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Founder: Thomas Wheeler
Business Development Director: Ross Nicholls
Number of member firms: 618

Network Overview:
IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accountancy, financial advice to companies and individuals around the world.

The network’s membership consists of the highest quality boutique and mid-sized firms who service the mid-market. Firms which are focused on partner-led, personal service and have extensive cross border experience.

Represented in 155+ jurisdictions, covering over 70 unique practice areas, IR Global are perfectly placed to offer the highest quality bespoke advice that meets the needs of the most complex client requirements.

Over the last decade, the network’s community has grown to over 1000 members worldwide based on the principles of friendship, trust and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of the adviser.

Today IR Global exists as the ‘go-to’ network for forward-thinking clients looking for creative, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

The group’s main directives are:
■Helping members and clients achieve together what they could not alone. Via knowledge sharing, collaboration and global marketing initiatives
■Working exclusively with one firm, per practice area, per jurisdiction; ensuring the best niche expertise is offered in each country
■Partnering with like-minded firms; who are active, innovative and business orientated. Each new member accepted, providing added value to the existing network

Main Areas of Practice:
IR’s membership is based on practice area exclusivity. Meaning each member is vetted and accepted for their high level of expertise in a specific sector/area of business. This ensures clients have access to the highest quality advisors in each jurisdiction, no matter how diverse the requirement. This is supported by practice area ‘working’, ‘regional’ and ‘special interest’ groups, which are led by a steering committee of well-established and active IR members. Each committee holds quarterly development meetings to discuss opportunities, group standards, client service and best practice.

IR Global’s working groups are:
■Corporate Services
■Intellectual Property
■Private Client
■Real Estate

IR Global’s regional groups are:
■Asia / Pacific Forum
■Latin American Forum

IR Global’s special interest groups are:
■Women in Leadership
■Ethics Committee
■Professional Services Practice Management
■Think Tank

The network handles a wide variety of client work across multiple sectors and regions. This ranges from market entry/company formations to handling complex multi-jurisdictional disputes. Each member also has a client manager who works alongside the firm, to offer introductions, schedule meetings and assist in sharing client requests.

IR Global Conferences:
IR Global firms are committed to working together and retain close personal relationships; this is supported by four international conferences and jurisdictional meetings across the globe each year. These events provide a platform for members to further discuss business development, networking and collaboration.

IR Vetting:
The group has a highly selective membership criterion, in which all applicants are subjected to a stringent vetting procedure, which reviews individual, department and firm reputation. This process pays particular attention to the firm’s market positioning and firm philosophy. The group is non-exclusive, no referral fees are taken and members are entirely independent of one another.

IR CSR Program:
IR Global is committed to working with like-minded member firms, clients and strategic partners to make a positive difference in business and society. For this purpose, IR Global founded Sinchi, a non-profit that focuses on human rights and the preservation of indigenous culture.

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