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Chairman: LI Yunbo
Managing Partner:
Tao Xiuming, Li Yunbo, Zhang Shaohua, Zhong Xiangchun, Thomas Tang, Jiang Deyuan, Chen Zetong, Liu Wenhua
Number of partners: 117
Number of lawyers: 455
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French

Firm Overview:
JunZeJun Law Offices was founded in 1995 with its headquarters in Beijing. It is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China, as well as one of the largest, well-recognised law firms in China. JunZeJun’s lawyers are proud of their expertise and competitive edges in the fields of finance, capital markets, equity investment, dispute resolution, infrastructure and utilities, foreign trade and WTO, real estate and construction, and IP rights.

Main Areas of Practice:

Financial Market:
60 partners based in China
JunZeJun has been dedicated to the financial market for decades. As one of the leading firms in this area, JunZeJun specialises in providing professional and comprehensive legal services for financial institutions and financial instruments.
■ China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation reorganised as incorporated company
■ Kaiyuan - Beijing subway’s ticket charge right green assetbacked securities No.1
■ Ping An securites-Qianhai Yifang Vanke supply chain financing asset-backed securities No.6-20
■ Rongyuan-Founder securities – Qianhai Yifang country garden factoring asset-backed securities No.11-34
■ Ping An securities -Vanke supply chain financing assetbacked securities No.1-5
■ Bosera Capital – Ping An Bank Cheng Xin Cheng E assetbacked securities No.1-10
■ GF asset management – CMBC Anchi Huifu asset- backed securities No.11-30
■ Termination of Financing Lease and the Sale and Lease Back of Two Boeing B737-800 Aircraft from Okay Airways/ Joy Air to AviaAM Financial Leasing China
■ Financing Lease of one Reality Seven A330 Full Flight Simulator from Sichuan Jinshi Leasing Co., Ltd. to Sichuan Airlines Group Co., Ltd

Securities & Capital Markets:
33 partners based in China
JunZeJun is a leading firm in capital markets. The team has represented clients in milestone cases in such fields as the issuance of securities and securities derivatives, the refinance of listed companies, the acquisition of listed companies and the major asset reorganisation of listed companies in major domestic and foreign public capital markets.
■ Bank of China issued “One Belt One Road” theme bonds
■ Bank of China issued the “Greater Bay Area” bonds
■ Initial public offering and listing of Suoxinda Holdings Limited on Hong Kong Stock Exchange
■ Initial public offerings and listing of Tianfeng Securities Co., Ltd. on the Shanghai Stock Exchange
■ Initial public offering and listing of Qingdao Hiron Commercial Cold Chain Co., Ltd.
■ Social Impact Bonds Programme of Beijing Infrastructure Investment
■ Project of issuing $388 million overseas senior notes by AAC Technology Holdings Inc.
Key Clients: Bank of China, China

Development Investment & M&A:
55 partners based in China
Over the years, JunZeJun has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of foreign investment. It has actively assisted in investment activities of foreign investors and provided has legal assistance several foreign invested enterprises in establishment, business operations and dispute resolution.

Real Estate & Construction Engineering:
24 partners based in China
The real estate and construction engineering department is a professional team which works in core sectors for real estate enterprises, construction enterprises and real estate projects, and the partners and lawyers of the department possess a wealth of experience in real estate development, construction engineering and financing services.

PPP/Infrastructure & Public Utilities:
5 partners based in China
Infrastructure and public utilities is one of the major practice areas of JunZeJun. The firm are the frontrunner in this area because it has an elite team with in-depth knowledge and rich experience in the area of infrastructure and public utilities. As an industry leader, the firm have actively participated in the development and reformation of this area in China, and established steady cooperation with a great number of government authorities, institutes and consultant institutions.
■ Legal Adviser for the Loan of China-Laos Railway Project
■ Xiang River Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology City Project in Hunan Province
■ Wuhan Economical and Technological Development Zone Eco-Smart City PPP Project
■ Wenjin Industrial New City PPP Project, Xinzhou District, Wuhan City

Intellectual Property:
9 partners based in China
The intellectual property department comprises a number of specialist, sophisticated legal practitioners with relevant government occupation experience and a wealth of experience in the handling of cases. JunZeJun provides quality and appropriate legal services of intellectual property right for many domestic and foreign clients.
Key Clients: Business Software Alliance (BSA), Dyson, Adidas AG, Ferrero S.p.A, ByteDance Sports/Entertainment: 4 partners based in China JunZeJun’s sports & entertainment team has been closely following the development of laws and policies of the industries, and it represents a number of Chinese and foreign sports & entertainment companies, athletes and stars in negotiation and dispute resolution with our high quality legal services.

Foreign Investment, Foreign Trade & WTO:
4 partners based in China
Over the years, JunZeJun has accumulated a wealth of experience in representing Chinese companies, industries and government in responding to antidumping, countervailing and safeguard investigations by foreign governments, and has established close cooperation with many foreign law firms.
■ WTO Dispute Settlement
■ Trade Remedy Cases (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Investigations)
Key Clients: Risen Energy Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Group Co. Ltd., Ministry of Commerce, PRC Enterprise

Liquidation & Bankruptcy:
15 partners based in China
The renowned enterprise liquidation and bankruptcy practice consists of partners and lawyers with extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge. Many members are former judges and have years of experience in trial and management of bankruptcy cases.
■ Huizhou Chuangcheng Consolidated Restructuring Case
■ Yunnan Autren Real Estate and subsidiary bankruptcy and restructuring case

Dispute Resolution:
62 partners based in China
JunZeJun has a litigation and arbitration team with a good reputation at home and abroad. JunZeJun’s litigation and arbitration team has a wealth of experience in working on behalf of international and domestic clients to resolve such matters as finance, investment, international trade, commerce, corporation, securities, contract, tort, real estate and construction projects, intellectual property, maritime law, antitrust and competition laws, and family dispute, etc.
■ Legal advice in the litigation cases of Ruisheng Kaitai (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., Ltd.
■ Loan contract dispute of Avic Trust Co.,Ltd. v. JYD Beijing Online Co.,Ltd and others
■ Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Misrepresentation Dispute
■ Construction Bank of China, Shenzhen v. Shenzhen Youhe Pharmaceutical Ltd., No.88, Commercial Tribunal, Shenzhen Intermediate Court
Key Clients: Bank of China Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., AAC Technologies Holdings Ltd., Avic Trust Co., Ltd., Ruisheng Kaitai (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., Ltd.