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Managing Partner: Felipe Langlois
Senior Partners: Felipe Langlois, Andrés Echeverría, Max Montero, Christopher Doxrud
Number of partners: 4
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Intellectual Property: 100%

Trademarks: Max Montero
Patents: Felipe Langlois

THE FIRM: JOHANSSON & LANGLOIS, is a Counselors-at-Law firm and Agents for Industrial and Intellectual Property matters founded on May 07, 1945. From the very beginning, the firm strongly focused in Industrial and Intellectual property, becoming one of the first firms established in Chile that specialised in these legal areas.
The firm currently has correspondents in many countries around the world and keeps an important portfolio of national and international clients, to whom it provides a complete consultancy service in all legal and technical areas that relate to trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs and drawings, layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits, copyrights, domain names in internet, geographical indications, appellations of origin and technology transfer.
The professional group of JOHANSSON & LANGLOIS is formed by attorneys specialised in Intellectual and industrial property and by engineers with different specialities, trained to give a dedicated service to its clients in all matters related to the prosecution and obtention of patents.
For more than 75 years, the firm has kept a personalised service with itsclients, relying on modern technology, clear working methods and the permanent training of its members, professionals as well as staff. This has allowed the firm to have a legal and technical specialisation, giving an integral and efficient service to its clients and foreign correspondents.
The firm also has an out-sourcing group of advisors, trained in different disciplines, that deal with highly specialised technical matters, thus, giving the firm the possibility of offering a complete and professional service to its clients.

Patents: In the patents area the firm has its own engineers and professionals, trained in different fields of expertise and on industrial property so as to give a complete consultancy service to its clients in all aspects related to the preparation, filing, prosecution, obtention and defence of patents, utility models, industrial designs and drawings, layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits and the registration of new plant varieties. For the most dynamic technological fields requiring a higher specialisation, the firm has external qualified advisors that work in conjunction with the firm’s professionals.
Trademarks: In the trademarks area the firm has a qualified and trained staff of lawyers and administrative personnel to provide a complete legal advisory service in all aspects related to trademarks, either contentious or non-contentious. For many years, the firm has kept a national trademarks database and a specialised computer software that is constantly being improved, thus giving a proper administrative, search and watching services to its clients.
Geographical Indications & Appelations of Origin: In the area of geographical indications and appellations of origin the firm gives a complete advisory service in the prosecution and registration at the corresponding register. The geographical indications and appellations of origin from abroad can be registered and are able to keep their registration in Chile, as long as their protection is still in force in their country of origin.
Copyright: Regarding this area the firm provides a complete advisory service in all the intellectual property needs for firms and professionals, in the art, music, fashion and entertainment industries as well as dealing on matters related to the negotiation, protection and redaction of contracts and licenses. The firm also works on the prosecution and registering of literary, artistic and scientific works, particularly, the registration of software and website protection, before the relevant authorities.
Domain Names: In the internet area, the firm offers a complete consultancy service in all matters related to the obtention, maintenance and representation in procedures related to conflicts of domain names “.cl” before the relevant authorities.
Infringement of Industrial & Intellectual Property Rights: In this particular area, the firm has a very prestigious group of experienced and specialised professionals, whose success is backed up by important achievements in the planning of strategies and the timely filing of civil/criminal actions, when having to deal with infringements to patents, trademarks or copyrights. The advisory service comprises preventive actions such as taking quick and effective cautionary measures to seize the infringing products and the request to the infringers to pay compensation for damages to the rights owners.
Unfair Competition & Consumer Rights Protection: The firm’s professional experience allows it to give a specialised consultancy service to all its national and international clients in all matters related to unfair competition and the protection of consumer’s rights, by representing them before the Free Trade Tribunal, the competent authorities and courts that relate to the consumer’s rights defence and self-regulatory bodies.
Innovation & Technology Transfer: Conscious of the impact of markets globalisation, the professional group offers a complete advisory service in the search and obtention of state of the art documents, so as to improve the products and manufacturing processes of companies from different fields, allowing the contact between those who possess or are the owners of these new technologies and inventions, and the people or enterprises that require them, offering also all the legal services that the technological transfer implies, such as licences of use and technology transfer contracts, among others.