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Infante & Pérez Almillano

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Managing Partner: Hector Infante
Senior Partners: Hector Infante, Carlos Perez Almillano, Hector Vidal
Number of partners: 3

Firm Overview:
Infante & Perez Almillano is a professional law firm which had its origin in the partnership of two recognised attorneys, each of them with more than thirty years of practice in the legal field, joining forces with other talented young attorneys at the time that had a competitive drive.
The firm handles all areas of the Law and distinguishes itself by the compromise and interaction of their attorneys in offering the best and most efficient legal service in advising and representing their clients, which constitutes their main identity characteristic.
IPAL has among its main clients the most important national and foreign banks, insurers, financial companies, real estate developers, construction companies, investors, hotel operators, telecommunications companies, ports, importers and multinational companies, among others, whose business diversity enrich their professional practice daily.

Main Areas of Practice:
Litigation & Arbitration
Infante & Perez Almillano confront the most complicated proceedings in an aggressive manner, monitoring on a daily basis the development of the judicial issues that may arise and taking immediate and effective action. The attorneys in these two areas have represented the interests of the Republic of Panama in national and international matters as arbitrators and expert witnesses.

Real Estate:
Infante & Perez Almillano professionals can point to a track record and ample experience provided by more than 25 years dedicated to advising all participants in this activity, including financial institutions, investors, construction companies, promoters and developers of real estate projects, in all stages of the business, from the acquisition of the property lot through to the sale of the last unit, as well as, the correct and appropriate protection and investment of the profits gained by their clients from their participation in this activity.

Banking & Finance:
They handle a wide variety of matters for their clients in these sectors dealing with domestic and international transactions and assisting them in a daily basis on several matters. Panama has a strong financial and banking industry and they are confident to say they represent the most important players in these fields, from structuring a loan, a transaction, contract, or any legal assistance required.

Corporate & Commercial Law:
Infante & Perez Almillano places their expertise and dedication at your service in all aspects related to your business. Beginning with the creation of the clients’ corporate structure, they offer permanent advisory services, allowing the costumer to establish and to run your company in the most profitable and beneficial manner. Their team of lawyers draft and thoroughly review contracts and commercial documents, protecting clients’ interests in the best possible manner, while advising of potential risks.

Administrative Law:
The firm serves as liaison before the various government institutions, to handle any regular procedure or a matter of greater complexity.

Insurance Law:
The firm serves global insurers and reinsurers, operating in Panama, being well versed and experienced in handling disputes emanating from construction and energy sectors.

Trust & Estates:
The IPAL fiduciary practice is provided through its affiliate IPAL TRUST, with a fiduciary licence and regulated by the Superintendency of Banks of Panama. IPAL Trust is integrated by lawyers with solid preparation and experience in this branch of law, guaranteeing the correct elaboration and execution of the fiduciary mandates entrusted, within a framework of strict adherence to the highest ethical and legal standards. Its representation is based not only in planning and administration of assets, inheritance, tax and corporate, or orderly execution of investment projects, real estate developments, guarantee contracts and custody mandates, but also in the defence and legal representation of their fiduciary structures before the competent judicial and administrative authorities.

English, Spanish, French, Italian.