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Provided by Law Offices of Sheikh Tariq Abdullah

Managing Partner: Sheikh Tariq Abdullah
Number of lawyers: 6
Languages: Arabic, English, Urdu

Firm Overview:
Established in Aden by Sheikh Tariq Abdullah the Law offices of Sheikh Tariq Abdullah is by far the most experienced and influential law firm in the Republic of Yemen. The firm is the most established and experienced law firm in the Yemen. The firm deals in all areas of commercial law and specialises in shipping.

The firm attends to the ports of Aden, Hodeidah, Mukalla, and Mokha. ( Sheikh Tariq Abdullah is considered the foremost authority on law in Yemen and manages a team of distinguished lawyers that have superior specialties in various areas of the law, and litigation. He held the following positions: Honorary legal adviser to Her Majesty’s British Ambassador/ Embassy; Advocate of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Yemen (1990-present); Advocate of the Supreme Court of the PDR of Yemen (1970- 1990); Elected president of the Supreme Court Bar Association/Bar Council (1975-1986).Yemen, among one of the newest developing countries in the world, is a complex society, and its complex laws often have uncertainties which are inadequate to satisfy the needs of the international business community. Though reforms are occurring slowly, it is the job of the firm, with its international experience and expertise, to not only clarify and interpret these laws for its clients but also to provide practical, workable legal solutions to address the grey areas in the Yemeni laws, in accordance with the clients’ needs.

The firm combines this legal expertise with an outstanding reputation, knowledge and confidence which it holds with local businesses and merchants. Lawyers are frequently appointed by the International Finance Corporation, World Bank, International Commercial Banks, oil companies, multinationals, as well as other types of business concerns. The firm ist he oldest and the most respected law offices in the Arabian Sub-Peninsular. The origins date back to 1927, when Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah founded a legal practice in Aden. As Aden grew and changed its status to a Crown Colony in 1935, and thereafter achieved independence in 1967 along with the Aden Protectorates and became the Republic of South Yemen, through to the unity of South Yemen and the Yemen Arab Republic in 1990 to form the Republic of Yemen, the office has grown in strength and experience. The firm specialises in advising international clients on oil, gas, and energy related matters as well as in the field of investment. When there is no conflict of interest the two firms often work together on major projects on behalf of domestic and international clients. Evaluating situations with a wide perspective, the firms identify the problems a business may encounter, analyse documents, gather information and recommend solutions.

Main Areas of Practice:

This is the largest department in the firm. The office has been advising ship owners, P&I Clubs and charterers through its inception and has acquired a full understanding of their requirements and has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field which is crucial in protecting the interests of its clients. Aden is one of the most attractive and strategic maritime ports of the world. Its modern container terminal started its operations in April 1999 by the port of Singapore authority. Aden has a free zone area and has been announced to be a free port. Yemen has two busy oil terminals, one at Al-Shahir for export of CanOxy oil and the other at Ras Al-Issa for export of Hunt oil. Hodeidah and Mukalla are also developing ports with commodities and oil frequently being transferred through these ports.

Yemen is not among the countries where litigation is recommended. But when an amicable settlement cannot be reached the firm is equipped to offer the only other choice left-litigation. The firm is particularly strong in commercial civil litigation of every description before the Commercial Courts which includes property litigation up to the final appeal before the Supreme/Cassation Court of Yemen. The firm’s legal advisors/consultants dealing with the matter are the ones who appear before the courts along with a junior litigation lawyer. Every member of the firm from the very start of the practice is involved in litigation and continues it throughout his career. The Aden office enjoys international reputation in advising and defending foreign nationals in criminal cases of all descriptions.

Arbitration & Mediation:
The firms’ arbitration practices are focused on guiding foreign clients when in dispute with Yemeni nationals or the government of the Republic of Yemen and the team coordinates and supports foreign counsel in arbitration proceedings abroad.

Due Diligence:
The firms’ lengthy legal tradition coupled with its knowledge of the economic and political situation in Yemen and its extensive knowledge of the business houses and businessmen in Yemen, qualifies the firm to carry out the legal and other relevant due diligence accurately.

Company & Commercial:
The offices have special expertise in advising on issues crucial to pre-establishment of a business concern in Yemen and in the Aden Free Zone. The team are specially equipped in giving due diligence advice in respect of prospective representatives, distributors, partners, agents or commercial consultants prior to their appointment or selection. The offices provide comprehensive advise to foreign and local companies in connection with establishing a business in Yemen whether that is through setting up a company in Yemen, a branch office or an agency or distributorship or representative arrangement in Yemen. The firm also advises the companies after they have been set up on related matters such as employment, tax and other aspects of local laws that are applicable to the working of the company, on partnerships, management agreements, license arrangements, company secretarial services, and other related matters.

Investment Projects & Joint Ventures:
During the last four decades, the two totalitarian regimes - the socialist south and the autocratic north – passed through a number of coups and wars. During the last decade, the united Yemen has been undergoing major economic problems. Yemen is forecast to be heaven for trade and industry in the new millennium. The offices have developed a particular strength in advising on all aspects of investment and company law in Yemen. With the growth of commercial activity in the Aden Free Zone and in Yemen this is one of the fastest growing areas of the firm’s services in which they represent international and national clients. The firm is ranked as a band one law firm by Chambers Global and are honorary legal advisors of the British Embassy as well as a number of other embassies in Yemen.

Property & Construction:
The City of Aden, the Port of Aden and the Free Zone Area offer the investors with the most imaginative developments of the 21st Century. The firm has a strong land section that deals with commercial and agricultural property. The firm is in a position to advise companies of every description, investors, developers, banks and individuals who may be embarking on their first commercial or agricultural property transaction from the inception to the conclusion. The firm arranges for surveys and valuations of land and built properties and are able to offer all related legal services. The section offers every aspect of property and construction-related legal work which includes contract negotiating, contract drafting, contract whetting and contract disputes.

Other Areas of Practice:
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Provided by Law Offices of Sheikh Tariq Abdullah

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