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Partners: Godofredo Mendes Vianna, Camila Mendes Vianna Cardoso, Márcio Luís Malta, Iwam Jaeger, Lucas Leite Marques, Pedro Neiva de Santana Neto, Luiz Calixto Sandes, Juliana Pizzolato Senna
Number of partners: 8
Size of legal team: 65
Number of total staff: 115
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), Hebrew

Firm Overview:

Established in 1932, Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados has longstanding experience in providing legal services to domestic and international clients. The firm operates in several areas, with emphasis on maritime and port law, corporate, contractual law, compliance, tax, customs, oil and gas, litigation, arbitration, infrastructure, energy, labour law, aviation and railway, insurance and reinsurance, real estate and environmental.

Based in Rio de Janeiro and with branches in São Paulo, Brasília and Vitória, Kincaid | Mendes Vianna Advogados operates through a network of correspondents and associate offices located in all major cities of the country. The firm also provides services to and work in close cooperation with several foreign law-firms, mainly in Europe, Asia and America.

Main Areas of Practice:


Longstanding experience in shipping, including sea carriage of cargo and foreign trade in general, rendering sound legal advice to shipowners, charterers, carriers, P&I clubs, insurers, maritime agents, terminals and port operators, shipyards, trading companies, shippers and consignees, among others.

Broad experience in providing legal advice to aviation companies, both related to aeronautical law per se and related areas, such as corporate, contracts, infrastructure, regulatory, tax, litigation, arbitration, among others.

Oil & Gas:
Structuring and contractual negotiations; concessions, production sharing agreements; joint ventures, consortium, farm-in/out, JOAs; service contracts; infrastructure; due diligence; regulatory and governmental matters; licensing; engagement with stakeholders; new business; bidding rounds qualification; administrative and judicial proceedings; compliance; operational risk assessment; incident prevention; crisis management; decommissioning; divestments.

Assistance to Brazilian and foreign investors interested in participating in infrastructure projects, analysing tax, financial, environmental, contractual and corporate impacts, and regulatory issues involving public tenders, bids, concessions, permits or authorisations, especially in those involving transport, roads, railroads, ports, terminals, airports, shipyards, basic sanitation and water distribution.

Insurance & Reinsurance:
Legal consultancy and assistance on insurance and reinsurance legislation and administrative acts by SUSEP and related government agencies; analysis of insurance and reinsurance policies; insurance investigations, monitoring of loss adjustments and recoveries; incorporation of insurance and reinsurance companies; administrative and judicial litigation, and with the assistance of loss adjustors, experts and specialised law firms abroad.

Legal counsel in the general consultancy and tax planning area, with presentation of legal alternatives to maximise tax economy in the structuring, foreign investments, restructuring transactions and operations, acquisitions, mergers, split-offs and company takeovers.

Assistance in setting up companies in general, especially corporations and limited liability companies, tailored to meet clients specific needs, establishing the most appropriate type of company, particularly in relation to the power structure and administration.

Drafting and analysing commercial and civil contracts, including purchase agreements, commercial representation, agency and distribution, concession agreements, franchise and transfer of know-how operational agreements, charter parties, vessel building agreements, contracts of carriage, leases, mortgages, pledges and guarantees.

Actively involved in domestic and international arbitration, with extensive experience in applying arbitration rules, such as CBMA, UNCITRAL, ICC and FGV, and in enforcing foreign arbitration awards in Brazil.

Tradition in litigation proceedings of complex nature before courts all around Brazil, court of appeals, Superior Court of Justice and Supreme Federal Court, as well as all administrative instances of the several government bodies.

Real Estate:
Legal assistance relating to several types of real estate transactions, including sale, purchase, swap, ownership transfer due to corporate transactions, real estate incorporation, rental, payment in kind and satisfaction, and mortgage.

Legal consultancy in all facets of human resources and employment relationships in general, with special emphasis on measure to avoid contingencies. The firm also has a strong presence in the defence of interests of companies in individual and collective labour actions, in all administrative spheres and labour court instances, as well as in negotiations and drafting of collective bargaining agreements.

Legal consultancy; legal opinions; defence work in court and administrative proceedings; processing of conduct Adjustment Terms before the environmental authorities and the Public Attorney; emergency legal support relating to accidents; due diligence; legal assistance in preparing environmental impact reports (EIA and RIMA) and obtaining environmental certificates and licenses.

Governance Corporate/Compliance & Anticorruption:
Legal counsel to companies in the creation, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of compliance and anticorruption programs, seeking to prevent, detect and counter frauds and violations to company’s rules.

General consultancy, incorporation of companies targeting the business of independent railroad operator; Actions within the legislative sphere regarding railway law regulations, including bilateral agreements; compliance with registration and formalities within the ambit of the Regulatory Agency, ANTT, for the purposes of railroad operator authorisation.

China Desk:
The China Desk has the purpose of advising Chinese companies in the promotion of business in Brazil. The firm counts on a lawyer who is fluent in Mandarin and specialized in Chinese Law.


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