations of East China (non-local): “East China Law Firm of the Year”, “Employment Law Firm of the Year: East China”, “IP Law Firm of the Year: East China

-Three Nominations of South China & Central China (non-local): “South China & Central China Law Firm of the Year”, “Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year: South China & Central China”, “Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year: South China & Central China”

-China Regional Law Awards 2021:

-Four Nominations of Coastal China (non-local): “East Coastal China Law Firm of the Year”, “North Coastal China Law Firm of the Year”, “Employment Law Firm of the Year: The Coastal Areas”, “Dispute Resolution Law Firm of the Year: The Coastal Areas”

-2022 Regional Market Ranking: Bohai Rim

-2021 Regional Market Ranking: Yangtze River Delta Region

-2022 PRC M&A Law Firm

-2016~2022 China IP Ranking: Patent, Trademark/Copyright

-2018 China Law Award Nominations: “Employment Law Firm of the Year”

-2017 Three China Law Award Nominations: “Beijing Law Firm of the Year”, “IP Law Firm of the Year-China”, “Employment Law Firm of the Year”

·The Chambers & Partners

-2020, 2021, 2022 Asia-Pacific Ranking

Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Beijing (PRC Firms)

Intellectual Property: Litigation

-Recognized Law Firm in Corporate/Commercial: East Coast: Beijing (PRC Firms) of the Year 2019

-Leading firm in General Business Law;Northern China IP of the Year 2012-2014

·The Legal 500

-2022 PRC Banking & Finance Law Firm

-Recognized Law Firm in Bankruptcy Reorganization: PRC Firms of the Year 2020

·The American Lawyer

-2020 Global 200/100 Law Firms (Ranks No.32 in Global, Ranks No.11 in Asia)

-2018 Global 100 Law Firms (Ranks No.47)

·The Lawyer

-2013~2018 Asia-Pacific 150 Law Firms (Ranks No.9 in 2017, Ranks No.11 in 2018)

-2018 China Top 30 Law Firms (Ranks No.9 in 2018)

-2016, 2017 Top 30 Chinese Law Firms by revenue

-2016 Top 30 Fastest-growing Law Firms by revenue

-2014 Fast 10 Growing Law Firms

·China Business Law Journal

-“PRC Firm of the Year (Regional Award)” in Best Overall Law Firms (Northeast China), 2021, 2022

-“PRC Firm of the Year” in Employment & Labor, 2016, 2021, 2022

-“PRC Firm of the Year” in Banking & Finance, 2021

-“PRC Firm of the Year” in IP (Copyright), 2020

-“PRC Firm of the Year” in IP (Patent), 2019, 2020

-Deals of the Year 2019

-“PRC Firm of the Year” in Entertainment & Sports,2017, 2018

·2021, IPLEAD & IPHOUSE “The Top 50 of Integrated List of Domestic Agent Service of China Patent Agency” Part F, No.2. Four-star patent agency in 2016 by China Intellectual Property News, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 IPHOUSE China Top 10 Intellectual Property Litigation Law Firms. The second ranking in terms of patent application number among China’s Top Ten Biggest Law Firms in 2015.

·IP Cases has been selected in

-2021, Practical Manual of Intellectual Property Court Litigation of the Supreme People’s Court

-2008~2010、2015 The Best Ten Annual IP Cases of China by the Supreme People’s Court of The People’s Republic of China ( The only law firm has been selected for four years )

·2015~2022 many cases were selected as typical cases, major cases and innovative cases by The Supreme people’s Court of the PRC, Beijing High People’s Court, Tianjin High People’s Court, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court, Chongqing High People’s Court, Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court among other courts, etc.. and Ten Typical Cases published by AIPPI China Branch, China Institute of Case Law, Major National Intellectual property (patents) Cases published by Patent Protection Association of China. 2021, China IP service capability Awarding China IP forum Top 25- China IP Domestic Law Firm, ranked No.2. “Annual top 10 intellectual property law firms (top brands)” by China intellectual property Forum in 2020 , 2019 and 2018.

·Ranked the 1st Prize in the Comprehensive Ranking of “Top 25 Chinese Intellectual Property (including anti-monopoly) Law Firms”, 2022, by the China Intellectual Property Forum

·2014~2016 new third board ranking- the best worthy recommended law firm

·“The Best Charity” in 2016 the First Charity List of the Legal Community by Lvxinnews.

