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This content is provided by Jenny.Avvocati.

Chairman: Christoph Jenny
Managing Partners: Christoph Jenny
Number of partners: 4
Number of fee earners: 21, all based in Milan
Number of lawyers: 14
Languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish

Firm Overview:
“Competence as a reference” The firm started up in 1991. Since then, its distinguishing feature has been the capacity to interact with very different types of clients, working in close partnership with them, and following a multidisciplinary approach.

Main Areas of Practice:
• Equipment and machine tools
• Civil and Industrial plants, railway infrastructures
• Steel and metallurgical industry, automotive
• Banking and insurance
• Retail and Large-Scale Distribution
• Consumer goods
• Biomedical
• Chemistry
• Logistics
• Private equity and venture capital
• Art
• Design
• Fashion
• Sports 

Practice Areas:
- M&A, Corporate and Restructuring
- Compliance
- Commercial Law
- Real Estate
- Labour
- Banking, Insurance and Finance
- Litigation & Bankruptcy
- Art, Design and Fashion Law 

M&A, Corporate e Restructuring:

The M&A, corporate and restructuring department assists Italian and international clients, including industrial and commercial companies, financial intermediaries, banks and insurance companies. This assistance covers the structuring and execution of extraordinary transactions, including:
• acquisitions and disposals
• private equity and venture capital
• mergers/demergers
• joint ventures
• shareholders’ agreements
• corporate restructurings
• takeover bids and tender offers
• due diligence

Given their complexity, the transactions are often handled by this team in full integration with the other departments of the Firm. As a result, regulatory issues, labor and competition aspects, and likewise the definition of the most suitable corporate arrangements and financing for the acquisition, are managed directly by the Firm.

From a multidisciplinary perspective and in coordination with the Compliance department of the Firm, the M&A, corporate and restructuring team provides legal advice and assistance to companies on corporate governance and regulatory compliance pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 - corporate administrative liability for offences committed by employees (responsabilità amministrativa degli enti per gli illeciti dipendenti da reato).

Commercial Law:
Jenny.Avvocati assists Italian and international clients in the structuring of any type of transaction, handling the drafting and negotiation of agreements and contracts, particularly agency, distribution and franchise contracts.

This activity targets both production and trading companies, and refers to all types of contracts with an increasing focus on new technologies and sales techniques, and consequently on their impact on data protection, commercial practices and consumer protection.

Real Estate:
 In real estate, Jenny.Avvocati assists all types of investors (from real estate funds to individuals) and industrial clients in the various forms of real estate transactions: from new project structuring, to acquisition and project construction, to the property management and sale stage.

Advice is also provided on leases, business rentals and other contracts typical of property management. Furthermore, in cooperation with the financial team, the Jenny.Avvocati real estate team has developed specific expertise in real estate financing, including property leasing and sale and lease back transactions.

As the reference scenario is constantly changing and opportunities are increasingly unpredictable, Jenny.Avvocati is able to perceive new trends and react promptly to market changes, assisting clients in every decision calling for thorough and even cross-discipline support.

Litigation and Bankruptcy:
In the litigation sector, as well as in bankruptcy and arbitration, expertise is crucial. For this reason, in addition to a comprehensive knowledge of the legal background (civil law, corporate law and bankruptcy law), the litigation team has developed an outstanding capacity to analyse the problems submitted to the law firm by clients.

Whether for new or regular clients, Jenny.Avvocati focuses on identifying the problem and the real underlying need. It is essential, in fact, for the client’s real problem to be identified immediately. And it is not necessarily the most obvious or that considered as such.

Just like a doctor, the team seeks to x-ray and diagnose the true critical points. A professional, rapid response therefore becomes a natural consequence, accompanied by constant care, in turn the result of the initial approach.

The labour team has consolidated, in-depth experience of labour and trade union law. For many years it has assisted Italian companies and international groups in the various legal aspects associated with labour relations management. Specifically, the department offers:
• labour law advice in the setup and management of staff organizations, through all-round support extending from identifying contractual models to internal policies, remuneration systems, including retention and incentive schemes (not only PNC/SOPs) and related long-term developments
• advice on contracts and management of individual employment relations, also in litigation, with managers and top managers, even in the context of relations featuring international elements
• advice and assistance in the management and termination of individual employment (employees and freelancers), agency (and other forms of insurance brokerage), administration, joint venture, staff leasing and labour-intensive works contracts
• labour law advice in the context of extraordinary operations and reorganizations, in individual employment relations and in those with staff representatives • assistance in legal proceedings in all the above areas, including before the higher courts of law
• analysis of the labour law aspects of corporate compliance with respect to occupational health and safety regulations and corporate administrative liability as per Italian Legislative Decree 231/01.

Banking, Insurance and Finance Law:
Jenny.Avvocati’s banking, insurance and finance law department offers extensive knowledge and advisory expertise to a wide range of Italian and international operators such as banks, insurance companies and distribution agents, either as standard service providers or with right of establishment, working in partnership with the client and understanding the related markets.

In line with the law firm’s philosophy of working alongside clients in their day-to-day operations, there is a growing demand for support for the internal audit departments of banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries, also through outsourcing agreements.

The banking, insurance and finance law department organizes customized training courses on specific banking, insurance and financial matters, dedicated to management and distribution network training.

Art, Design and Fashion Law:
In its nearly 30-year consultancy activity, also for international clients, Jenny.Avvocati has gained a specific experience in providing assistance on commercial contracts to companies operating in the fashion and design industries and can understand their peculiar needs.

Jenny.Avvocati has an in-depth knowledge of the art market, which allows providing assistance to all operators of the industry including artists.
Main practice areas:
• distribution contracts, also international, for luxury and fashion products
• franchise contracts
• outsourcing and joint venture contracts for the production of clothing and design products, with particular attention to the protection of the principal's intellectual property rights
• e-commerce projects
• consultancy to companies in the luxury and fashion sectors, also regarding the protection of made in Italy products
• assistance in favour of art market operators and artists concerning relations with other operators and purchasers of artworks
• out-of-court and in-court assistance to companies operating in the luxury and fashion sectors, in particular concerning counterfeiting and breach of intellectual property rights.

JENNY.Avvocati has been providing assistance in compliance matters for over a decade, when the consultancy activities in the drafting of compliance programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 on corporate criminal liability started. The expertise of the department also includes data protection law, competition law and safety at work, in relation to contractual and corporate governance issues. In this latter field, the team acts in close contact with the Corporate department. Clients belong to several sectors, such as large-scale distribution, construction, sharing economy.
Main practice areas:
• assistance in the drafting as well as in the updating of compliance programmes pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01
• assistance to surveillance bodies appointed pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01
• consultancy on privacy and data protection
• assistance in the performance of duties imposed by data protection law
• outsourced function of data protection officer
• consultancy on the protection of health and safety at work and in framing the organisational structures managing the duties and responsibilities pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008
• corporate antitrust compliance