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Managing Partner: Ronaldo Varella
Number of partners: 22
Number of lawyers: 37 (including partners)
Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Main Areas of Practice:
Trademarks, unfair competition, patents, regulatory, health care, life sciences, domain names, privacy and data protection, copyrights, computer programs and software rights, anti-counterfeiting and piracy, transfer of technology and licensing of rights, marketing and entertainment.

8 partners
Represented an important European pharmaceutical producer of several drugs for dermatological diseases. The Brazilian FDA Agency (ANVISA) denied the prior consent of one of the firm’s client’s patent application based on the understanding that said invention did not comply with patentability requirements. In order to challenge ANVISA’s decision the firm filed before the Federal Courts of Brasília a writ arguing that the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office is the sole authority entitled to assess patentability requirements. The firm was very successful in obtaining an ex parte injunction that ordered ANVISA to annul its previous decision and to render a new one in 30 days, this time limited to public health issues.
Contacts: Gustavo Barbosa, João Vianna
Tel: +55 21 2113 1919
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

8 partners
Represented a multinational beverage corporation owner of one of the world’s strongest and most recognised trademark and trade dress in an infringement lawsuit involving the imitation of the client’s label and the possible confusion and/or undue association of the products, against a solid manufacturer of soft drinks headquartered in the city of Manaus (Amazonia). The firm’s office was able to achieve a successful result, having been granted an ex parte injunction to, among other things, prevent the defendant from using the trade dress under dispute.
Rafael Lacaz Amaral
Tel: +55 21 2113 1919 ext 1898
Email: [email protected]

5 partners
Represented a huge Brazilian jewellery store chain, in an infringement lawsuit filed by the heirs of Paul Landowski, a French-Polish artist, against the firm’s client, seeking damages for the alleged unauthorised sale of pendants reproducing the Christ, the Redeemer one of Rio de Janeiro’s landmarks, and claiming that Landowski was the author, and sole owner of the copyright of such work. With evidence, gathered by the firm, that the Christ, the Redeemer was a work made for hire, and idealised by the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro as a celebration of the 100 years of Brazilian Independence in 1922, the Court decided in the client’s favour, stating that the sole owner of the copyright over Christ, the Redeemer is the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro.
Contact: Claudio Barbosa
Tel: +55 11 2122 6600
Email: [email protected]

5 partners
Represented one of the global leaders in products and solutions for improving foundry performance and the quality of castings, in an administrative proceeding before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office. The client’s royalty-bearing trademark license agreement with its subsidiary providing for the payment of 1% of royalties on the sales of products covered by licensed trademarks was rejected by the BPTO, under the allegation that it was not possible to authorise royalty payments in this situation, when the licensed trademarks were being used by the subsidiary prior to 31st December 1991. In the firm’s appeal to the BPTO’s attorney general, the firm called his attention to the accurate interpretation of article 50 and its sole paragraph of Law 8383/91, according to which the remittance and deductibility of trademark royalties between a mother company and its subsidiary become licit and possible, provided the trademark royalties are duly established through a trademark license agreement executed as from 1st January 1992. The attorney general accepted the firm’s appeal and reverted the previous decision.
Contact: Gabriel Leonardos
Tel: +55 21 2113 1919 ext 1851
Email: [email protected]

1 partner
The practice deals with the interplay of the regulations with compliance, transactional, competition law and IP issues within the life sciences industries. The team has a proactive role helping clients to understand and navigate the idiosyncrasies of the Brazilian legal and regulatory environment on niches such as rare diseases, specialised drugs, clinical trials, nutraceuticals quality and safety.
Anderson Ribeiro
Tel: +55 11 2122 6600 ext 6613
Email: [email protected]

Marketing & Entertainment:
1 partner
The firm’s marketing law team guides companies through all the legal risks, rules and regulations associated with their marketing practices in Brazil. From day-to-day advertising review, to guidelines on digital advertising and best practices, to complex strategic branding legal advice.
Fernanda Magalhães
Tel: +55 21 2113 1919 ext 1885
Email: [email protected]

Anti-Piracy & Compliance:
2 partners
The team is widely recognised amongst software entities, copyright owners (specially music, image and video), rights management companies and technology platforms for publishers in view of the success achieved in license compliance campaigns. The firm supports their clients from tracking and analysing unlicensed user reports to negotiating the replacement of unlicensed software and other IP-related rights to legal action against nonconforming users.
Contact: Rafael Lacaz Amaral
Tel: +55 21 2113 1919 ext 1898
Email: [email protected]


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