·Recognized as one of the best law firms by China’s Lawyers Association

·Listedas the best lawyer team in China by Asia Legal Affairs

·Recognized as one of the best law firms by The Asian Lawyers and other selection institutions

·Listed in The Legal 500 Asia Pacific

·Recommended by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

·China Chamber of International Commerce as a China's Best Firm for foreign services.

·Research Institute of Securities & Futures Law of CUPL

·IP Research Institute of CUPL

·“One Belt One Road” Research Institute of CUPL

·Practice Base of BTBU Law School


·Bankruptcy Administrator Intermediary Agent (Beijing High People’s Court, Shanghai High People’s Court, Zhejiang High People’s Court, Yunnan High People’s Court, Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court, Haikou Intermediate People’s Court, Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court, Nantong Intermediate People’s Court, Huzhou Intermediate People’s Court, Yangzhou Intermediate People’s Court)

·Securities Legal Services

·Member of the Securities Association of China

·Member of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors

·Governing Unit of China Trademark Association

·Patent Agent

·Foreign Patent Agent

·Trademark, Copyright Agent

·Overseas Companies' Business Related to Domestic Rights and Interests (China Securities Regulatory Commission)

Practice Area

Capital Markets/Securities

Long An has been growing with the development of China’s capital market and securities business over the 20+ years and has engaged in a large number of capital markets / securities business. Long An has a large team of outstanding lawyers who are seasoned in securities business and various operation rules of securities regulative authorities, has established smooth cooperation with tens of securities enterprises and has earned trust from clients, securities companies and other cooperation institutions. Through the long term business interactions and great bond with securities regulative authorities and securities exchanges, Long An has been winning tons of praise from clients.

Long An has made distinguished achievements in capital market/securities areas. In recent years, Long An has provided services as the legal adviser for tens of Chinese enterprises to go public domestically and abroad and over 100 enterprises to be listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) In these projects, Long An provided legal services relating to compliance governance, acquisition and restructuring, and stock issuing, etc. All of these achievements earned us a mark in the rating of professional law firms in domestic capital market/securities fields.

Our services in Capital Markets/Securities include:

·Company transformation and restructuring before IPO

·Domestic and overseas IPO

·Post-IPO financing (including rights issuing, seasoned equity issuing, and convertible bonds issuing, etc.)

·Backdoor listing domestically and abroad

·Acquisition, merger, split, major asset restructuring, delisting and resume listing of listed companies

·Equity split and repurchase of listed companies

·Issuing of bonds and other securities

·Compliance governance and on-going disclosure after IPO

·Designing management incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan

·Establishment and asset management of securities investment funds

PE Funds and Investment Funds

Long An's PE fund team provides legal services in all aspects from the establishment of PE fund manager to investment and financing, covering the registration of PE fund manager, development and improvement of the manager's policy, establishment, arrangement, and issuance of funds, filing of PE funds, equity investment and financing of various phases, capital exit and liquidation, etc. Up until now, Long An has built cooperative relationship in the field of PE funds with many institutions, which include large central government enterprises, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, foreign invested companies.

Our services in PE Funds and Investment Funds include:

·Establishment of various PE funds and fund raising

·Registration of PE fund managers and filing of PE funds

·Rounds of investments from various PE funds

·Soliciting investments from various PE funds for different development phases

·Exit of PE funds from various investment projects

·Liquidation of various PE funds

Banking and Finance

Banking and finance is a deep-seated practice area of Long An, which has brought us in-depth understanding in terms of the laws, regulations, trading rules and practices in banking and finance industry, and enabled us to provide flexible solutions to our clients in asset securitization, non-performing asset management as well as financial derivatives project.

Long An has been providing comprehensive legal services for financial institutions like banks, securities companies, insurance companies, financial lease companies, small loan providers, guarantee companies and pawn companies. Long An is widely acknowledged and highly appraised for virtue of our extraordinary performance and the exploration into cutting-edge issues in banking and finance.

