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Heads of Chambers: Paul Brown QC, Rupert Warren QC
Chief Clerk: Jay Fullilove
Tenants: 89

THE CHAMBERS Landmark Chambers’ 89 barristers offer advice and advocacy across the spectrum of planning, property, public, commercial and environmental law. The Chambers has significant experience of litigation in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, the European Court of Justice, the European General Court, the European Court of Human Rights, the UN Aarhus Compliance Committee, the Northern Ireland courts and the courts of a number of other jurisdictions, including Hong Kong.


Planning: Landmark remains at the forefront of the UK planning world. Climate change, nuclear power, new coal-fired power stations with carbon capture storage, wind farms and other renewable energy schemes, airport expansion, iconic bridges and buildings, rail and road infrastructure, retail and leisure, housing and mixed-use schemes are dealt with on a daily basis.

Property: Landmark offers particular expertise in commercial and residential landlord and tenant, leasehold enfranchisement, boundary disputes, easements, restrictive covenants, mortgages, land registration, adverse possession and proprietary estoppel. Members of the property team continue to be the first choice for solicitors instructed by clients wishing to injunct or remove squatters and protestors from their premises.

Public: Landmark’s barristers appear frequently in applications for judicial review and before a range of statutory tribunals and inquiries, as well as appeals, in the UK and beyond. Members cover the full range of public law cases, including community care, economic sanctions, education, healthcare, human rights, immigration, local government, rating and valuation, public procurement and social security.

Environmental: Landmark’s barristers are instructed on wide ranging issues relating to air quality, access to environmental justice, waste, contaminated land, pollution, climate change, emissions trading, environmental permitting and regulation, environmental assessment, energy, environmental information, utilities, habitats and species protection, nuisance and issues relating to access to the countryside, commons and village greens.


Paul Brown QC (1991) (QC-2009)

Rupert Warren QC (1994) (QC-2012)

Christopher Lockhart-Mummery QC (1971) (QC-1986)

William Hicks QC (1975) (QC-1995)

Richard Drabble QC (1975) (QC-1995)

Christopher Katkowski QC (1982)(QC-1999)

David Elvin QC (1983)(QC-2000)

John Male QC (1976) (QC-2000)

Neil King QC (1980) (QC-2000)

John Hobson QC (1980)(QC-2000)

Rhodri Price Lewis QC (1975)(QC-2001)

Timothy Corner QC (1981) (QC-2002)

Russell Harris QC (1986) (QC-2003)

Tim Mould QC (1987) (QC-2006)

Neil Cameron QC (1982) (QC-2009)

John Litton QC (1989) (QC-2010)

Katharine Holland QC (1989)(QC-2010)

Zia Bhaloo QC (1990)(QC-2010)

Stephen Knafler QC (1993) (QC-2010)

David Lock QC (1985) (QC-2011)

David Holland QC (1986) (QC-2011)

Timothy Morshead QC (1995)(QC-2011)

Sasha White QC (1991) (QC-2013)

Christopher Boyle QC (1994) (QC-2013)

James Maurici QC (1996) (QC-2013)

Reuben Taylor QC (1990) (QC-2014)

David Forsdick QC (1993) (QC-2014)

Dan Kolinsky QC (1998) (QC-2015)

Tom Weekes QC (1995) (QC-2016)

Matthew Reed QC (1995) (QC-2017)

Fiona Scolding QC (1996) (QC-2017)

Samantha Broadfoot QC (1997)(QC-2017)

Graeme Keen QC (1995) (QC-2018)

Eian Caws (1974)

Christopher Lewsley (1976)

Simon Pickles (1978)

David Smith (1980)

Thomas Jefferies (1981)

Stephen Morgan (1983)

Richard Langham (1986)

Nicholas Taggart (1991)

Christopher Jacobs (1994)

Camilla Lamont (1995)

Philip Nathan (1996)

Scott Lyness (1996)

Toby Watkin (1996)

Myriam Stacey (1998)

Carine Patry (1999)

Stephen Whale (1999)

Katherine Olley (1999)

Robert Walton (1999)

Galina Ward (2000)

Guy Williams (2000)

Tim Buley (2000)

Jenny Wigley (2000)

Graham Denholm (2001)

David Blundell (2001)

David Nicholls (2002)

Aaron Walder (2002)

Alex Goodman (2003)

Charles Banner (2004)

Gwion Lewis (2005)

Richard Moules (2005)

Sasha Blackmore (2005)

Jonathan Wills (2006)

Katrina Yates (2006)

James Neill (2006)

Jacqueline Lean (2007)

Richard Turney (2007)

Richard Clarke (2009)

Zack Simons (2009)

Katie Helmore (2009)

Andrew Parkinson (2010)

Andrew Byass (2010)

Rupert Cohen (2011)

Leon Glenister (2011)

Heather Sargent (2011)

Alistair Mills (2011)

Yaaser Vanderman (2012)

Matthew Dale-Harris (2012)

Matthew Fraser (2013)

Luke Wilcox (2013)

Anjoli Foster (2014)

Admas Habteslasie (2014)

Miriam Seitler (2015)

Hannah Gibbs (2015)

Matthew Henderson (2016)

Ben Fullbrook (2016)

Tom Morris (2016)