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Jaeckel/Montoya Abogados

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Partners: Jorge Jaeckel, Claudia Montoya
Number of partners: 2
Number of other lawyers: 4

Firm Overview:
Since 2005, Jaeckel Montoya has given legal support to its clients in their market activities by providing solid and comprehensive legal assistance with preventive and corrective analysis of possible infringement to the laws that regulate commerce and market in different fields, such as antitrust, competition, economic freedom, trademark and unfair competition, consumer protection, copyright, advertising, entertainment, and corporate and commercial law. The firm represents clients before various judicial and administrative authorities, such as judges, The National Competition Agency, (SIC), and The Colombian Food and Drug Administration – INVIMA, among others. Jaeckel/Montoya is a young and dynamic boutique that talks the same language as its clients and stands out for offering personal attention, enabling the firm to become acquainted with client’s business, and provide answers, solutions and effective recommendations to the client’s market performance in a efficient, timely, permanent, trustworthy and friendly way.

Main Areas of Practice:
Antitrust & Competition:

The firm has a wide reputation providing preventive assistance in market strategies, advising national and multinational companies, entrepreneurs, managers or businessmen in their market activities. The firm also represents clients in litigation before the Colombian competition authority in investigations regarding behaviour which allegedly restricts competition.

Compliance & Negotiation:
The firm does regulatory compliance, monitors them, advises and writes good practices codes, and policies for multinational companies. It also participates in negotiations between national and worldwide companies regarding distribution, franchises, IP among others.

Mergers & Acquisitions:
The leading partner Jorge Jaeckel is a well known lawyer in the country, structuring, negotiating, implementing and filing national and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. He has been the leading lawyer for some of the most important and largest acquisitions in Colombia related to mass-market consumer goods and specialised product markets like oil, computers, mining, printing industry, communication networks, cable television, among others.

Unfair Competition:
Jaeckel/Montoya advises and represents clients before the administrative and judicial authorities when entrepreneurs, managers and businessmen are confronted with unfair competition conducts, primarily performed by competitors, or orchestrated by individuals from actions devoid of loyalty and good faith, often involving efforts to discredit, deceive, imitate or deviate customers, risking the development of business, prejudicing the competition and affecting the consumer.

The firm advises companies, agencies and individuals in their advertising campaigns to let their products be known, to position their brands and to generate brand recall, ensuring that they abide by the law and business standards of conduct.

Consumer Law:
Jaeckel/Montoya advises in market strategies and whatever communication form that could lead to trade barriers, conflicts with consumers, competitors or some other authorities, when the strategies require licensing and adherence to legal guidelines in subjects such as environmental law, consumer protection, advertising, and competition law.

Intellectual Property:
Jaeckel/Montoya, as a supplementary service to advising clients in market performance strategy, provides services searching, filing, registering or defending patents, marks, and copyrights. 

Habeas Data & Right Of Privacy:
The firm advises companies in order for them to protect and use, according to the law, personal information they obtain, compile, offer, exchange, send, disclose or modify in databases when doing business with consumers, potential clients, providers and others. The firm also represents its clients before the superintendency of Industry and commerce who carries out the enforcement in the processing of personal data.

The firm assists clients in audiovisual activities, sports, internet, music, written media, content creation and exploitation, technological programming, right of publicity, and in general, public shows.

The firm provides direct defence in litigation before various judicial and administrative authorities for infringement of competition, consumer, advertising, entertainment, intellectual property law, and corporate matters.

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