Our services in Banking and Finance include:

·Compliance review, risk identification, and precautionary system building for various transactions of financial institution

·Drafting, modifying and reviewing various standard texts for financial institutions

·Commercial loan, government debts, syndicated loan, credit loan, mortgage loan, import and export credits and other trade financing

·Project financing (including real estate, infrastructure construction, petrochemical, automotive, and semiconductor industries)

·Letter of credit, guarantee letter, and factoring business

·Bond financing like debentures, corporate bonds, finance bonds, short-term financing bonds, medium term notes, overseas bonds and so on

·Various asset securitization

·Financing lease (including ships, planes, large equipment, etc.)

·Financing debt protection, debt restructuring and non-performing asset disposition

·Financial futures, options, and other financial derivatives trading

·Establishment and management of trust plan

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is one of Long An’s core businesses.We provide our clients from home and abroad with the whole span of legal services in the matters of purchasing and transferring of equity or assets at any place, with professional legal advises and comments for all related links in mergers and acquisitions, designing optimal transaction structure that most beneficial to our clients, and offering practical and feasible solutions on related issues in the transaction.

Long An has made impressive achievements in mergers and acquisitions, participated in projects of all industries covering finance, real estate, high-tech, infrastructure, digital, pharmacy, tourism among others. Merger objects include state controlled enterprises, state participated enterprises, offshore enterprises, foreign invested enterprises and private companies, etc.

Our services in Mergers and Acquisitions include:

·Legal due diligence

·Designing and optimizing transaction structure

·Developing equity transferring (purchasing) agreements, asset transferring (purchasing) agreements, merger agreements, split agreements, and other transaction documents

·Providing legal advice on approval, filing and registration of government, and assisting in handling relevant procedures

·Assisting in delivery and other matters

·Providing legal advice on anti-trust filings in mergers and acquisitions

Intellectual Property

IP is one of Long An’s competitive edges, covering patents, trademarks, copy rights, integrated circuit design, trade secret, domain name and other aspects, and involving telecommunications, digital, software, high-tech, semiconductor, bio-chemical, pharmacy, e-commerce, film and television, etc.

With respect to patent and trademark commissioning, Long An has adopted a strict quality control system to serve our clients with premium results with professional advantage of teamwork in all phases of patent and trademark applications and the resulting trademark monitoring, objection, review, dispute renewal, customs filing, and patent retrieving and analysis, patent invalidation, review, litigation. In the areas of electricity, machinery, bio-chemistry, software, telecommunication, pharmacy, Long An has many practicing lawyers, trademark agents, patent agents, experts and professors, which is able to handle thousands of patent application cases and trademark application cases. In addition, our team has also established an IP agency to provide solid assurance for IP rights protection needs of our clients.

Our services in Intellectual Property include:

·Domestic patent application and international PCT application and oversea application, patent review, patent invalidation, patent litigation, patent license, pledge, transfer and registration, etc.

·Trademark application, review of rejection, renewal, non-use cancellation, change, objection, invalidity,inquiry, inspection, administrative review, well-known trademark identification, trademark infringement handling, trademark litigation, etc.

·Customs Intellectual Property Protection

·Company patent and trademark strategy design, development, risk diagnose, investigation, etc.

·Litigation related to copyright ownership, and authorization disputes, legal affairs related to agency and copyright or neighboring rights and copyright business

·Registration application, protection of integrated circuit designing and related infringement litigations, etc.

·Anti-unfair competition and trade secrets

Real Estate and Construction

Long An boasts profound experience and innovation in real estate and construction fields, retained multiple authoritative lawyers and inter-disciplinary talents, some of whom own professional certificates for Senior Engineer, Constructor, Cost Engineer and others, and have practical experience in development and construction as well as implementation management, which are unique advantages in real estate and construction areas and enable us to provide refined and effective legal services.

In the field of real estate and construction, Long An has provided professional legal services to many state and local key projects, development and construction projects, and has succeeded in hundreds of litigation and arbitration cases of engineering disputes , which earned us recognition and satisfaction from our clients. We also have achieved remarkable results in the field of PPP legal services.

