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Hunter Litigation Chambers

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Head of Chambers: Randy J Kaardal, QC
Number of partners: 8
Number of lawyers: 19
Languages: English

William Smart QC (1976)
Randy J Kaardal QC (1988)
Michael K Stephens (1998)
Mark S Oulton (2000)
Brent B Olthuis (2001 Ontario; 2005 BC)
Claire Hunter (2004 Ontario, 2004 New York; 2010 BC)
Shannon P Ramsay (2003)
Paul Heisler (2006)
Kimberley Knapp (2000) *
Brian Duong (2009 Massachusetts; 2009 BC) *
Ryan Androsoff (2012) *
Rebecca Robb (2014) *
Alexander Bjornson (2015) *
Trevor Bant (2016 Ontario; 2016 BC) *
Nicole Gilewicz (2016) *
Julia Roos (2016)*
Aubin Calvert (2016 Ontario; 2018 BC) *
Esher Madhur (2018) *
Martin Taylor QC (1963) ++

* Associate ++ Associate Counsel

The Chambers:
Hunter Litigation Chambers has been consistently recognised as the premier firm in British Columbia, practicing in the field of dispute resolution. The senior counsel have developed their reputations as leading litigation and arbitration counsel during their respective tenures as senior partners at leading 'full-service' corporate /commercial law firms. Randy Kaardal QC, Mike Stephens, Brent Olthuis and Claire Hunter have consistently been identified in peer review publications as leading counsel in various litigation-related categories. Randy Kaardal is also a Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America. Mark Oulton who leads the forestry practice is recognised as a leading practitioner in this publication and recently received recognition by Acritas. Bill Smart QC, who returned to practice with the firm after six years as a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia adds expertise as one of British Columbia’s leading criminal lawyers, including in corporate and regulatory matters. Bill Smart is also a Fellow of both the American College of Trial Lawyers and the International Society of Barristers. The firm’s expertise is rounded out by Associate Counsel Martin Taylor QC, one of Canada’s leading counsel and adjudicators over the past 50 years. The firm has the depth and capability to handle the full range of commercial litigation and arbitration, product liability, aboriginal, administrative, labour and employment, public law litigation, and criminal and quasi-criminal matters. In addition to their trial level practice, counsel from Hunter Litigation Chambers appear regularly in the British Columbia Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada and occasionally in the federal courts, including the Federal Court of Appeal and Tax Court of Canada.

Main Areas of Practice:

Commercial Litigation & Arbitration:
Key Clients: BC Lottery Corporation, Taseko Mines Ltd., Baker Hughes, Fortress Paper Ltd. 
Contacts: Randy Kaardal, Michael Stephens
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Class Actions:
Key Clients: Capital One Financial Corporation, Worldsource Financial Management Inc., British Columbia Lottery Corporation
Contacts: Michael Stephens, Brent Olthuis
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Corporate & Securities Litigation:
Key Clients: Georgia Properties Partnership
Contact: Randy Kaardal
Tel: 604 647 4559 
Email: [email protected]

Aboriginal Litigation:
Key Clients: Attorney General of British Columbia, International Forest Products Limited, City of Richmond BC 
Contacts: Michael Stephens, Mark Oulton, Brent Olthuis
Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Administrative & Public:
Key Clients: British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board 
Contacts: Randy Kaardal, Michael Stephens
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Labour & Employment:
Key Clients: Terus Construction Ltd., ContainerWorld Forwarding Services Inc., BC School Superintendents Association
Contact: Randy Kaardal
Tel: 604 647 4559 
Email: [email protected]

Forestry Litigation:
Key Clients:
Canadian Forest Products Ltd., International Forest Products Limited, Teal Cedar Products Ltd., TimberWest Forest Corp., Western Forest Products Inc. 
Contacts: Mark Oulton, Michael Stephens
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Criminal & Regulatory Defence:
Contact: William Smart
Tel: 604 647 4550 
Email: [email protected]