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Provided by L2b Aviation

Chairman: Sergi Giménez

Number of member firms: 45 in 54 countries

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Polish, Nepalese, Russian, Ukrainian, most Indian languages

Network Overview:

Finding an attorney in a foreign jurisdiction who understands aviation can be a challenge. L2b Aviation was founded to help solve that problem.

L2b Aviation is a network of over 45 law firms around the globe representing 54 different countries who specialise in aviation. All of its members are carefully selected from the leading specialist aviation law firms in their jurisdiction. Its members are widely recognised as providing tailored, responsive, consistent and personal service. It has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of aircraft/engine leasing and financing, including operating leases, export credit financings, commercial debt financings and tax based transactions. In addition, many members provide advice on airport related matters, passenger and cargo liability claims and aviation insurances, as well as all other matters affecting aviation clients.

Main Areas of Practice:

Buying & Selling Commercial & Business Aircraft, including: Aircraft Registration, Deregistration & Deliveries

Finance & Leasing

Engine Leasing & Pooling

Lease Termination & Repossession of Aircraft

Maintenance/Customer Support Agreements

Passenger & Cargo Liability Claims

Aviation Labour Law

Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution




Contentious & Non-Contentious Regulatory Issues

Airport & Airline Commercial Agreements & All Other Airport Related Matters

Competition Matters

EU Law

Corporate Tax/Airline Tax



Dispute Resolution


Intellectual Property

Aircraft Registration


The Cape Town Convention

Member Firms:

Albania: Karanovic & Partners

Albania - L2b Aviation

Argentina: Rodriguez Grellet Abogados

Argentina - L2b Aviation

Austria: Pendl Mair

Austria - L2b Aviation

The Bahamas: Higgs & Johnson

Bahamas - L2b Aviation

Belgium: Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners

Belgium - L2b Aviation

Bolivia: ACF Abogados

Bolivia - L2b Aviation

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Karanovic & Partners in cooperation with local lawyers

Bosnia and Herzegovina - L2b Aviation

Brazil: Basch & Rameh

Brazil - L2b Aviation

Canada: Miriam Kavanagh Professional Corporation

Canada - L2b Aviation

Chile: Mackenna, Irarrázaval, Cuchacovich & Paz (MICP)

Chile - L2b Aviation

Colombia: Del Hierro Abogados

Colombia - L2b Aviation

Costa Rica: Nassar Abogados S.A.

Costa Rica - L2b Aviation

Croatia: Ilej & Partners in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners

Croatia - L2b Aviation

Cyprus: Montanios & Montanios

Cyprus - L2b Aviation

Czech Republic: 1. Kocián Šolc Balaštík, advokátní kancelář.

Czech Republic - L2b Aviation

Dominican Republic: Raful Sicard Polanco & Fernandez

Dominican Republic - L2b Aviation

Ecuador: CorralRosales

Ecuador - L2b Aviation

El Salvador: Nassar Abogados S.A.

El Salvador - L2b Aviation

Finland: Lexia

Finland - L2b Aviation

France: Odi-se Avocats

France - L2b Aviation


Germany - L2b Aviation

Greece: Papapetros, Papangelis, Tatagia & Partners Law Firm

Greece - L2b Aviation

Guatemala: Nassar Abogados S.A.

Guatemala - L2b Aviation

Honduras: Nassar Abogados S.A.

Honduras - L2b Aviation

India: Advaya Legal

India - L2b Aviation

Israel: S. Horowitz & Co.

Israel - L2b Aviation

Italy: Studio Pierallini

Italy - L2b Aviation

Kenya: Anjarwalla & Khanna

Kenya - L2b Aviation

Luxembourg: AKD Benelux Lawyers

Luxembourg - L2b Aviation

Malta: Ganado Advocates

Malta - L2b Aviation

Mexico: Santamarina y Steta

Mexico - L2b Aviation

Montenegro: Karanovic & Partners in cooperation with local lawyers

Montenegro - L2b Aviation

The Netherlands: AKD Benelux Lawyers

The Netherlands - L2b Aviation

Nicaragua: Nassar Abogados S.A.

Nicaragua - L2b Aviation

Nigeria: Aluko & Oyebode

Nigeria - L2b Aviation

North Macedonia: Karanovic & Partners in cooperation with local lawyers

North Macedonia - L2b Aviation

Norway: Advokatfirmaet Ræder DA

Norway - L2b Aviation

Pakistan: Kabraji & Talibuddin

Pakistan - L2b Aviation

Panama: Patton, Moreno & Asvat

Panama - L2b Aviation

Paraguay: Guanes, Heisecke & Piera Abogados

Paraguay - L2b Aviation

Peru: Díaz Palao & Siles, Abogados

Peru - L2b Aviation

Philippines: Tan Hassani and Counsels

Philippines - L2b Aviation

Poland: Wardyński & Partners

Poland - L2b Aviation

Portugal: APTS - Alves Pereira & Teixeira de Sousa RL

Portugal - L2b Aviation

Romania: Leaua Damcali Deaconu Paunescu – LDDP

Romania - L2b Aviation

Serbia: Karanovic & Partners

Serbia - L2b Aviation

Slovenia: Ketler & Partners, member of Karanovic

Slovenia - L2b Aviation

South Africa: Webber Wentzel

South Africa - L2b Aviation

Spain: Augusta Abogados

Spain - L2b Aviation


Sweden - L2b Aviation

Switzerland: gbf Attorneys-at-law Ltd

Switzerland - L2b Aviation

Turkey: Erten

Turkey - L2b Aviation

UK: Smith, Gambrell & Russell

United Kingdom - L2b Aviation

Uruguay: Yelpo & Facal - Abogados

Uruguay - L2b Aviation

US Oklahoma City, OK: McAfee & Taft

USA – Oklahoma City - L2b Aviation

US Miami, FL: Harper Meyer Perez Hagen O'Connor Albert & Dribin LLP

USA - Miami - L2b Aviation

US New York City, NY: Todd & Levi, LLP

USA - New York - L2b Aviation

Venezuela: Ruiz & Partners Abogados

Venezuela - L2b Aviation

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