Our services in Real Estate and Construction include:

·Primary land development

·Bid invitation, auction and listing of state-owned land use rights

·Legal structure design of real estate projects and construction companies

·Contracting and tender of construction projects

·Legal risk management throughout the real estate development process

·Providing legal advice on all phases of real estate finance, construction, transfer or leasing of real estate, completion and acceptance of construction, property management and operation; legal services including document drafting and review, and negotiation on behalf of our clients

·Due diligence, transaction structure design, legal document drafting in real estate mergers and acquisitions

·Pre-sale and selling of real estate

·Providing legal advice on all phases of infrastructure construction and financing of BT, BOT, PPP and others; legal services including document drafting and review, negotiation on behalf of our clients

International Business

Long An is professional in the field of foreign-related legal services, with a large number of returned legal talents, including leading lawyers handling foreign-related matters and members of expert tank of foreign-related lawyers. These lawyers are familiar with foreign legal systems with a wealth of overseas legal practicing experience in order to provide professional legal services in foreign languages including but not limited to English and Japanese, for domestic and foreign clients.

As more and more Chinese enterprises are going abroad, Long An’s solid foreign attorney team and overseas cooperation network help Chinese enterprises participate in overseas investments and international trade with all round legal services.

Our services in International Business include:

·Representing Chinese enterprises in overseas direct investments, acquirements of equity or assets

·Assisting foreign investors in direct investment in China, and providing legal support for their operation in China

·Trade relief service (including anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures)

·WTO matters consultation and disputes settlement

·Legal advice on international trade, market entry, and trade barriers

·Legal advice on settlement measures of international settlement, remittance, collection, letter of credit, notes, etc.

·American 337 adjustment

·Customs compliance

Company Legal Affairs

Company Legal Affairs comprises one of our core businesses. During the over 20 years in the past, Long An served many large and medium sized enterprises including FG 500 companies in M&A, equity investment, corporate governance, risk protection, tax planning, share issuance, bond issuance, commercial matters, market supervision, dispute settlement, and so on. Therefore, Long An has been awarded as the top commercial law firms many times.

Long An has hundreds of highly trained and experienced lawyers providing corporate legal services who have long been committed to researching and practicing corporate legal practices, and have produced a series of legal risk management methods to be imbedded into daily operations of our clients. Our highly professional legal services and highly efficient business management cater to various requirements of clients and seek to magnify the benefits of our clients.

Our services in Company Legal Affairs include:

·Regular legal consulting services

·Establishment, merger and acquisition, restructuring, disposition, asset change, and split of companies

·Share structure plan of companies

·Corporate governance and compliance advisory

·Company dissolution, bankruptcy, restructuring and liquidation

·Legal support on business negotiations

·Overall legal risk management in company operation

·Legal advises related to labor laws, taxes, distribution, agency, intellectual property rights, pensions, environmental protection, customs law, technology conveyance and authorization, foreign exchange, account management, franchise and other commercial matters

Reorganization and Liquidation

Long An has been assigned as bankruptcy administrator by multiple Superior People’s Courts, which brought us in-depth experience in reorganization and liquidation area. We have provided dozens of enterprises with bankruptcy legal services, established well business relations with people’s courts, state administration for industry and commerce, securities companies, accounting firms and asset evaluation agencies at home and abroad. Therefore, Long An is extremely resourceful in terms of related departments and industries. Meanwhile, Long An has combined the successful cases of American enterprises getting rebirth through bankruptcy systems with its practical experience, to publish the monograph Corporate Reorganization, which can be used to help enterprise go out of difficulties through reorganization.

Our services in Reorganization and Liquidation include:

·To be assigned as bankruptcy administrator, a member of a liquidation group of the company's compulsory liquidation by the people’s court

·Accepting the trust by the administrator or liquidation team to be a legal consultant to provide special legal services

·Representing the creditor, debtor, and other statutory bodies in filing for bankruptcy with the people’s court

·Representing the creditor, debtor, and other related parties in the negotiation of debt restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization, settlement, and liquidation, etc.

·Participating in the drafting, implementing and enforcement of bankruptcy and reorganization

·To be entrusted by financial institutions to organize the trusteeship, closure and liquidation of problematical financial institutions

·Other practices related to bankruptcy and liquidation

Labor Law

Long An has long engaged in labor law practice, retaining a number of professional lawyers with abundant practical experience and insights to study and practice in labor laws and enjoying high appraise in this sector. Long An’s labor law service is guided by practical issues, based on our lawyers’ well-seasoned experience and professionalism, with the help of a wide range of external resources, in a bid to unify harmonious labor relationship, and the interests and rights of employers and employees.

