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Managing Partner: Otto Licks
Number of partners worldwide: 18
Number of professionals: 300+
Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Italian, German, Spanish 

Firm Overview:
Licks Attorneys is one of Brazil's most respected litigation law firms, having unparalleled commitment to clients worldwide. It focuses on complex litigation and its lawyers boast an outstanding track record in handling the highest-profile IP and regulatory disputes. The firm's practice shapes the development and direction of IP, technology and regulatory law. With offices in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Curitiba and Tokyo, the team combines industry knowledge with legal expertise to assist a wide variety of clients – from Fortune 500 companies to high- tech start-ups making their break in the Brazilian market.

The firm's multidisciplinary attorneys have handled complex commercial and corporate claims over the past 20 years in major sectors, including technology, the internet, telecommunications, life sciences, medical devices and finance. Licks Attorneys, doesn't just solve problems; it anticipates and helps clients plan accordingly. This care- fully crafted approach is why it is Brazil's leading firm in litigation and patent matters. The firm puts its client’s interests at the forefront of every operation, always seeking the quickest and most cost-effective solutions. The firm also relies on the strengths of a multicultural team which not only speaks its clients’ language, but also understands their legal and business cultures.

Employing a litigation practice which combines legal expertise, technical industry knowledge and a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution, the firm has an overall success rate of 82.6% and has been engaged in most of Brazil's highest-profile IP, life sciences and technology cases.The firm has the most extensive patent litigation practice in the country. It is involved in almost every high-profile case concerning complex technologies in Brazil. With outstanding results, Licks Attorneys has the most successful telecom practice working for both patent owners and implementers. Licks Attorneys' patent prosecution group consists of professionals with a technical background and well- experienced lawyers. This combination has produced a 100% success rate in expediting patent prosecution before federal courts and 88% of allowance before the Brazil Patent and Trademark Office. Challenging established practices and pushing the boundaries of patentability in Brazil, the firm develops strategies to move Brazilian patent practice to the next level, ensuring high standards of protection for its clients.

ISO certifications and security ratings:
Protecting client information and ensuring the highest standards of services, the firm’s management system is based on ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. Licks Attorneys is rated "A98" by Secure ScoreCard and rank 98.39% at the Microsoft Secure Score Center.  

Main Areas of Practice
■ Patent Litigation
■ Strategic Patent Prosecution
■ Policy Making & Government Relations
■ Unfair Competition
■ Trademark
■ Copyright
■ Food & Drug
■ Life Science
■ Cyber Law, E-commerce & Software
■ Cyber Security, Privacy
■ Counselling & Transactional
■ Regulatory
■ Complex Business Litigation 

Partner: Liliane Roriz
Email: [email protected]

Partner: Otto Licks
Email: [email protected]

Partner: Carlos Aboim
Email: [email protected] 

Partner: Eduardo Hallak
Email: [email protected]

Partner: Rodrigo Souto Maior
Email: [email protected]

Partner: Abel Gomes
Email: [email protected] 

Partner: Rob Rodrigues
Email: [email protected]

Partner: Felipe Mesquita
Email: [email protected]

Partner: Tatiana Machado
Email: [email protected]


Rio de Janeiro: Oscar Niemeyer, 2000, Floor 9, Aqwa Corporate - 20220-297
Tel: +55 21 3550 3700 Fax: +55 21 3550 3777

Sao Paulo: Rua George Ohm, 230 Torre A CJ 112/113 04576-020
Tel: +55 11 3033 3700 Fax: +55 11 3033 3777

Brasilia: SAF/SUL Quadra 02 Lote 02 Bloco B sala 106, Edifício Via Office, Térreo 70070-600
Tel: + 55 61 3033 2983 Fax: +55 61 3033 8490  

Curitiba: Rua da Glória, 251, sala 601, Centro Cívico, 80030-060
Tel: + 55 41 2391 0680 Fax: +55 41 2391 0705
Email: [email protected]



Tokyo: Chiyoda Kaikan Bldg, 6F, 1-6-17 Kudan Minami Chiyoda-Ku, 102-0074
Tel: + 81 3 6256 8972 Fax: + 81 3 6735 8982
Email: [email protected]

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