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Managing Partners: Kye Sung CHUNG and Kyung Taek JUNG
Number of employees: 3,800
Languages:Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

Firm Overview:
Kim & Chang is Korea’s premier law firm. Since its founding in 1973, the firm's proven track record of providing the highest quality legal services to its clients and delivering “first-of-its-kind” solutions to complex legal challenges has set it apart. The firm is the market leader in all practice areas. Today, more than 1,700 professionals — both attorneys and industry/subject matter experts — work seamlessly together to pursue excellence and to craft innovative solutions for its clients around the world.

Broad Range & History:
As Korea has become one of the world’s most technologically advanced and digitally connected countries, Kim & Chang’s FinTech & IT Compliance Group has extensive experience advising on the legal and regulatory issues of the sector, including topics of electronic finance and data protection.

Unmatched Client Portfolio – Domestic & International:
In addition to advising domestic companies, the firm has a long and unmatched history and experience of advising multinational companies in Korea. Given its experience, the firm has an expansive and in-depth understanding of multinational companies operating in Korea, their unique needs and concerns in competing in the FinTech sector, and how to advocate for its FinTech clients’ interests before the Korean regulators and the courts.

Kim & Chang’s Expertise:
The Kim & Chang FinTech & IT Compliance Group’s practice (its “Practice”) has extensive experience advising the legal and regulatory issues of the FinTech sector, including topics of electronic finance and data protection.

Composed of experts who specialise in ITrelated technical and financial regulations, the Practice is well versed in the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, the Credit Information Use and Protection Act, the Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communication Network and other applicable laws and administrative regulations.

Uniquely Qualified Professionals:
Kim & Chang’s experts in the FinTech & IT Compliance Group have unparalleled knowledge and experience in the FinTech sector, enabling the firm to play a unique role in FinTech advisory and consultancy services. With an extensive understanding of applicable regulations, such as information protection and electronic financerelated laws, the firm is uniquely positioned to provide optimum, systematic legal services that enable efficient management of civil, criminal and administrative risks faced by its clients. In particular, the firm offers comprehensive services encompassing not only legal but also technical, managerial and physical compliance, and is recognised as the premier leader in this field.

One-Stop Source:
The firm's Practice offers unparalleled onestop legal service to its clients through its in-depth understanding of FinTech, its extensive experience in representing high-profile matters, its highly qualified professionals, and seamless cooperation with Kim & Chang’s other practices. The firm tailors these comprehensive services to specific clients’ needs by staffing team members best-suited technical expertise and experience and partnering closely with relevant practice areas, including banking, securities, non-bank financial companies, insurance, privacy & data security, mergers & acquisitions, and digital forensics experts.

Reasonable, & Balanced Solutions:
The firm's acute awareness of the possible obstacles of the business and regulatory environment for domestic and international FinTech businesses and related companies enables it to offer creative and efficient solutions to a variety of legal issues its clients face in Korea and overseas. Furthermore, its in-depth understanding of applicable laws and regulations and practical field experience with various technologies enable it to present creative solutions to unprecedented legal issues. Through close monitoring and analysis of the changing regulatory environment, the firm's Practice provides clients with valuable and timely legal updates.

Recent Highlights:
Only “Band 1” Firm in Korea for Two Consecutive Years – Chambers FinTech Guide 2020
■ Kim & Chang once again ranked “Band 1” in the Legal category of Chambers FinTech 2020. It is the only Korean law firm to have received the top ranking for two consecutive years. Also, Jung Min Lee and Samuel Yim, who are members of the firm's FinTech & IT Compliance Practice, were distinguished as “Notable Practitioners” in the guide
■ In recognition of the firm’s strength, Chambers and Partners remarked that “[Kim & Chang] showcase[s] profound understanding of the market and offer[s] brilliant, tech-focused legal advice"

Key Clients:
■ Google
■ Facebook (Calibra and Libra Association)
■ Amazon
■ Apple
■ Microsoft
■ Naver
■ Kakao
■ Coupang
■ Delivery Hero
■ Alibaba
■ Viva Republica
■ Toss Securities and Toss Bank
■ Dunamu (Upbit)
■ Bithumb Korea
■ Binance
■ Bittrex

Samuel YIM
Tel: +82 2 3703 1543

Joon Young KIM
Tel: +82 2 3703 1824

Jung Min LEE
Tel: +82 2 3703 1671

■ Advice on FinTech/Electronic Finance/Electronic Payment-Related Laws
■ Advice on Internet-only Banks and New Business Models
■ Electronic Financial Services Licensing and Regulatory Authority Services
■ Finance IT-Related Advisory Services
■ Finance IT-Related Compliance Diagnosis and Advice
■ IT/Information Processing Outsourcing/ Offshoring-Related Services
■ Security and Data Breach Countermeasure Services
■ Finance IT-Related IP Assistance
■ Blockchain/DLT and Cryptocurrency (ICO) Related Services


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