For many years, Long An has not only provided all round legal services for numerous FG 500 enterprises and large and medium sized state-owned enterprises, but also put great efforts into improvement of the compliance of SMEs to labor laws, and meanwhile Long An has practiced its social responsibilities, paid attention to public welfare, which continuously upgraded our client satisfaction and brought us awards and recognition from government departments at all levels. The various labor law salons, public lectures, company internal trainings, seminars and other activities held by Long An’s labor law practitioners are also widely welcomed.

Our services in Labor Law include:

·Providing guidance for enterprises based on legal practices from the big data of labor dispute cases

·Compliance and standardization of enterprise labor law affairs

·Labor relation adjustment services

·Overall staff settlement advises and implementation in company equity purchase and asset purchase

·Group labor dispute handling and crisis management

·Corporate management labor relation handling

·Collective negotiation and consultation

·Employee background investigation

·“the Belt and Road Initiatives” labor law support

·Labor dispute arbitration and litigation

·Establishment and implementation of employee incentive plan, employee support plan

·Providing internal training in terms of labor laws, administrative compliance management, trade secret protection, anti-corruption among others


The impact of taxes to the profitability of enterprises is significant and should never be overlooked. Long An retains high-end talents who are knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of laws and taxes, and able to offer professional tax legal advises and suggestions in various taxation, to support our clients effectively handle tax and legal matters and to optimize the legal interests and rights of our clients.

Our services in the Tax Law include:

·Advises on tax laws and policies related to specific tax incentives and other tax affairs

·Designing tax saving strategies, and adjusting tax structure

·Advising on tax laws in merger and acquisition transactions

·Making, modifying, reviewing and confirming tax-related legal documents

·Guiding clients in legal affairs such as daily tax cutting, exemption, refunding, deferring, etc.

·Support clients in employee training of tax and finance laws

·Representing clients in administrative disputes, civil disputes, and criminal cases related to taxes

·Participating in the development of annual tax plan, and providing support in building robust internal control system and related accounting principles, finance management policies, and risk protection system

·Investigating into significant tax-related legal issues of our clients, providing legal opinions, compliance argument and analysis on specific major tax issues

·Representing clients in tax-related negotiations

Information Technology, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment

Information Technology, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment is one of Long An’s advantageous areas. Long An lawyers have provided comprehensive legal services in the field for a long term andaccumulated profound expertise and practical experience. Long An’s clients include a number of well-known telecom operators, internet service providers, large and medium high-tech enterprises and companies in broadcast industry from home and abroad. Long An’s legal services in this filed include telecommunication, internet/e-commerce, privacy and data protection, cross-border data transmission, network security compliance, IP rights, culture, media, performance and entertainment as well as sports, and timely legal analysis and interpretation with respect to changes in IT development, industry improvements and government supervision.

Our services in Information Technology, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment include:

·Daily legal affairs support

·Company qualifications and operation compliance

·Establishment, operation, financing, acquisition and going public of enterprises

·IP rights protection, and representing in IP infringement litigations

·Unfair competition dispute settlement, representing enterprises in law suits of unfair competition

·Representing enterprises to communicate with the state and government in a smooth way

Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources

Long An is among the earliest law firms that practice in the area of energy and natural resources. In these over 20 years, Long An’s lawyers assisted domestic and foreign enterprises in mergers of domestic natural resources, reorganization, transformation, going public, co-investment and cooperation, and provided all-rounded legal services for large and medium domestic enterprises in energy and mining project investments in Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Canada, Australia, Mongolia, Mid-Asia, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Chile, etc. At the same time, because the concept of environmental protection is increasingly popular among people, and the improvement of government legislation is making great progress, our lawyers also represent many environment organizations, to provide premium services for a variety of enterprises in terms of energy saving and emission cutting, and environmental rights transactions.

Our services in Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources include:

·Regular legal support for environment, energy and natural resources enterprises

·Establishment of energy and natural resources joint venture or co-operative enterprise

·Energy, natural resources project financing, acquisition and cooperation at home and abroad

·Environmental legal risk evaluation, management and precaution

·Environmental interests and rights transaction and green finance

·Accident handling and dispute settlement

Family and Private Property Plan and Inheritance

Long An has been providing premium legal services for our clients in marriage and private property plan and inheritance, with high-end talents full of expertise and experienceproviding legal services in the aspects of pre-marriage plan and marriage maintenance, marriage dissolution, adoption, inheritance, foreign-related marriage and immigrant education, etc. In addition, we also focus on litigation and non-litigation services on private property legal risk management of family enterprises, high net worth individuals, to realize family harmony and inheritance.

Our services in Family and Private Property Plan and Inheritance include:

·Family dispute settlement, including pre-marriage property plan, property notarization, after-marriage community property identification, divorce agreement negation, and divorce lawsuit

·Inheritance dispute, including drafting, testifying, management of testament, and representing in inheritance disputes

·Asset plan and investment to achievement optimal tax results

·Property management and inheritance using testament, trust, insurance and other instruments

·Designing comprehensive property management plan and property inheritance plan

Pharmacy and Healthcare

Long An has multiple partners with profound experience and cross-disciplinary background practicing in pharmacy and healthcare areas. They have in-depth expertise and abundant practical knowledge in this area to provide legal services covering the whole pharmacy and healthcare chain, including major sectors such as pharmacy, medical equipment, food, healthcare products, cosmetics, etc.

Our services in Pharmacy and Healthcare include:

·Pharmacy/medical equipment industry entry/ enterprise establishment

·Pharmacy/medical equipment IP rights protection and dispute settlement

·Pharmacy/medical equipment registration and supervision

·Pharmacy/medical equipment technology transformation/ capital markets/ mergers and acquisition

·Pharmacy/medical equipment corporate governance

·Pharmacy/medical equipment industry anti-trust and anti-commercial bribery

·Entry and establishment of medical institutions

·Governance and dispute settlement of medical institutions


Our maritime team is composed of lawyers with good education background and profound practicing experience, some of whom used to work in maritime courts, shipping companies and large logistics enterprises. Long An provides legal advises and dispute settlement services for clients covering maritime agreements, maritime insurance, maritime accidents, vessel rights, etc.

Our services in Maritime include:

·Disputes over contract for carriage of goods by sea

·Disputes over compensation for collision of ships

·Vessel lease agreement disputes

·Shipping agency, cargo agency contract disputes

·Maritime insurance contract disputes

·General average disputes

·Port operation disputes

·Rights of maritime claim preservation

·Application and enforcement of maritime injunction

·Application for procedures for notification of maritime liens

·Handling the cases related to the establishment of Fund of Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims

·Litigation and non-litigation services on vessel transaction and pledge

·Legal services involving coastal transportation

Criminal Legal Affairs

Long An has a group of criminal legal talents with solid professional knowledge and extensive experience in handling cases and remarkable achievements in defense. Over the years, Long An has effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the parties by undertaking criminal defense, formulating criminal risk prevention programs and utilizing other criminal means.

Our services in Dispute Resolution include:

·The construction of criminal risk prevention, compliance, and anti-corruption system

·Criminal protection of rights

·Participating in the whole process of criminal case defense

·Investigating the criminal clues in the case to facilitate the civil part

·Undertaking criminal cases in the fields of duty crimes, economic crimes, intellectual property rights, and the Internet

·Other criminal legal services

Dispute Resolution

Long An has abundant experience in terms of representing litigations, arbitrations and enforcement cases, and has represented numerous of significant, difficult cases of wide social influence for domestic and overseas clients, covering all legal fields including civil, commercial, criminal and administrative. Our lawyers always focus on maintaining international vision and cross-cultural sensitivity in the process ofdispute resolution services, with the proficiency in Chinese judicial and arbitrational procedures and techniques, and the experience from frequent work with lawyers in other jurisdictions to coordinate, negotiate, argue, and participate in mediation for our clients, as well as filing for arbitrations or law suits.Meanwhile, some of Long An's lawyers used to work at courts, procurators, and government departments of all levels, and multiple of Long An's partners served as arbitrators at local arbitraries.

Our services in Dispute Resolution include:

·Making plans for avoiding disputes and controversies

·Advising on disputed matters

·Providing dispute settlement strategies and plan

·Representing in the whole process of litigations and arbitrations

·Assisting in investigation, obtaining evidence, and representing clients in application for evidence or property preservation measures

·Drafting and reviewing related legal documents

·Representing in dispute settlement and mediation

·Representing in application for enforcement of judgments

Representing in application for the recognition and enforcement in China of foreign arbitration awards, and enforcement overseas of Chinese arbitr

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